How To Save A Weeaboo

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  1. (Mature Version available in…well, mature section, if this would be better with certain…aspects…such as the weeaboo girl trying to seduce the main male character, sexytimes, and other such things).

    Firstly, this idea came with the return of Toonami. I began to consider the good things, like a new generation learning to love anime/manga, appreciate the medium, and make it more accepted. Of course, then, after some looking over potential schedules, but more importantly, show 'wishlists,' I began to fear for the series' they may show, some more likely to breed weeaboos than others.

    And No, I'm not calling anyone here a Weeaboo just because you like anime/manga. I read/watch it myself, and have used anime pics for some characters of mine.

    After some reading of the site 'Weeaboo Stories,' I have come to the conclusion to make a comedic romance about one man's quest to save a girl from the curse/disease/destiny of becoming a feared and hated weeaboo before she sinks too deep into the madness, having met at a con.

    Also, one of the main characters, My OC Jack, will be constantly injured by the girl OC's tackle-glomps. Thankfully I give him mysterious healing power…Just so he can get tackled again later!



    Jack McCoy is your average american teen with 'geeky' interests. He enjoys comic books such as Green Lantern Corps, films of all kinds, video games, and using the wonderful tool that is the internet. One of his favorite entertainment forms has to be anime and manga, enjoying action filled stories like Toriko or Beelzebub, but not afraid to change it up a bit. And most importantly, he doesn't preach his Japanese Pop Culture as the holy way to live his life.

    He heads over to a convention that's occurred. He was planning to come in with his own costume, a friend offering to fix some damage done to it. In the meantime, he was offered a temporary job dressing up for a booth as *insert popular mainstream male character here* for some major cashola. He had pictures taken, messed around at other booths, and over all just waited for his friend to get him his outfit. He'd been working very hard on a Kyle Rayner costume straight out of the 90's Green Lantern comics.

    Then she came along.

    She was thrilled to see Jack in-costume, tackling him and breaking a couple bones from the sheer force (He healed fast though. Jack's just got willpower like that), asking questions and acting as though she were a character from the same series/an OC of hers. Of course, Jack could easily tell it was a person afflicted by the deadly weeaboo virus!…or…mystical curse that anime places on people, if their minds are small, and their will virtually nothing…You get the idea. Jack couldn't do much, the owners of his booth making some serious moolah off of him, not intending to stop.

    Later, Jack was allowed to leave: He was allowed his other cosplay outfit. When he put it on, he felt great: He talked to people who not only liked Green Lantern, but some other comics/films/anime/manga/etc he was into. He got free food, participated in a couple Roleplay battles (After making some last minute 'Green-Energy Constructs') and duking it out. He found all kinds of geek-treasures that day...

    …And then he happened upon the girl from before. Thankfully he wore a rather large face mask, the two coincidentally having to share a table as they ate. The two talked, and believe it or not, the Weeaboo girl was actually pretty nice! With a bit of difficulty, he sparked some interest in other anime he liked, and got to know her better, discovering an interest in roleplaying, and repressed interests in other fields he helped to bring out a bit. But it ended on a depressing note, the girl in tears because she thought she'd finally fall in love, and meet her first boyfriend in the form of Jack in the 'paid' cosplay job outfit.

    Foolishly feeling bad for her, and feeling as though she could be saved, Jack took off his mask to reveal himself, and...

    …He was tackled again, only the food court of the convention center was on a higher level. Jack of course, injured a bit after falling at least 2-3 floors down to the first floor, the girl unscathed as he took most of the blunt force for her. Now, as they attend the same school, Jack must keep his normal life in check best he can while trying to help the girl escape the ways of the weeaboo...

    …Unless he FAILS!! AHAHAHAHA!!

    *Ahem* There IS the business of other weeaboos and assholes, his friends and family who either support him, or do nothing, fearing for Jack's sanity and life at the hands of his new 'friend.'


    the 'weeaboo' role:

    A girl with misconceptions about life, romance, and relationships. She dresses 'extravagantly' in anime-esque cosplay outfits, some of a higher quality than others when she has the money (demonstrating a hidden inner fashionista). She 'glomps' (Violently tackles) Jack and causes him to get injured, acting very clingy and possessive about him. Deep down she's a good girl, being pushed farther and farther into a world she's approaching improperly...

    Ask me for more details… I may have forgotten something… :P