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  1. I'm not quite sure on how to put this. On here I barely have any rules when it comes to roleplays or where I post or anything like that. I contribute to ideas or sometimes I don't. But on another site that I'm a part of , I'm really picky have partners and do more contributing, and I'm not sure what to do, do I do both on both sites, stick with one or try something else.

    so what should I do, stay the same or try something else.
  2. What's wrong with what you're doing now? This site is really laid back and a great place to be casual about your roleplays, but other sites might not be like that. I know I sometimes want one, and sometimes the other.
  3. hmm, I'm not sure. I don't get many partners, so I feel like I'm turning people off. I have the same pairings / posting style or even the same interests and they avoid me (on here and on the other site)
  4. Hello, Geometric!

    This link or this might help you some, and keeping your RP Resume up-to-date will also help, even if it's just checking stuff you may have typed while half-asleep, and adjusting it for changing moods.

    Also, do the same with your search thread! Make sure it looks clean and easy to read. A good number of users may have eye problems, so making it as easy as possible to read will help a lot with encouraging people to read. Sometimes, a little bit of polish is all it takes! Think about what you would like to see, and pay attention to how others approach creating their threads.

    Doing all of this still won't guarantee a sure hit, but it may help bring more eyes onto you, and I've found every bit helps.
  5. I've seen you post around and just thought I would offer some insight as to why some folks might be a bit turned off. I notice that by the way you type and show interest, it kind of seems like you're not particularly excited about the role-play. When responding to someone else's thread, you might say, 'I'm interested,' but when asked by the thread creator what you're interested in, you might say 'I don't know, anything is fine. I like everything.' I know when I'm looking for partners, this kind of lackadaisical approach kind of turns me off, and makes me think that the person really isn't interested at all, and might not end up contributing much to the development of the role-play. I like to have partners that plot with me, and offer their own ideas, and I know I'm not alone there.

    Perhaps when approaching others, you could try saying something specific, like 'I'm interested in [this pairing]', and if you have an idea, mention it there. If you don't, say, 'did you have any ideas, or do you want to think of something together?' Showing initiative is always a nice thing, I think. If you're interested in more than one pairing or idea, then you could list them, and ask if they had a preference.

    I hope I don't sound like a stalker or that this was too rude. I genuinely want to help you find some role-plays, because I know it's not a nice feeling to spend so much time looking and not get any bites.
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  6. I agree with Opal a bit. I'm sure you don't mean it that way, but your choice of words and punctuation do sometimes cause your sentences to read as bored or deadpan.

    Hype is the life blood of roleplay. Hype is what attracts people, what builds stories, and what makes people want to keep playing. If you sound like you don't particularly care that much, it's a turn-off.

    Take how you're feeling and put it into how you type; it's just like writing a character. If a character is excited about something, you wouldn't write them saying

    "I'm interested."

    You'd write something like

    "That sounds interesting, let's do that!"

    I'm not saying you need to spam exclamation points, but pay attention to the way your choice of words and punctuation (a period or an exclamation point? Commas or short, clipped sentences?) make your words sound.
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