how to make paragraph breaks?

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  1. Maybe this question has already been answered or I missed something on the BB Codes page, but how do you make separate paragraphs on your phone? My BlackBerry can't use the Rich Text Editor, and I need to use paragraph breaks for my replies.
  2. Have you tried [br]?
  3. Ah, I will. XD [br] aghdfgf I forgot my laptop on the flight back to campus [/br]
  4. [br] code you have disappointed me.

    Doesn't the BlackBerry 'enter' key work? > - >
  5. Hm...

    Does it?
  6. Does it? > w >
  7. Oh yes it does. XD Brain is slower than usual. Yep, a great start to my second sem. I was assuming it would be like on another site I was on before Iwaku.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.