How to keep a relationship with one of the world's finest

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  1. Okay. Now this is a plot I have tried a couple times before with a different formula in that my character was literally a Superman-Clone (Minus Vision/Breath powers. He used guns in place of those because he was a Government Issue superhero. Don't ask.)

    But, this is going to be a considerably different kind of storyline with totally original characters and ideas that can tie into other things, with a couple different roles for the female lead. I intend to try and make this a bit long term, and weave a plot. Things would start out with a pretty simple villain of the week/saving the day formula and evolve into an actual plot featuring some villain ideas I had in mind, most of which I'd probably play. I would also to have input for what the adventures of this RP could entail...

    MAIN STORY- (Prepare for a bit of cheesiness inspired by golden/silver age origin stories)

    Grant Thompson was but an average teenager when he took on a job working as an assistant to a Professor Ivan Karpsky, who had been studying strange radiation found within a meteor, mostly at a private lab in his basement.

    Professor Karpsky had learned much about the cosmic energy within. And naturally, the U.S. Government approached him to create a new weapon with it for 'national defense.' After witnessing the energy completely destroy an object right down to its molecules, he vowed not to create such a horrific weapon. After days of intense Study into other possible uses for the cosmic force, he was able to distill it into a liquid mixture through all kinds of methods that he had slaved through during sleepless nights to change the energy.

    His mistake however, was hurriedly using a regular drinking glass from his kitchen. Grant would use a similar glass to drink some fruit juice, which the cosmic liquid resembled. And with a simple mistake of grabbing the wrong glass, Grant found himself being bombarded by that energy on the subatomic scale, granting him control over that same cosmic might, as well as other lesser forms, from the faintest spark of electricity, to light and space based radiation among other things.

    Now, he can fly at the speed of light, Punch out entire moons, and fire energy blasts as powerful as the Corona of the Sun. Or, somewhere near to all that. Now if only he could handle his Math homework, or maybe learn how to drive properly when he gets the chance?

    Then again, maybe he'll have a sweet girlfriend to help him through it?...

    1) Katrina, AKA 'Lois'

    Now, Grant wasn't exactly super-popular. But Katrina was. In fact, she was once in the same group with a well known lad named Nick Tramiel, someone who would often torment Grant when given the chance. Of course, shortly after Grant got his powers, he found a way to get even with Nick and his group by publicly humiliating them, making this popular group disband, Nick Tramiel outcasted by the other populars and Katrina, who was not present for Grant's big prank, see them as a bunch of losers.

    The story of the RP picks up after this. Katrina makes Grant her lackey, carrying her books, and generally bossing him around, not really knowing that Grant was the one who made Nick and his boys look bad. While she bosses around the chill and average Grant Thompson, she swoons over his secret identity as the Shining Sentinel.

    Things get complicated after Katrina manages to 'win' a date with the Sentinel, actually forcing Grant to 'secretly' come along and help her look good during the date, and forcing him to repeatedly switch between Hero and Normal self, eventually resulting in her discovery that Grant was in fact, the dude of her dreams. Following the discovery, she struggles with conflicted feelings and how she'd date a living superman.

    2) Valerie, AKA 'Wonder Woman'

    Valerie Karpsky is Professor Ivan Karpsky's Daughter with the cutest little russian accent and a high IQ, who had remained in Russia with her mother while Ivan stayed in America so he could have the assistance of a local scientific research institute, mostly its scientists who were also apart of the meteor project. She comes to stay with her father for a while, enrolling in Grant's school and befriending him, despite passing her math and science classes twice as well as he is.

    However, unlike Katrina, Valerie is a more caring friend, and actually likes Grant for who he is, rather than the man in the suit. In fact, she actually comes to Grant's rescue, taking on the cosmic serum, and becoming 'Britney Bright,' as she chooses to call herself (after reading one too many of Grant's collection of cheesier Silver Age comics)
  2. I really like this idea. It seems like it would be fun and something very different and interesting than anything I've ever roleplayed before. If you are still interested in your idea hit me up! :) Maybe we could work something out.