How To Ignore And Report Members

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How to IGNORE and REPORT members

Hey there iwaku. Today's PSA is brought to you by your very own Redblood. This time we will talk about, as you probably already have realized from the title, how to ignore and report members. Of course we will also bring up when these actions should be used and what will happen when they're used.

When do I ignore a member?

This is a very individual action and depends on what you feel is too much to constantly have around. If you are constantly getting into fights with someone over very little, it might be time to ignore them, both for your own sake and for the community around you. If you're constantly feeling uncomfortable, upset, sad or angry about things a specific member writes without them actually having broken any rules and you don't want to see their writing, it might be a good idea to ignore them for your own sake. You need to feel what your limits are and use the ignore button to get rid of posts that makes you feel too uncomfortable to enjoy iwaku to the fullest.

Note that the ignore button isn't meant for cases where you're harassed, spammed or other rules are being broken. See 'when do I report' for more details.

What happens when I ignore a member?

One important thing to remember when you ignore a member is that they will still be able to see your content. If you want them to be unable to see your profile or send messages to you, you'll have to change your profile settings so that only people you follow can see it.

So if it doesn't affect the member I'm ignoring, what actually happens? Well dear member, a lot happens from your end. You won't be able to see any of their posts or threads, if they send you a PM you won't be able to see that, profile posts they make on your profile will be invisible to you and if they decide to tag you, you won't get any notifications about it.

Note that this can create confusion in both discussion and roleplay threads if you've ignored someone that becomes part of the same roleplay as you. Use it wisely.

How do I ignore a member?

This is done on the person's profile. Go to their profile and look at the small button on the opposite side of their avatar. Click it and you're done.


When do I report a member?

If you suspect that someone has broken a rule, report them and explain what you think they did wrong with as many examples as possible. The security team will re-search the claim and take care of it if it is a problem. You do not need to be personally involved in something to report it. If you see someone else being harassed, someone posting NSFW content in the wrong section or other things you know is against our rules, or if you suspect that we might have rules against it but you aren't completely sure, you can report it. You won't get in trouble for reporting a non-issue as long as you're not doing false reports on purpose.

What happens when I report a member?
  • The security staff will receive the report and only they will see it together with the admins.

  • The claim will be researched. Usually we will not ask the reporting member about the case because researching it usually gives us everything we need, but in rare cases you might be contacted to clear up a few things. The more you tell us in your initial report, the more likely it will be that you are not contacted about it because we will already have the information we need.

  • Once the research is done, the reported member is contacted if they are deemed guilty and we talk to them about their behavior. Usually people will only know what was done about the member if they were banned for the offense as that's hard to hide, any other outcome will be kept between the security staff, admins and the reported member. If you wish to know what happened to a case you reported or are involved in, contact an admin or a security staff member. There is no guarantees that they can speak of it, especially if the case isn't finished yet, but it depends from case to case how much they can talk about it and to whom.

How do I report a member?

This is something you can do from pretty much any part of the site. Depending on the situation, different ways of reporting can be used. There are no rules for when you need to use a specific way of reporting, as long as you send in a report when you feel it to be needed.

If there is a report button at the thing you want to report, report it directly through the post you take offense to. Please explain the situation with as much details as you can and give us links to other posts where they've broken rules if you happen to know of any. Most places on iwaku does have a report button, such as thread posts, characters, blog posts, profile posts, private messages.


Another way to report someone is to do it from their profile.


We also have the report a member form at the bottom of any iwaku page as well as on the side bar on the start page. This form, as well as the profile report button, is best to use when things have happened in places where you can't report the incident itself. In other words, if a report button is missing, use this form. Make sure to give us as much details as possible.



Note that staff does not have any power to read your private messages. Messages will only be read by admins if we get reports that something is going on specifically through private messages.
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