How often do you look at the Ad Banners?

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Soooo? Do you look at those ads?

  1. Yes! I look at them all the time! I click them too!

  2. I look sometimes, but if I'm not specifically checking, I don't notice them. I may or may not click.

  3. Only when a pretty picture catches my eye! I rarely click.

  4. I don't really notice them. Or click them.

  5. We have ads? D:


  1. Our ad rotation is a long-running staple feature of the forums! Members can submit an ad for their roleplays, social groups, challenges, and etc. to the ad rotation for some free advertising at the top of the forum page!

    Here's a question though: How many of you actually look at the ads? Do you look at the RP banners only, or do you check out some of the text community ads as well?

    How often do you actually CLICK them to check out what they're advertising?

    Let us know! We'd appreciate the feedback.
  2. I notice almost all the ads, but I rarely am in the market for challenges or RPs so I almost never click... So I voted the pretty pictures.
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  3. I put them up in the first place, so I always see them. o______o;

    This is a good poll, though. >:] I could use the statistics for helping to better advertise people's roleplays!
  4. I see the ads, but they are more for challenges than anything else so I don't usually click on them.
  5. I see them all the time but I never click them. I'm too picky with my RP's but I definitely know they are there.
  6. I'm aware of most of the ads but I only click them when they seem to appeal to my interests. Though, I noticed a banner that's in the rotation but you can't seem to click on it.
  7. Which banner are you talking about, Silent? Do you remember what it was?
  8. As Ocha said already, I always look at the ads, even if I'm hardly ever looking for a roleplay. I'm sure the amount of ads I've actually clicked on can be counted with one hand. But I always look at the ad just to see what kind of things people are up to. It's not even pretty pictures that catch my attention anyway, but rather the titles or descriptions on said ad.
  9. I notice the ads, and I occasionally click them only if they seem interesting. But I think that this feature is awesome, because in a community as large as this one, you really do need to have some way to advertise individual roleplays. Another reason Iwaku is awesome.
  10. Oh god, that gif, I-I...*dies*
  11. I click the ads sometimes, (the first time I came to iwaku the roleplay I almost joined had an ad) I never truly join because of some reason other than I don't like the roleplay, like I already have roleplays I'm doing. Still kind of disappointing because some of the roleplays I click for are interesting.

    By the way the ad rotation is one of the best things about iwaku.

    That said, I voted for eating ads for breakfast. Printer paper and computer ink is a good source of fiber and part of a complete breakfast.

    I'll be the first to admit I'm a cereal killer *raises spoon in air slowly, grinning evilly >:3*
  12. I like the ads; they help keep visits to this site from getting stale (Same forum every day). I mostly click the ones for challenges, events, and polls, but that's mostly because I don't do well in group RPs
  13. i notice them, however i foten do not click them because i am not interested in them because I like to try and stay a bit away from groups. howeve ri LOVE the challenges I DO click those!!
  14. I only notice them when I'm on and not rping at that moment...I only click a few times.
  15. I notice the ads, I almost always look up there. So far There has been two or three that's caught my attention. (Excluding the fact that I always click on new ones)
  16. I notice the ads and read everything the banner itself says, but I rarely click just due to the ad not catching my interest of role plays (I'm sorta picky I guess and group role plays intimidate me) or recognising it as a thread I've already visited on the forum prior to seeing the ad. For challenges and the like, I have clicked on those many times, I enjoy those a lot and pretty much always click the ad when I see a new one.