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Everyone has insecurities and points of embarrassment. These things shape what we're sensitive about and what things upset us. What is damaging for one person might very well be no big deal to another. Other things are offensive to nearly everyone, but affect some big more strongly than others.

So, I ask you...

What is the meanest thing someone could say to you?


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There's a lot of things that can hurt me.... but most of the time, I just let it go and move on.

I can't stand being called "Crazy".

I've spent most of my life toning myself down, and being more tame around people, I've spent years on trying to handle my ADD and my hyper manic behavior.

Especially now, when I'm on all the right meds and I'm making huge progress, it would kill me to be called that still.

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You insult my intelligence when you yourself are not as smart as me, and you will pay the price.


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I'm sure I could think of a lot of mean things, but I try not to let mean things get the best of me...>.>

I suppose the meanest thing someone could say would be to tell me that I am a complete failure.

I work hard D< I may not be perfect but I am NOT a failure *smacks people who dare tell her that with a fryingpan*


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Usually when people call me stupid, or not as smart as them just because I didn't graduate High School or go to college.


A piece of paper does not make you intelligent. Nor does being able to recite a bunch of facts.

I try to remind myself that those people are unhappy and trying to make themselves feel better about their own shitty life by clinging to their only accomplishment they can lord over me, but it still hits my hot button REALLY BAD.


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I realize now that I am a very beautiful person, but growing up I wasn't. I was pretty much an ugly duckling and both my family and various students would point out my imperfections, especially my acne. I remember one student who was an absolute jerk who almost shouted to everyone in the classroom that I looked ugly because of my acne. I still have a lot of scarring from it, but for the most part, my acne has stopping being so problematic.

If someone were to tell me straight out that I looked hideous, even point out my acne problem/scarring, I would be very hurt by it. However, after several years of being tortured by it has give me some anger and frustration. So if that guy did decide to say that again to my face I'd probably kick his ass and feel absolutely no guilt from it.


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"You're a fake and everything you've done is means nothing."


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Honestly, there's only a few things that can be said to hurt my feelings, and it's only when they come from a certain few people.

If I don't particularly care for a person, there's no subject they could brush that would hurt me at all.
A lot of things get on my nerves, but hurting me is out of the question.