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  1. You: you are a very rich person you own a mansion which is quite big you have many servants that cook and clean but I am your personal servant i am your demonic butler I tend to most your needs but it seems I have fallen for you but don't have the guts to say it please make a cs

    Here's my charecter

    Name: Servine Quinn

    Age: 462 (Appears as if he is 22)

    Race: Demon

    Hair Color: silver white

    Eye color:

    Right- Black cornea Red Iris
    Left- Snow White Due To Blindness (Does not appear in photo)

    Skin Color: Pale White

    Height: 7'1"

    Weight: 256 lbs

    Physique: Tall Thin and is muscular

    Personality: Intelligent,Clever,Deceiving,Evil,Dark,Lustful,Flirty,Charming,Seductive,Percy,dominant



    -Across lips
    -Accross left eye
    -All over abdomen and back

    -Throwing knives

    Tattoos all over body
    -Razor sharp teeth
    -Long Sharp nails

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  2. Who would you want your partner to play? As in, a guy or a girl.
    And what is a cs? xD Sorry
  3. I love Black Butler btw :)
  4. Are you still still looking? MxM or MxF? I'm interested c:
  5. Mind if i be your partner ;)
  6. Pm me c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.