How has 2012 been a good year for you?

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  1. I know that around this time, people get down in the dumps, worried about money, family, THE APOCALYPSE! So, let's look back on this year and remember what good things that happened no matter how small or insignificant.

    I'll start! Don't worry. :P

    -I met Wyatt
    -I rescued and adopted my second kitteh, Harley
    -I got on the Deans list for spring semester
    -I found and moved into a bigger apartment
    -I went on a road trip to California
    -I kept my job
    -I paid rent and utilities every month
    -I lost some weight!
    -I acquired a fantastic little family that I wouldn't trade the world for
    -I came back to Iwaku!

    Alright! Your turn!
  2. Positives NOT negatives! No need to cloud your mind with such thoughts! :D

    So here it is:

    -Got a kitty named Puma and he is my world <3
    -Went to College and did great on my first freshman semester
    -Went on a vacation to Tennessee
    -Got a job :3
    -Learned how to drive a car
    -Found closure with one of my exs
    -Learned to stay true to myself and others no matter how hurtful it might be ^^
    -Managed to keep my best friend at my side
    -Met wonderful people ^^
    -Have finally found HOW TO BE POSITIVE in life XD
  3. I did nothing. Except lost some fat gained some muscle. Mental health is much better now then beginning of year...
  4. I was assigned several hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and I didn't lose any of it.
  5. The list can go on, but here it goes;

    -I gained custody of my daughter
    -I got promoted (even though I can't take it as I am leaving soon)
    -(seems like everyone is doing this) I got a kitten Shiloh
    -I've been accepted into college
    -I've still got my health
    -I have many reasons yet to smile
    -I've lost weight
    -I've learned lessons and well learned more then I previously knew last year
    -I'm ten times more positive
    -I still got my childhood (as in teen years) cat Molly (though she's been a little sick lately)
    -I found Iwaku (sadly to leave it in March however)
    -I'm becoming a better writer

    List can go on and on. There is so much in life to be thankful for, often times they overlap the bad but not that many people could see it. I'm glad I stumbled across this site and met so many nice people here, and well educated.
  6. -Found Iwaku
    -Lost weight
    -Tried figuring out who I am, with results
    -Began singing again
    -Began writing and drawing again
    -Visited Nevada again, saw my Jazzy
  7. I got into college
    I've set myself on a path that I'm happy with
    I've gotten better at remembering to clean the house
    My cooking has improved
    I drew so much that I'm running out of pages in my art book! D8
  8. Wonderful idea! Especially since 2012 hasn't been too good to me. XD

    -I found my passion for dancing (currently in a slump though).
    -I've reconnected with a close friend, Sophie.
    -I'm going back to high school... I think. XD
    -I'm happier than I've ever been in the last two years.
    -I've become a much calmer, more stable person.
    -I found new places with pretty scenery to hang out at!
  9. Let me see what I have done in 2012:

    1.) I got accepted into the college of my choice.
    2.) So far, I passed most tests in the college of my choice, but the hard stuff starts only now.
    3.) I got to make lots of friends in my new environment.
    4.) I found Iwaku, a great roleplaying site with great people.
    5.) I think I have become more extroverted than I used to be, which I consider to be good.

    And I think that is all for this year. In summary, even if it looks like it was not the best year I have experienced, it was certainly a good one!
  10. -constantly repeats- Good, not bad... Good, not bad... Good, not bad...

    - Yet another year/Christmas with my love, Drew.
    - Went on an amazing vacation to Rockport. (Want to live there now! -whimpers and begs-)
    - Found a new passion for simple living.
    - Began the decluttering of my life and removing things I don't need/use.
    - Found who I am and defined it, experimented with, and lived it. (Currently on hold due to various reasons but it's progress!)
    - Was finally convinced to join Iwaku. (Blame Drew for this one...)
    - Finally found a possible goal/direction in terms of career.
    - Beginning to truly understand my mind more... even though it's like a World War I battle field.
    - I'm living. How? I'm not sure. But I'm living.
    - Got Drew into cycling and have set goals (though not written them) for getting back in shape, losing weight, and eating.

    Pretty excited about 2013 -- if it comes! BRING IT ON!!! RAHHHHHHH!!! -coughs and returns back to quiet self-
  11. Got my drive to be a good student again, got my self a nice short sword(real one not a toy), I learned many things this year about my self, My health improved a little.
  12. -Got back from the middle east.
    -Had thanksgiving with family for the first time in two years.
    -Likely wont have diarrhea and vomiting for Christmas eve and day
    -Changed majors to network and information security
    -Going to be getting a Kingsnake
    -Built myself a new computer
    -Moved into a new apartment
    -Met new friends
    -Joined, and then returned to Iwaku
    -Bought a few new firearms.
    -Discovered the breed of dog I will be owning in the future
  13. Positives, most definitely!
    • I started (and completed with super grades) my college classes
    • I got my first two jobs, and I like the one that I have now
    • I claimed a forum troll for my own <3
    • More or less was accepted as an adult by my family, when my mother decided to drink wine with me over dinner

    I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of, but it's been a great year overall!
  14. I must say this is a wonderful idea.

    - I finally got to live with my boyfriend whom I met online. No more headsets for us!
    - Got three jobs, which now that I think about it, is such a huge surprise.
    - Got to live with a dog for 6 months
    - Met my boyfriend's family and I love every one of them
    - Got to see my family and friends again
    - Signed up for my new classes in the next coming year
    - Moved to Texas, and then drove back to California

    This year has been crazy and wacky for me, I'm so surprised it's all happened in this time span. XD