How feasible is a time-based RP?

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  1. So, I have this basic concept.

    Almost. To be honest I kinda don't feeling like GMing it right now.

    It involves a heavy amount of time travel, particularly into the past, but obviously changing the past and all... I'm imagining something very confusing.

    I've thought up some measures to put in place to stop it from getting too confusing, but I'm going to ask here anyway to check if it still works in people's heads.

    Anti-brainsplosion measures:
    1. Players can create PCs with the standard Very Special Person formula. In this case, it's the ability to No Sell temporal casuality.
    2. Time travel is restricted to 72 hours in either direction from the present, which moves forward at a rate of 1 second per second, kind of like a "meta-time" of sorts. Obviously, this means that as soon as a change made to the timeline falls out of traversable time, those changes are finalised.
    3. The Ripple Effect is delayed in meta-time as the ripples in question catch up to the present. They'll move at a rate of 2 seconds per second (i.e. If someone changed something 24 hours ago, 24 hours would have to pass before the present was affected).
    4. In order to prevent meeting-yourself scenarios, time travel involves becoming the version of yourself that exists in the moment that you go to.
    I'm not sure how to resolve paradoxes yet. If anyone else is, or can see a hole in need of patching, do speak up.

    But to the question at hand: Would players be able to play an RP like this and keep up? How reasonable is it to attempt something like this?
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  2. About resolving paradoxes: Make them resolve themselves. There is a theory involving that if there is a minor ripple in time
    (i.e. The Butterfly paradox.) That Time would repair itself.
    I myself am interested in this.
  3. That's true, but how about bigger ones? The Grandfather Paradox, for instance?
  4. There's anot
    her theory about that involving Alternate Universes that you actually travel to.
    I also think that qualifies under tthe same thing as "small."
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