How far or "open" can teens and adults take it?

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  1. When I ask this, I'm wondering how far a teenager and adult can go until the scenes fade to black. Would kissing the neck be considered something they are allowed to do or is that a "sex scene" by Iwaku's terms? What about hands sliding up the waist and into the shirt, as long as the breasts or whatever isn't groped or teased? How about hands groping the butt with clothing on? How far is it allowed to go before everything needs to fade away?
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  2. A kiss on the neck is acceptable and I THINK the butt groping through the pants is alright though I'm not sure about the hands sliding up the shirt from the waist, it might be acceptable though best suggestion I have is to do any sort of roleplay like that, that's going to be sexual in pm, as long as the two parties are comfortable with doing the sexual things.
  3. No sex roleplays in PMs for an Adult & Teen member. o__o We HAVE to ban people if we find out you're doing that to get around the age restrictions.

    The rest of that is correct, though! Kissing and mild groping would be okay. Once clothes start coming off or hands start getting in pants, that's fade to black time.

    You have to be really careful about descriptive writing in this case, because it's a very grey area and HOW the scene is written out could make or break whether or not it is okay. D: If it reads like cyber sex smut, that's not good.
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  4. My apologies for the bad clarity. I didn't mean actual sex, just sensual activity that could lead to sex. Thank you for clearing everything up!
  5. Oh alright thanks for clearing that up for me as well, well I'm not a bad boy so I don't have to worry then XD