How do your characters view death?

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DEATH. In every roleplay or story you do, death will come up at least once for a character. It might be something that happened in the past or it could be a current or future event that brings Death to their attention. Someone dying, someone trying to kill them, them killing someone else, etc.

When faced with death, you learn some interesting things about a character's personality and sort of person they are! So I ask you...

What are your character's views on death? Have they experienced a brush with death in their life before? Do they have thoughts about an after life? Does death play a big part in their current opinions on life?
Interesting thread topic Diana, however for me and my characters, they view death as I do. At least all of the characters I've created so far, and that is it is not a bother to them. My life mirrors my characters in that way, as I have never been bothered by it. (thanks to an abusive father, for which I know control my emotions) All in all death does not play a big part in their current opinions. Thanks for the cool thread topic!
Death is nothin' more than an inconvenience. Ae brief impasse fer the Great White 'Unter.

I'm not there yet. Ask me again in fifty years.

Death is meaningless to a digimortal.

I exist here through a proxy body. My real self is contained within cyberspace.

When it comes, it comes. Till then, let the good times roll!

I'm in my seventies and I look like I'm forty. Blame 'The Usual.' I should be retired but nooooo, someone doesn't want me to stop fighting. I can't help but think I'm going to be denied death if only to grant it en masse.

I'm going to side with Scavenger. Although being a kitsune I have more time to let the good times roll.

Death is someone I am well familiar with. I am have dealt it to others and come close to being dealt death as well. I am prepared for the time when it comes.

All I am have known is Death. From Chechnya to Cult Quarter, it is nothing I am unfamiliar with. She comes when she comes.

The world needs only one Big Boss. I need to pick a successor before I let Death take me.

Something tells me I'm that successor... Fuck me...

Death is just so negative. C'mon, can't you just look around and dig how righteous this place is?

Helloooooo... I'm a Demi-God. Death is one of my coworkers!

Ahhh, us Mechalith don't really fear death so much as oxidation, rusting, and being torn down for parts.
I fear not death. I was designed to kill and destined to be killed. I feel no pain and lack a belief in what is after. When I pass I will be just another weapon phased out.

Hades calls all into his realm, Even those of the mighty house Scipii. We must know that we serve both the gods in life and death.

I have been a dealer of death since before I can remember. Countless thousands have died by my hands and everytime, no matter how hard I seek it, death avoids me.

Death. That's a fun concept. Being gone forever...Oh boy I could hardly stand that at all. This Fox doesn't intend to die anytime soon. No...not until everyone else has died for me first.

Death is part of life. To some it comes earlier than others. Some swift and some slowly. It took away my will to live...but left me alive to see it continue.
Like Tux, my characters share my views on death. Typically, death is not big deal, just a natural part of life. We take certain basic precautions to avoid it. We don't believe in an after life, death is just blackness. We die, we become worm food and feed the earth. Nothing else. The most we really think about death is how much of a waste of space cemeteries are. We prefer to be cremated, but don't you dare put our ashes in an urn for some weird mantle piece. Leave us on the incinerator floor, or at worst, spread us around in your garden as fertilizer.
Depends on the character. But for the most part, mine just see death and don't look at it with fear, they just try to live their lives to the fullest.

The non typical ones however....

Kiyoshi: Doesn't care, is twisted enough to think he is some sort of immortal God.

Dion: Due to him being an ex-assassin, he had to assume he might one day be killed by someone who wants revenge on him. Thus he is a tad paranoid about it and made plans that can protect his family in the event of him dying.

Dark Bogan: Views death as bittersweet, bitter because he can no longer terrorize the world but sweet since he realizes people like him will continue to exist.

Zigus: Being an old man, he realizes death is rather inevitable and tries to relax and spend as much time with his family as possible, retiring from his job but still helping with the Forbidden Alliance.

There, that about covers it.
WMD: Death is just another path, one that we all must take........

WMS: Not even in death does duty end.

Kohler: when your dead, your dead, and thats it, so make the msot of life, and die for soemthign you beleive in.
Sometimes I use death in the past as a barrier on the character's inner feelings. Most of the time, this works when I'm trying to play a rather anti-social or socially-awkward character, which is rare. xD

I think, death in the past would most likely be a good stepping stone for a character's inner strength. Death in the roleplay would be the same, but I'd linger over the depression and feelings over it a little more.