How do you write?

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Kinda curious, so I made a thread...

So for those of you that RP and/or write creatively in other ways, how do you write? As in... what's your setting, atmosphere, where do you seek inspiration, etc.

I realize this topic is somewhat cliche but it could potentially branch off into something more interesting, lol.

Anyway, I myself enjoy listening to music when I write (certainly not as a rule or anything), but that can be a double edged sword. I've found myself intensely inspired by a song, seeing and feeling the mood of what I want to write like a vivid music video, but then once the song ends, it seems to sap the magic of its effect, taking it away with it. I guess this is what loops and playlists are for, but still, sometimes I wonder if I should just avoid it altogether, until I've formulated something concrete on my own first, without any external influences. I have written intensely without music, so it's not like I rely on it.

I like listening to music when I RP though. The more incongruous, the more fun. I was listening to Ice Cube while posting in the Pokemon RP earlier... it was comical at the time.

Anyway, apart from music... I sometimes consider certain things to clear my mind, to inspire me, such as taking walks, playing piano (which in itself is a whole other artistic and creative endeavor, so perhaps that is not so wise), or even watching a show or a movie. But I feel like these are just excuses to not force myself to face the blank white screen of the text box, the mocking blinking cursor... thing... (what do you call that little line anyway?)

Setting's not a huge deal. Somewhere comfy and quiet is all I really need. I'm mostly on my bed anyway, although a chair/desk is nice too.
Yeah, I tend to be strongly influenced by music, as well. For example, my newest post in the Pokemon RP was almost completely inspired by a song that just makes me want to get really vivid and emotional with the imagery. Speaking of imagery, I tend to get ideas for my poems from either songs or just walking around and taking pictures and looking around trying to find some sort of inspiring thing/vista/view that I see. If I'm writing something darker, it's probably me venting or going "distress ;~;," because writing about another person's struggles and emotional troubles/problems feels good when I want to escape from my own.
I'm from the school of thought that believes that you go off of whatever your brain is saying should go down. If you don't like it at first, you can always go back and change it. In some respects, doing RPing is a lot like having a peer preview going on all the time, of course the people you're working with have to think on their feet. Music is always a helpful tool since it helps create a mood in your mind and that'll help you better with my previous idea.
I must have ZERO distractions. Music helps a lot, cause it tunes out the rest of the world for me. I find that it's really really hard for me to write even quick posts when I have someone looking over my shoulder or talking to me. And if I'm trying to work on a story, I even have to ignore everyone on my IMs and stuff. XD I can't multitask. I have to be IN the story.

The hardest part is always getting "started". Once I do that, I can write down everything that pops out!
I get everything as quiet as possible, and before I write I play the scene I'm writing for in my head and try to put myself in the character's shoes, since they're all a little piece of me. Then I think of how I would react.... and finally, I turn on soothing music and try to put into words my little mental scene ^^

It might seem a bit nuts, but it makes me feel really involved in each story while I write.
Like Acqua, I'm very inspired by music as a lot of the other forum members know with me being a musician.

However, I find that I don't believe that I write the best when I've got music in my ear. For me it's about the reverberations, and the actually feel of the music as it pounds against me. If I need to write something angry, then I need a fast hard hitting beat to crash against my body, and if it's something sad, I need that slow, and whiny pitched bends.

And in those rare moments that I've got no inspiration... I just start typing about something random until my fingers, and my brain gets on track with eachother. Often times that takes hours, but I've been very surprised, and impressed with what I've come up with.