How do YOU write your posts ?

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  1. "Now and then." He smiled and wrapped his arms around her.
  2. So is this a stalker club, a club for stalkers? A club where stalkers dwell?
  3. Astorath carried Ashley over to the crib and set her inside, pulling the blanket over her.
  4. Jeez Yang, do you kinksahame life drawing classes too :/
  5. Well, I start by typing.
  6. I do not recommend my way!

    Here is how I go about posting:

    Step one: I panic!

    Step two: I get rid of msn/aim/yahoo/the cbox. (I'm easily distracted.)

    Step three: Open word, and write it there. (I'm over paranoid about typos...they get under my skin.) I type what pops into my head. After that...more panicking.

    Step four: I check over and over and over what I've written. (I care about what people think way more than I should.) when I get fed up with checking my post I copy paste...and then....panic!

    Step five: I end up forcing myself to click on the post button after changing the color and font of my text.
  7. Im planning to formulate a version of Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler for the role play. My issue is, i cant really figure if he leans towards the Ends or Drifters.

    I am not exploring what the Audience perceives. Since I'm not writing a story, I'm roleplaying, I'm looking at the scene through the eyes of my character. What THEY see, what THEY feel, think and do.

    I usually already have a few ideas in mind on how the scene is going to do "If this happens then my character would..", so when it's my turn to post I just see what's happened and then react. I love to plot, so I'd be daydreaming ideas until it was my turn. >>

    MOST of the time I would know exactly what to post and just... type it out quick! Then the obvious things of proof-reading, spellcheck, etc.

    On those occasions I get stuck (for whatever reason), I go back and read the thread again. Then I try to figure out why I'm stuck so I can get past that and then figure out what to post. Usually I'm just frustrated with the roleplay or been too busy to plot, so it hangs me up. >>;
  9. I'm on Diana's boat, but even when I write stories I do it all for myself and not the general audience until someone is interested in it. I like day dreaming and I simply write comes to mind, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is meh. I think of RPing as a chance to take a look at worlds that never were and explore them as someone you never will be. As for spell checking, I try but I can't always fix all my errors. :cow:
  10. Really all I do is just go with what ever will come up in my head. I always make my spelling corrections after I'm done but from time to time I will correct it in the middle of typing. I really don't know of a better way of going about it.
  11. Julez BEFORE Iwaku:

    "Hahahaha" The hamster walked away.

    AFTER coming to Iwaku, and stalking Asmo's awesome posts:

    "Hahaha!" The wicked and cruel hamster guffawed before crawling off into the inky darkness of the hall , his right leg dragging because it was fake.

    -That is was usually happened.

    I learned a lot from Asmo, Ryker, Woodrat, and Palonis, ect. way back when about basic roleplaying.

    I try to view the happenings and my character from both view points, like toggling the view point f seeing your char in a game, verses seeing it through their eyes.
  12. This is why Diana and Rory suck.

    They never learn...
  13. "I'm kinda nervous.." Kunari said softer.
  14. Astorath pulled away from her and started kissing her neck as he ha ds roamed her body.