How do YOU write your posts ?

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    So I've been wondering, how do you write your posts for a roleplay ?
    What are you thinking about as you write ? Do you correct your errors as you go or once you've finished ? Do you think about every sentence or write what comes to mind ?

    Is there a set method to posting ? Is there a better way to go about it ?

    ~Let me here your thoughts :D
  2. Uhhhhhh....



    I'll get back to you on that.
  3. I tend to think on the character's mood/personality for a few seconds before I start to write, I think about their perspective of the situation and try to picture how they would react. I try to picture the scene in as much detail as possible and will often listen to music as I write, I have mood playlists as well as genre playlists. I correct as I go and I know I should proof-read more but I don't really like reading my own work, if that makes sense.
  4. - Imagine it as a movie scene
    - Play it out in your head a few times
    - Imagine the dialogue
    - Imagine yourself watching the scene and what feelings you would have
    - Write a series of cliches that trigger those feelings
    - Word and punctuate to make it flow
    - Spellcheck
    - Post

    When you write, you're not exploring the characters, the setting or the story. You're exploring the AUDIENCE.
  5. Well, I start by typing.
  6. I do not recommend my way!

    Here is how I go about posting:

    Step one: I panic!

    Step two: I get rid of msn/aim/yahoo/the cbox. (I'm easily distracted.)

    Step three: Open word, and write it there. (I'm over paranoid about typos...they get under my skin.) I type what pops into my head. After that...more panicking.

    Step four: I check over and over and over what I've written. (I care about what people think way more than I should.) when I get fed up with checking my post I copy paste...and then....panic!

    Step five: I end up forcing myself to click on the post button after changing the color and font of my text.
  7. Oh my god Asmo really? That is nearly precisely how I make a post. I run it through in my head with the appropriate background music. Then after getting into about the right emotional state I am able to make a post. I sometimes catch myself reading out the dialogue myself in a crap attempt at the character's voice.

    I am not exploring what the Audience perceives. Since I'm not writing a story, I'm roleplaying, I'm looking at the scene through the eyes of my character. What THEY see, what THEY feel, think and do.

    I usually already have a few ideas in mind on how the scene is going to do "If this happens then my character would..", so when it's my turn to post I just see what's happened and then react. I love to plot, so I'd be daydreaming ideas until it was my turn. >>

    MOST of the time I would know exactly what to post and just... type it out quick! Then the obvious things of proof-reading, spellcheck, etc.

    On those occasions I get stuck (for whatever reason), I go back and read the thread again. Then I try to figure out why I'm stuck so I can get past that and then figure out what to post. Usually I'm just frustrated with the roleplay or been too busy to plot, so it hangs me up. >>;
  9. I'm on Diana's boat, but even when I write stories I do it all for myself and not the general audience until someone is interested in it. I like day dreaming and I simply write comes to mind, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is meh. I think of RPing as a chance to take a look at worlds that never were and explore them as someone you never will be. As for spell checking, I try but I can't always fix all my errors. :cow:
  10. Really all I do is just go with what ever will come up in my head. I always make my spelling corrections after I'm done but from time to time I will correct it in the middle of typing. I really don't know of a better way of going about it.
  11. Julez BEFORE Iwaku:

    "Hahahaha" The hamster walked away.

    AFTER coming to Iwaku, and stalking Asmo's awesome posts:

    "Hahaha!" The wicked and cruel hamster guffawed before crawling off into the inky darkness of the hall , his right leg dragging because it was fake.

    -That is was usually happened.

    I learned a lot from Asmo, Ryker, Woodrat, and Palonis, ect. way back when about basic roleplaying.

    I try to view the happenings and my character from both view points, like toggling the view point f seeing your char in a game, verses seeing it through their eyes.
  12. This is why Diana and Rory suck.

    They never learn...
  13. I open up all sorts of tabs (one tab for OOC, one for IC, one for my posting and one for CBOX INSANITY), and Word. I get a thorough understanding of what's going on, then I think about it for like a day before I type it out, read it over about 4 times and post! Then I stick around a little, and usually edit it once or twice more. THEN I AM DONE! This is a good idea for a thread, by the way. Some of your post-writing techniques are something I might implement to try to improve the quality of my posts!
  14. My technique is similar to Glaze's, though there's a lot less post-production work that goes into mine. If I'm on a roll, I can even just slap it into the QuickReply box at the bottom, though I'll usually go advanced before I actually post it anyways, just so I can see the preview.

    As to my creative methods - I watch a scene play out in my head like I'm on the set of a movie. Then to get a post out, I have to backtrack, writing the script followed by the novel adaptation, occasionally tweaking things as the scene gets re-blocked for the 37th time.