How do you surf?

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Normal way of accessing the internet.

  1. Old school, with a computer.

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  2. It's all about communication, thus my smart phone

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  3. New school, with a tablet.

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  4. A combination of stationary and mobile technology.

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  5. It's more complicated then that, let me explain.

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  1. The times, they be a changing, and with every change we must adapt or die. So my question for you all is, how do you access Iwaku and the web in general?
  2. Cauz I'm old school like that :3
  3. Old school for sure. Don't have the money for all the fancy stuff.
  4. Cheap laptop all day, err day. I can't afford all that tablet/iphone nonsense.
  5. I access the internet from my laptop or PC most of the time, but now I also have internet access on my phone as well. I only use that when I am bored out of my mind and I want to read something, though, so I guess I access the internet the old school way.
  6. If only the Kindle had actually adopted the correct Android system... then I would have full functionality on it, but alas.
  7. I access the internet with a stupid USB stick. My gaming rig deserves better. v__v But it's what I must use.

    I'm not a fan of smart phones and tablets.
  8. If I could kick people who mess around on the internet with their phone while walking I probably would of gotten arrested fifty times by now...
    Yes, not even texting. Literally internet ._.
  9. Good old lappy. Never fails me.
    Apart from when it freezes.
  10. Leaving my computer? NEVER!


    Until a newer one comes into my possession, of course...
  11. Smartphone? Tablet? These imply some need or desire to go outside.
  12. iPhone at work and when waiting in lines..or whatever, usually just for stalking Iwaku (although I occasionally do post with it) and browsing other sites. My comp at home, and laptop when I'm on extended trips out of town trips.
  13. thanks to Mr. Karsikan <3 I have a decent Acer laptop that only disagrees when I am trying to play facebook games. otherwise, it plays youtube very well (once all other activities and windows are closed-- the laptop dislikes multitasking :( ) and my DVD's and CD's. I can write stories and play games all day long, so yep. I am happy with my little Acer. Karsikan is awesome for mailing it to me when my Toshiba died! -hugs him wherever he is. :)
  14. I access the internet through a complex dance of meditation, legal drugs, and McGeiver esque awesomeness...

    But really, I just use my shitty laptop and my ipod touch.
  15. What's wrong with your Kindle! D: Mine internets just fine! (Or is it one of the older models? ._.; I got mine last winter.)

    Anyway, I internet via laptop only. But since I got my Kindle, sometimes I use it when I wanna read roleplay logs before bed, and for future leaving the house things. >>;
  16. Kindle Fire, from what I remember it uses a modified android system, so it gets weird when I try to access the chat or make replies.
  17. Oh, yeah, the old cbox was definitely NOT mobile friendly. O__O
  18. I actually have antennae with internet access
  19. Teeny weeny net book "computer"... > it sucks bro', it sucks.