How do you name your roleplays?

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  1. Here you are with a great roleplay idea... now how do you going about giving it a great title?

    ...I am a terrible title giver. It is a rare occasional when I come up with something cool. XD Most of the time I give my roleplays pretty obvious or generic names... or my favorite method - stealing a title from a song.

    How do YOU come up with titles for your roleplays?
  2. I use synonyms to help it sound fancier, or use titles of songs, if not some lyrics.

    That's really all there is to it for me. :3 I really hate titling RPs, so it'll take me a long time to even decide on something.
  3. I usually type out the entire OOC first, with the general plot and stuff. Then I reread it, and have the title reflect on the plot.
  4. *Starts new RP*

    *Opens up iTunes to look for songs titles that fit*
  5. Just whatever fits the mood of the rp i guess? Usually it relates to the plot somehow though...lately it seems to be names of settings in the rp >.> Or sometimes i'll look up cool words that reflect the overall theme like Paraidisio Mortem >3

    or i'll just make up titles usually suck though XD
  6. I try to make it dramatic, or find a word that sounds cool that means something like a keyword in the roleplay xD
    Sometimes, I will use just what the roleplay is, too! xD
  7. Well, the classic old song title thing always works...Or sometimes title generators, since those are easy enough to use.
  8. I like to give it a witty sounding title, especially if it's going to be a plot driven rp. Usually its an adapted quote or phrase. If it's an open rp, it usually ends up being based on the setting.
  9. I don't over think it, I give it the title that makes sense, for example, in Hades PI I tried to make it sound like a slogan for his office, on taking down the undead, it was a zombie apocalipse my main char was the undertaker so it all just came together, barely gave it any thought.
  10. I give my roleplays the best name anyone could come up with and everyone is always so awestruck by my originality they don't join in fear of damaging the roleplay's name incredible originality.
  11. I try to find a cool title with a general theme in mind that fits the RP. Most times I just go with a generic name that has the world name in it though. Sometimes I use album titles too!
  12. Most of the names I come up with are pretty generic, but once I think they fit well. I try to think of movies and books that are similar to my game and go from there. For instance, I choose Galleon of the Black mast because that basically tells players everything they need to know about the game. Pirates. Besides, it's no more generic than 'Pirates of the Caribbean' OR 'Master and commander'. A name is just a name, it is the content that makes the RP stand out.
  13. I either go the theme route, with something that will signify the overall setting or plot of the roleplay or I hone in on some little detail, a motif of sorts, and utilize that.