how do you make a perfect search thread.

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  1. do you follow a certain skeleton, a certain theme, use certain images. I want to roleplay, but I have gotten no partners.
  2. I have yet to make one, but I will eventually. I would include ideas, something a future partner could branch ideas from too. Pairings. An insight to how I am as a roleplayer and what I'm looking for in partners. Something simple but to get my point across. Sometimes finding partners takes time, don't give up.
  3. yea. you've got some pretty good points. I can't keep making multiple rp searches and multiple banners or the mods @Diana and @Minibit are going to get tired. (yes, I've overworrying things but I'm exhausted and clearly stressed and want to roleplay and order to relieve that stress.
  4. Make one single search thread with all your ideas, pairings, everything pertaining to you as a roleplayer. Update it frequently when new ideas pop into your head, maybe you can also try some jump in roleplays in the meantime.
  5. hmm, jump in roleplays aren't my style, but why the hell not.
  6. Make it aesthetically pleasing, give multiple options.

    Ex: For a 1x1 thread, try both pairings and plots. Use bold, italic, size, and colours to catch the eyes. Don't drone on about rules, and don't be negative--keep your rules short and simple, negativity drives people away. Be happy, friendly, and welcoming. Think of your request thread like you would a restaurant: Do you want to eat out at the dingy, dirty tavern where the service people hate you and all their previous customers? Probably not, so strive for the opposite.

    I am an Example
    Hello, I am [FerretUsername], and below you can find a list of ideas and plots I have in mind. I usually like to post a couple times a week and enjoy romance RP's. Thank you for reading, and I hope we'll be role playing together soon! :)

    VampirexSentient Diamond Katana
    xKeanu Reeves as a blind monk
    The Fly
    xDear God No

    [Example Name]: [Premise--keep it within a paragraph, two at the most]
    True Love: A story about a vampire and a sentient diamond katana, who fall in love with each other while defeating evil! The sentient diamond katana is really a shapeshifting blind keanu reeves. MxM. This story is all about fighting and love!
    Princess Startales: A space princess engages in space battles, in SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! She meets a dashing rogue, named Captain Generic, who wishes to side with her in the conflict. They may or may not fall in love--that's for us to decide! Tehee~
    Detective Thriller: There is a murder mystery and two detectives have to resolve it. One is an old mentor, and the other is young and new to the force, as this is his/her/its first case. Only they discover that the murder mystery involves something supernatural, and the two are drawn into a much greater war between two ancient enemies: Vampires and Werewolves!
    Tentacle Grape: Two people scheme together after they both reach for the same, amusingly labelled soda can. They use the soda in an ancient ritual, sacrificing a cactus in order to unleash a giant tentacle monster into the world, which grapes the two repeatedly instead of following their orders. Libertine only.

    1. Be positive--never negative.
    2. Be well organized and simple--rule of thumb is nobody will read your thread if it takes longer than five minutes to get through, so try to keep it under 1,200 words.
    3. Mention how often you can post.
    4. DO NOT USE "LITERATE" AS A SKILL DESCRIPTOR OR @Diana WILL RIP OUT YOUR SKULL AND SIT ON IT. Instead, ask only for as much as you can comfortably reply with. One paragraph is generally a nice midway--if your standards are too high, nobody can qualify, and if they're too low, then, well...
    5. Don't be afraid to say no.
    6. If you consistently forget to post in RP's, set reminders in your phone or something, as an alarm that goes off a couple times a week. Leave the tab open in your web browser when you close it if you have access to a private computer.
    7. Talk to people. Befriend people. People are much more likely to stick with newly made friends than total strangers they feel no connection to.
    8. I'm serious. Don't use literate as a descriptor of skill: It only means that a person can read and write. It is entirely meaningless as a skill descriptor. "Semi-literate" is even more meaningless. Diana will pop through the Internet and eat you. If you really want to know why, read this. It explains it sufficiently, if not eloquently.
    9. Always be willing to compromise and work with your partners. Bump once a week or so if you get no bites. Be patient.
    10. I don't really have a tenth point. I just like ten. It's a nice number, ten.
    Hope this is helpful.
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  7. This is a good plan. It's a more common style than making a new post for every new plot/idea/craving you might have, too; people who are used to this style don't typically read a single-post ad and think "this isn't for me, wonder if they have other threads?" So if you have all your ideas outlined in one thread, you have better odds the person reading that thread finds something they like.

    Diana put outan excellent guide on creating a one x one search thread a while back, too

    CHARP-ing is a good way to get rid of the shakes on a short-term basis, too, if you're craving RP but have no partners
  8. Brovo! I wish to do this with you! :D
  9. Izurich-chan, it is not meant to be. For I am... Only giving examples, not stuff within my tastes. B-Baka. It's not like I like you or anything...