How do you maintain interest in roleplaying?

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  1. I have a problem. My problem is that I lose interest in the roleplays I start or join. I start out fine, I will write at great length, but then something else peaks my interest and I leave. Most often, its a matter of not having enough time to seat and write in everything I get involved in, other times its simply lack of motivation to post because I don't like the direction of the story or I don't feel that my writing partners are following my lead. But I don't blame them, the truth is I feel bad because they post and I just can't find the motivation to reply. Maybe I just like to be in control and have control issues, maybe I'm a bad roleplayer and don't want to accept it. I've been struggling with this for a while now, and frankly I am embarrassed of my actions and not being able to follow through with the projects I start. I don't know if its depression or possibly ADD. I like writing, I want to be a professional author. I try to reply to topics I find interesting. But when it comes to roleplaying I struggle, mostly a result of whatever mood I happen to be in. My mood shouldn't be the state of mind of my characters because they are supposed to be someone else, so I may be using my characters to express myself... I don't know. How do you maintain interest in your roleplays, do you have the same conflicts I've expressed in this discussion? If so, how do you overcome them?
  2. I hear you Xistina, I had this same issue. I started using a program called y-writer. it helps me to keep track of the stories I am writing, stories others are writing that I'm a part off and I always have an app on my phone that gives me notification and actually texts reminders to myself. The more I organized the more I was able to accomplish.

    but really I believe it what will wok for you. If I lose interest it's because my attention, my brain is telling me...there is something better to put my time into. take that time to go for a walk, or write a short poem, free write your face off. lol.

    I can't tell you just how much sitting there with a pen and lined paper and writing down ALL the Random stuff that just junks up my brain!!!.

    and if it's really bad and I'm losing ALL hope in my writing and my art, I head into these corners of Iwaku and if I just explore and complete a few challenges In the Roleplay Institute or even The World building Guild and Creative challenges. IT is often like medicine for my motivation to also Peruse the Iwaku's Writing & Art Museum.

    Often Losing interest means you are not being challenged enough, your skill isn't being tested, and you generally just need more activity. sort of Rewire your brain into the habit of being challenged, challenging yourself, and these places on Iwaku are built to help you find the challenge you need that just right for you. unlike school, you get to pick them, and also you get to be creative at the same time.

    And don't ever let this get you down, EVERYONE loses interest, be it from RL stuff to just plain lack of inspiration, everyone has these moments, some more than others and some less. Its always temporary and always a way to keep moving forward.

    I hope that I helped a little bit, really I just told you what I do, and what my teachers told me when I asked them that same question, I would start art projects and not finish them before starting another. they told me that I'm just the kind of person that needs to have many things going at once to function properly and stay interested XD

    anywhositz, Good luck X, I hope you get your interest back or find a new one or create one yourself 8D
  3. Thank you, Fijoli. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It feels good to know I'm not the only one. I do as you do, I love to write, I keep a diary and write everyday just for myself. In a way is like mediation and a good way to keep myself centered, though I do tend to be all over the place, but yes, you are right about needing to be challenged. I didn't realize it until you pointed it out. Also, thank you for pointing me to Y-Writer, I just looked it up and I like what I'm reading.
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  4. Anytime Darling, Enjoy Y-writer, it's a fantastic tool for us authors to stay organized 8D