ROLEPLAY How do you know it is time to come back from a hiatus?

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  1. Well to sum this up I have been on hiatus for sometime now and the reasons for this are either common or vast, like an obvious one would be that I have been away because of work for the summer and I recently had a roleplay drop on me due to external factors beyond my control. So I ask this, how do you know when it is time to come back from a hiatus and post again?
  2. You come back when you feel the time is right. When you feel like you can balance roleplay with whatever else is going on in your life.
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  3. That's solid, I still feel a part of me still wants to roleplay as much as i can since i had a drop but I know from before that my roleplay interest before hasn't really been there and I have been frustrated by the lack of interest.
  4. Oh, this has been a while, but I’m going to drop my two cents in anyway.

    Skimming back from the two threads you made before your ‘hiatus’ and now, I frankly don’t see much of a change within your attitude. The fact that you are now asking if you should make a return (as if we have any say in that) also shows to me that, while you did take a break from roleplaying, you didn’t take a break from thinking of everything that was dredging you down from roleplaying.

    One of the most important points you seem to have missed is what Jorick so frankly told you. You take it all too personal. Partners dropping left and right happens and is an unfortunate part of roleplaying. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with you or your writing abilities. People losing interest is normal, since we are wishy washy creatures. If that is what puts you off the most, then I’m sad to say that perhaps you are better off solo-writing. :(

    If you come back or not is entirely up to yourself, like Kat said so before. You know yourself the best. However, can you look back at your old threads and say that this time it will be different? Or do you think that nothing has changed and everything will end the same way? I think it is important for you to review that.
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  5. When you stop thinking about it.

    I just took a hiatus from Iwaku for a while (and, who knows, maybe I'll vanish again for a while after today. We'll see where the wind takes me). And if I was counting down the days, still constantly thinking about Iwaku, like, "is it time?? have I been gone for long enough?? Is it ok to come back now??" then the answer would definitely be no. Anytime I found myself thinking about Iwaku during that break, my immediate reaction was "noooope nope nope nope. I left for a reason. Going back now would NOT be good for me. No matter how many unresolved Emotions™ I still have"

    And so I stayed away, with basically zero desire to come back, except for those moments when I got emotional about it (which were all signs to me that I should definitely not come back).

    But this morning I was like "lol I should log back into Iwaku just to change my status message to 'hey pee-brain can you teleport'". And so I did. And then I was like "I should poke around the forum some more and see what's up."

    And it wasn't a big deal to me. I just felt like poking around. If it starts to become a big deal, then I might have to stay away for a while again. But, when I was able to pop back onto the forum without really thinking much about whether it would be the right time? When I really didn't have much emotional investment in the situation and I just wanted to see what was going on? That's when it was the right time.

    I know you were mainly talking about when it's right to come back from a hiatus for writing (and roleplaying), whereas my hiatus was more about taking a break from a community that was taking a real emotional toll on me. But either way, I think the point remains. If you're still thinking about writing/roleplaying, and wondering when it's ok to go back... then I think you still need time. If you're just doing other things with your life, not thinking about writing/roleplaying, until suddenly inspiration strikes and you want to get back into it? I think that would be the right time.
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