How do you get over a MAJOR Writer's Block?

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  1. Even now it's hard to type up something for the beginning of this thread. It seems like all of this writing I've been doing lately has made it impossible for me to come up with anything over one or two lines.


    How do you combat this terrible plague of a mental block?
  2. MUSIC! 8D

    Good tv shows or movies that I really love...

    Books always make me wanna write my own stuff. >>

    Um... and when it comes down to it, just forcing myself to write anyway. D: Even if it sucks ass. That usually is enough to just get me writing stuff again and in the habit of doing it.
  3. The muse is a notoriously fickle thing; sometimes one simply has to knuckle down and force themselves to write, hoping that their muse will eventually catch up.

    No novelist who ever finished a book relied on inspiration alone, after all.

    I personally find drinking helps me when I'm in a creative rut; it loosens up your mind a little, stops you from overthinking things and just gets you writing.

    And any good writer should always have at least one book on the go at all times. If what you're reading isn't inspiring you, try something new and different; a new author, a new genre of fiction and so on.
  4. I just relax and let ideas come to me, or if I am frustrated with being unable to write, I force myself to write. Sometimes the best stuff comes when I am too lazy to write down ideas and I am forcing myself to write because I have had enough of my Muse abandoning me. I also have a small notebook on me at all times, which I can use to write down ideas and then re-use them at my leisure. Music also helps me with my writing, especially if it has no lyrics and has an ambient feeling to them, but sometimes only brute-forcing it works. My advice is that you should try to take a short break, let your creative energies recharge, and if you are absolutely hopeless, ust write something down, even if you think it is bad. It will help you to get over your creative block.
  5. I listen to soft music. It usually helps me clear my mine.

    I also read a few books of various genres to get my thoughts going again.

    But mainly, its the music that helps.
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