How do you feel out the extermination of the Console Peasants?

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  1. On this subject, I think we should send them to the work camps to work and stuff. This is absolutely necessary to make sure people don't use consoles. They are made by money grabbing people who want to be rich. Console are overused, a bad statement, but overused for their inferior to the PC master race. They should be banned and everyone should get a PC instead. Or be sent to the gas chambers and work camps. We want to give them a choice of course.
  2. So stop feeding the console makers and feed the pc makers. Kay. I see no errors in this.
  3. I don't understand all the hate on consoles. Unless it's an MMO, it really doesn't effect a PC player. I know that FFXI had a lot of limitations because of it being on the PS2 and Xbox, and I could understand the hate then. But other than that, I don't see a difference. Some people like having larger screens and not bogging their PCs down with tons of games.
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  4. What is this garbage?

    Even Gwazi has better ideas than this!

    And I'm a PC advocate!
  5. Glorious PC master race.

    I say the gas chambers are not enough! We must subject them to true torture!


    No one will survive.
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  7. I'll be perfectly honest. I never had the proficiency to use my CPU and to update it to play games. Convenience still does sell and I been playing consoles since they were very young with the Atari and N64 and even the NES.
  8. Goodness gracious, we are best friends and all but don't you think that gas chambers a little over the top? I wouldn't want to start calling you Hitler but I'm afraid I'm in the middle on this one.
  9. I'm not Hilter, I'm Kitler. Cus the internet is full of cats? Get it? I am the Furry Fuhrer
  10. That may be the most clever thing I've heard you say in a while. Although I'm sure @Uncle Legens Legentis will be jealous of your new title.
  11. You're right, I can make this better...

    @Neko_Green hire a Mask company to print out Masks of Gaben. And all who are true to the Pure PC Gaming Master Race shall wear them.
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  12. How do you feel about the extermination of the PC peasants? Send them to labor camps where they build nothing but... macs.
  13. Yes and we can have armbands with his beautiful sexy face on it. @Gwazi Magnum
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  14. That's disgusting, your disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself or think such heathens word. This thread is under the of the 1st PC Riech. You can be the first to be sent to the work camps. You can make are new Armband and masks of Gaben.
  15. You're a bloody genius! o_o
  16. The Console Uprising has already begun. Gaben cannot save you now.
  17. -Looks up from Star Fox Zero, hears nothing but elephant farting sounds, resumes playing as nothing is wrong on the savanah this day-
  18. You say that, but remembers Wars cost money.
    Did you even check your wallet?

  19. I prefer PC Gaming. A console is nothing compared to the beautiful PC. Myew.
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  20. [​IMG]
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