How do YOU bundle up?

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    Having recently been plunged into the heart of winter has got me thinking:

    How do you prepare for an extremely cold day?

    I'm asking this on the verge of going out to face a -40oC(-40oF) day... which, apparently, is the template for the rest of the week.
  2. ...

    My brain fries thinking of weather that cold. I hate going out when it's in the 50s let alone below freezing.
  3. Simple: Ride a car.
  4. Sweaters, shawls, and socks I knit myself ^.^
  5. I usually wear pants, if it's that cold. Throw on a hoodie and I am golden.
  6. In the past I have been out when it was around -30 F out and for that I usually end up wearing pants, a light sweatshirt followed by a heavier leather jacket that is furry on the inside. I'll pop on some heavy winter gloves and then I usually wrap a type of scarf around my face and have it sitting up on the top of my head and then I pull a hat down over it to keep it in place. I dont always use a scarf type of deal though mostly when it is really windy and cold because it really can cut right through you.
  7. I go out with my spear real quick and kill a bear so I may use its pelt for warmth.

    Srs answer:

    For the coldest of days, I'll wear warm knee high socks under my pants, long sleeved shirt over a short sleeved shirt, jacket or nice sweater, scar, gloves, double layered hat. :3 I seldom go to these lengths, though. I'm usually too lazy or don't care enough, so I'll just put on a coat with my scarf and go. I have to be traveling out in the cold for a time longer than a trip to the store if I want to be troubled with lots of bundling.

    Plus, I like cold weather. Ocha might not enjoy 50 degrees and below, but I do~ I enjoy it enough to wear shorts out, even when it's raining. <3 But only like, 40 degrees F at the lowest. xD

    I miss my hometown now...
  8. "Extremely cold days" don't happen in Atlanta. Matter of perspective, of course.

    However, if it's "below normal," I'm usually in a thick sweatshirt.
  9. I'm about two steps back from Randy in A Christmas Story.

    Heavy coat, some kind of cap, and gloves.
  10. Lightly. The winters are comparatively mild on the Texas Gulf Coast, but even when things are near freezing I don't do anything more than putting a light coat on.
  11. Cold? What's that?
  12. If I could...I'd stuff a dog in my coat. <_< I normally do that when I'm sleeping, not that I get any complaints...since they apparently prefer cuddling (using) me for warmth. <_<

    I usually am in a car that has no I often sit on my hands if too cold. I only have a coat, no gloves and a hell of a lot of scarfs that I think are cool. :D
  13. I live in a valley in the heart of eastern Canada. I've adapted to cold weather for the most part but to survive in blistering cold conditions where it gets right into your bones you want to get goose down jackets, they can be expensive but its the warmest thing you'll ever wear apart from real fur. I don't like the idea of killing an animal for warmth but natural insulators will generally be warmer than their synthetic counterparts.
  14. I have not experienced such cold temperatures yet, but if it is cold, I put on at least a warm pullover and my winter jacket, which is very thin, but somehow, can keep the heat in just fine. I also make a point to wear thicker trousers. Beyond that, I do not really do anything as scarves and hats are not really my thing, although I do use gloves if it is freakishly cold outside.