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GAMEMASTER ROLEPLAY How do I get players to talk more in the OOC?

Discussion in 'ROLEPLAY HELP' started by Yuuki_Tatsunohi, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Title says it all.

    I've asked questions, tried to find out things a player has for their character arcs to see what they have in mind. Some have responded to me in PMs, but there really hasn't been much activity in the OOC. I'm trying to open up discussions to get people involved but nothing much happens. Is there a magic trick to it?
  2. Hey,

    I've found that people like to talk about themselves. Generic questions like: how long have you been roleplaying? Or where did your character inspiration come from? Can sometimes get the ball rolling.
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  3. Just make sure you specify what you're asking in a clear, concise way. Note that communication is important for character development and if they don't get back to you, you can't broaden their role as much as you might like.
  4. I have actually. For example, I've asked one of my players about their character's parentage. There was one response, and then I asked a follow up question, no reply.
  5. Also, I've noticed a quite a few have ideas, and I think many of them could work well to include others, but they don't voice it out to the others. Is there a way to get them to open up to others in the OOC or is it just part of my job as GM to be the only one who knows these things?
  6. You can keep trying to encourage communication, but in the end it's sort of just something you have to work with as GM. You have to find a way to weave things into place and hope the players pick up on it XD Sadly most won't, but this is the difficulty of roleplaying that we all face.

    You could also make a Discord server for the rp. I find people are comfier chatting in a fast moving stream for some reason, than a forum setting.