How do I deal with this?

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  1. So lately I've had lots of trouble finding roleplays. Here are my problems:

    -My partners stay with me during all the plot process and character creation, then stop replying right before starting.

    -People who said they'd reply everyday to me, do it once a week.

    -My partners don't reply to me, and when I see their activity, they have tons off replies in other roleplays. Our roleplays have as short posts as those, I'm not asking for prestige levels of writing, so I don't know why they don't post on our roleplays as much.

    -Some of my partners are downright NOT READING my posts, so when I read their posts I notice they aren't answering my character's questions or other dialogues, and there are continuity problems, for example they interact with my character as if he was standing, when in my last post I said he got into bed to sleep.

    Any ideas as to how to fix any of these problems? I've had them for months and I'm really craving some great roleplays, but I feel like no one really likes my as their partner and I'm just their last option for when no one else replies to them.
  2. This sounds like you just haven't found people that match your style and pace yet! It can take a long time and going through a LOT of partners before you can find a couple who fit just right. O_O I know I go through the plotting process with people sometimes and I realize before we even start the rp that we're not gonna work out. (The polite thing to do is TELL the person, but a lot of people are afraid to hurt feelings and just end up "disappearing" and thinking that is better. It's really not!)

    Just keep trying and always be on the hunt for testing out new partners. Even if you already have some good ones. Even faithful old partners eventually get swallowed up by life, so always testing new people gives keeps you rotating!
  3. All of your 'whats wrong' sounds like stuff other people are doing O_O

    It's probably a case of - like Diana said - you haven't found a partner who's a good match for you yet, in which case just keep trying!

    On the off chance there's adjusting to be done on your end, here's some stuff you might look at and see if you want to adjust

    • Plotting and planning is great, but often only so long as everyone involved is excited and having fun with it. If it goes on beyond that, people can become bored or lose their hype. Don't underestimate the hype; roleplays only keep going so long as everyone is having fun! remember that you can keep worldbuilding and plotting after the roleplay is starting, and use the 'hurray new RP!' momentum to get the actual posting started. You can tackle other stuff as it comes up.

    • Communicate with your partners in a neutral, non-accusatory tone to find out why they're not replying. Are they having writer's block and need some help coming up with ideas about what they could do in a reply? Do you guys need to brainstorm some plot ideas and get the hype going again? Maybe their life is busy, or they're just really really on a roll for something else at the moment and it's easier to reply to that (don't worry, these instances are temporary, just be patient)

    • Ask your partners early on if you can remind them to reply should they run late (offer them the opportunity to do the same for you!) People have busy lives and innocently forget to reply all the time; a friendly reminder can do wonders, but people need to know they're allowed.

    • Like Diana said, sometimes people leave without saying anything because they are shy or afraid of making people feel angry or hurt. Make sure early on that your partner knows if they have changed their mind about your compatibility or they don't really want to do the roleplay anymore, that they can let you know and leave on good terms. This way, you can maybe try something else with them later. It's also easier to carry on a roleplay if you don't feel like you're only there because someone will be mad if you leave.
  4. You mean I should always keep an active search, despite thinking I have enough roleplays?

    These are things I always try to do, unless my partner is particularly hideous u.u Well, thanks anyway.
  5. Your first one is the same problem that I'm havin, we brainstorm so much that it makes things pretty confusing or it just plain makes my brain hurt and then it freezes right then and there. I think that people just need a light nudge in the right direction and try to get them to focus on the roleplay and not too much the planning process because some people (like me) can easily tune out after too much plotting because they realize that the plot is way too complicated.
  6. Ah, but I usually don't go overboard with plotting or anything. usually the process doesn't take more than one or two pages in a private conversation. So I don't know why they leave after we make our characters. It's not even an issue of me asking them to do the first post, them getting a writer's block and disappearing. I know a lot of people have trouble with that, so I often offer to make the first post, and make sure it's of a length that won't scare them or let them down. So I still don't know why they disappear.
  7. It just depends on the person, some of them get so swamped on replying to another post or believe that the was planning was taking too long or they are too nervous to let someone know they don't like the way things are going.