How Bad Could This Be?

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  1. Why do these have to make these uniforms so short? she thought, walking underneath a trail of cherry blossom trees. I don't mind wearing skirts but I feel one wisp of wind and everyone can see my undergarments! Just the mere thought of it makes my heart race!

    Kalliandra made sure no one was around her as she turned around the corner to adjust her outfit. This white shirt feels see through and this skirt, UGH! Needs at least three more inches on it. Breathing slowly in and out, she collected her thoughts, turned back onto the sidewalk and continued about her business.

    Working for her Uncle was one thing, but when the job means getting calls late at night to work early the next day really ticked her off. Especially since she had to dress up in some uncomfortable outfits.

    Ok, I just need to spy on this one guy, see if he means bad business or not, and I can go home, she thought, trying to keep calm.
  2. He was sitting up from the table with a start, having not realized he'd even been dozing in the first place. It was the early mornings and not to mention going to bed late the previous night but then again, in his line of work, one never achieved a perfect sleep. His sandy blonde hair was unkempt, parted down the middle of his head with the strains touching against his clean shaven face. Beneath thin silver glasses were eyes as green as emeralds. He pushed his glasses up on his face a little too roughly as his elbow stretched outward, knocking against the coffee mug sitting on the granite table top. The mug slid to the side rather quickly before the audible 'damn' abandoned his lips and right onto the floor where it shattered. A murky mess spilled all over. A few patrons in the diner looked over, none too concerned, while the waitress, a most irritable woman stared at him from behind the counter.

    "I'm sorry." He was apologizing, sliding out his personal booth, getting down on his jean-covered knees trying to clean up his mess. He reached up to grab some napkins out the dispenser yet ended up taking much more than he needed. The white cloths went everywhere. He sat back making room to stand and instead hit his head under the table. "Damn it...."

    The waitress continued eyeing him.

    For some reason he felt like today was going to be a very bad day.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.