How about some MxM Romance!? :D

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  1. So I was thinking maybe we could do a.... An Love x Hate relationship. What I mean by that is, one boyfriend has stopped loving the other completely, whilst the boyfriend who isn't loved anymore still is trying to get the - Hate - Boyfriend to accept him once again.

    Anyways, as time passes, the hate boyfriend begins to see other people, which breaks the heart of the loving boyfriend. Finally, the loving boyfriend was sick of it and just completely broke the whole thing off, stating - Rather rudely - That if he was going to be treated this way, he wouldn't stay.

    Then, a year later, the once loving boyfriend finally found someone else. But the hatred boyfriend, wants his ex back.


    Yeah!. Anyways, so I was thinking if possible, when someone joins, that I'd be the Loving boyfriend. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to be submissive because truth be told, I'm more into being Dominant for some reason. But I was thinking, that they both could fight for dominance when they're still dating.

    Buuuuut yeah, I hope someone joins and is interested! :D. Oh, almost forgot, things that'd I'd like for you to have once you join this
    \ /

    Nice, lengthy posts. I would like some detail, and you don't have to go crazy about it because I promise, I'm not the greatest at remembering to add detail.

    At least a few posts a day, unless you're busy or any other reason you can give me that I find acceptable. The least posts that I'll possibly allow I guess would be at least once every two days. I don't like when people don't reply for a few days and when I ask them they never reply.

    More plot than sex, please, I beg of you. I like having my characters do 'It' at times, but I'm not a huge fan on a ton of sex. Yes, I'll allow teasing, but.. Don't make it to the point where it's all just the teasing.

    Annnd I think that's about it! Bye guys!​