House Wars of the Underdark

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I want to do a roleplay centered around the Drow or Dark Elves of the forgotten realms. This will be a mature fantasy based rp with a twisted version of romance. The rp itself will be about two Drow houses House Auvryath and House Zaumtor and the bloody feud between them.

House Auvryath and Zaumtor have always been bitter enemies, constantly trying to destroy each other. From birth memebers of these houses are taught to hate the other house and to plot and fight agianst them. Dispite thier feud the two houses are tightly wound together in a web of decite lies and intrigue. Secret agreements, love affairs, and assassinations bind them dispite the war between them. How long will the tension lasts before it explodes in all out war. Or will the Matrons the leaders of the two houses find an...agreement.

We need two Matrons and house members for each. If it says open position then you can pick their profession and what they do/specalize in.

:House Auvryath:

-The Matron of House Auvryath: OPEN
OPEN Position
OPEN Position
OPEN Position


:House Zaumtor:

The Matron of House Zaumtor: OPEN
OPEN Position
OPEN Position
Rizzen Zaumtor: Played by Ravenhart

Okay thats it I'll get my character up in a minute.

What are the difference between the houses?

There's a lot of D&D players around who might be interested. I'll give them a poke.
I'm interested. But ill probs only join if some other people showed up.
Sounds interesting. I'll defiently consider joining
Makes me want to bring out Kris, the human slave.