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  1. Welcome to the city of KuroLummi!
    A great place where many demons, vampires and such reside. Yet only those who are considered supernatural know about themselves. The humans that live here are kept in the dark about the existence of the night folk. Though 70% of the population consists of humans, the other 30% are supernaturals. In a place that has a much higher number of other worldly beings than others it is sometimes hard for them to keep a facade.

    As such there is a place for the young night folk to live, a house to be exact. One that is located deep within the underbelly of the city.


    They call it the; House of Fiends.
    An old style japanese building, is home to many creatures of all sorts. Yet they all have one thing that bonds them together. In one way or another they are all involved in the ever so popular tv show, Yokai Agency.

    Yet how would this help conceal the residents from the humans? Well, during screen time it is then they are allowed to reveal their true forms, as the premise of the show is supernatural creatures working in a detective agency. The House of Fiends as well provides training to youngins on how to blend in with the humans, control their urges and improve their skills.

    Now years have passed by, most of the former stars have retired, so there has become a demand for a new season. For new characters to arrive. Yes, \for the next generation of Yokai Agency! The question is; who dares to participate in this tomfoolery?

    Locations within the House of Fiends

    Each resident has their own bedroom, they are allowed to customize it as much as they want.

    Kitchen & Dining Room
    Cooking is always happening there, you'll find Cookie, the head chef experimenting with new found ingredients. Most which come from the garden behind the house.

    In desperate need of a gardener, however it is the most quiet place in the house. With a clear flowing river that leads into a pond, large rocks and soothing greenery, it is Eden without the snakes.

    Living Room
    The most cleanest place in the house 24/7. Guys it's a netflix and chill free zone. Unless you want the dorm mother to murder you.

    A whole floor by itself, separated into two sections; mens and ladies. What about those in between? Well they can go in either.

    Stage/Dance/Music Studio

    Where residents can go to improve their acting/music/dancing or other skills. However to locate the Stage you must go to the fourth floor, it's quite big therefore takes up an entire floor.

    Study Room
    Be it to hack the city's database or to read a book, most activities requiring computer or paper will be done here.

    Locations on the set of Yokai Agency
    Downtown gang ways, used for the dramatic criminal chase scenes funnily enough.
    It is located from the far left of the House of Fiends, it seems to both the most criminal infested places to live. It is rumored that the City's gang leader ____ lives around here.

    Green Screen
    With a couple of magical effects on the magical box called the computer, we can go from normal sunny days to bright night life in the city. Most scenes will be filmed here. Though do I need to go further to describe what the Green Screen is?

    A room where members of the Yokai Agency work. It is empty waiting for it's new members to fill the silence with playful banter.

    Character Sheet
    (A picture is optional, however a paragraph explaining how they look is required if you choose not to include a pic. One paragraph for your human form and monster form, unless picture is included for both.)

    Quirks: (As a monster they are bound to have features that effect their daily life, for example a dragon cannot spend too much time in cold temperatures in fear of freezing to death or losing their fire breathing ability)
    Role: (the one your character plays in Yokai Agency)
    Likes and Dislikes:
    (At least 2 paragraphs)

    Please read through these to avoid missunderstandings.
    1. No godmodding, OP characters or one liners
    2. One paragraph is minimum when posting icr
    3. There will be two icr, one for when the show is filming and the other for off stage
    4. Please pm any questions concerning this rp to me.
    5. "Full Douche is bad characterisation" As in please use your creative juices to form something other than the cookie cut out of the "badass jerkward" or "mary sues"
    6. Have fun! If you've read the rules and settings, the please input your favorite creature at the bottom of your character sheet.
    The "Detectives"
    *Subordinate 2

    *Tech Wiz

    The Villains
    *Right hand (wo)man

    The Backstage Crew
    *Lights and Camera

    special roles, but you're the stalkers of the stars. usually of the human variety

    Sign ups post here!
    Character Sheet
    (A picture is optional, however a paragraph explaining how they look is required if you choose not to include a pic. One paragraph for your human form and monster form, unless picture is included for both.)
    Quirks: (As a monster they are bound to have features that effect their daily life, for example a dragon cannot spend too much time in cold temperatures in fear of freezing to death or losing their fire breathing ability)
    Role: (the one your character plays in Yokai Agency)
    Likes and Dislikes:
    (At least 2 paragraphs)
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  2. Name:
    Lola "Pop" Perwinkle (WIP)
    "I find your abundance of ignorance that was not a compliment"

    The great combination of pink and purples streaks makes her stand out. Yet then one can find themselves drawn to her eyes, large they are. Thin lines of light brown circle around the iris,swirling around and mixing with the darker hues of brown. Her dark pupils are framed by black coal lashes, though thick are not particularly long. The moon-like paleness of her skin, adds on to her image, causing her eyes to stand out even more. With cupid pink pout lips, that are often found bemused.

    Lola has three styles for her hair; pony tail, half up or all the way down. She often wears it half up, because it indicates she is calm.

    You see the thing about Bakus is that there is no true form of theirs, they can change to anything if they will. All for the sake of devouring dreams, you know? However some can choose to have one form they prefer to stick to. Lola's is a tiny being with large eyes. Inside one of those eyes are large dark pink circles covering the pale pink. It is all overshadowed by her thick dark purple lashes, that stand out against her paper white skin. Her hair though different from her human form still contains one of her colours from her previous form; pink. It is like cotton candy, supposedly it is also meant to smell like cotton candy. "No eating it" she says though. In this form she dons a pastel pink hood, purple apron, poofy pink dress and bows to tie it all up. Like any Baku she retains horns, along with a tail. Fluffy white cotton like balls are attached to her horns and tail. She is much smaller than her human form, due to various reasons.


    Small, slender and short

    20 years old

    Leather Jacket, black leather jeans and black combat boots. These are usually accompanied by her black round rimmed glasses, propped on her nose, but not fully just revealing her dark large eyes. Underneathe her jacket she wears a white lace singlet, quite a contrast to her the rest of her attire.

    On her neck she wears one simple black choker.

    Quirks: Bakus are dream eaters, and those who identify under this race have some peculiar traits to them, brightly colored hair. Though colors are not found to be naturally on a human. As well as deep dark eyes when in their human form. All bakus have weirdly shaped horns and tails in their true form. Though being demons they are able to shapeshift easily into anything, with the indication of what they are being the horns and tails. Oh, as well as those strange coloured eyes.

    Quirky, the first word to pop into one's mind when they first gaze upon her. Pervert is the next as their bottom is violated by a tight squeeze from her hands. However these are not the only two traits of her personality.

    Love; she doesn't feel the need to find her "destined one" however she believes everyone deserves to have someone there for them. With people whom she holds dear she will fight to protect them, putting their needs before hers in any situation.

    Violence; If the situation calls for it she'll drop kick the being to hell, however most of the time she prefers to not initiate the fight. If a punch is thrown at her, she'll throw one back twice or maybe even thrice as hard.

    She is a calm collected being to say the least, preferring to solve things with words if she can. Yet she is no suck up, rather in a way her nature prevents her from telling a white lie to not hurt other's feelings. Though she loves to joke around, which is expressed through unnecessary groping, she will be professional when she needs to.

    If someone has known her long enough, they will begin to notice some deep sense of wisdom within her, however as always she firmly covers it up with tight secure wall. Impenetrable unless you know her weakness.

    Role: Co-leader, although despite her age she prefers to let someone with more passion take the role of the leader. She likes the feeling of manipulating people from behind the scenes.

    Likes and Dislikes:
    +Nice butts

    -Bad alcohol
    -Stupidity, with exceptions
    -Being called a Freak

    Seeing the past come back to haunt her
    -via. dreams, memories or old acquaintances
    -causes her to become weak in the mind
    -unstable eventually becoming useless physically
    -retains child like mentality

    Ways to revive her depending on how far she's gone (less to extreme)
    -vodka(3 bottles)

    Born out of a nightmare and darkness, like most Bakus. She had siblings but was the runt of the litter. Small weak and fragile, demons around her said she would die. However luck shone upon her, as a incubus took her in raising her as if she was his own daughter. Reason? Her eyes, they were different from the others, not pitch black or bright red, like little pink candies they were. So she grew up, learning from her adoptive father, eventually gaining a well known reputation for being one of the most feared demons in hell. However she felt lonely, as if something was missing. Her little heart had yet to experience "human-like" feelings. So biding her incubus father a reluctant goodbye, as in she ran off during his visits to sleeping maidens, she set off into the human realm to experience something new. The consequence of her actions would lead to a rather large chaotic dilemma that would arise later on in her adventure.

    She arrived, aware from previous teachings that she must blend in with the humans. If she didn't one would find themselves with a pitchfork through their throat and head detached from their body. So in the blink of an eyes, the once tiny horned girl was replaced with a young teenager. Cotton pink hair she did possess with pastel purple streaks running through them. Though to her disappointment she did not appear that tall, it was her first attempt at taking a human form after all.

    Her legs wobbled as she walked around the fields she had landed in. God knows where she was, coincidentally enough she would encounter KuroLummi city, a place where unlike others was home to many strange beings. Her stumbling eventually landed her inside the city. Though lost she was, curiosity powered her on, she explored every alley way, every street until a mini map was formed in her mind.​
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  3. Character Sheet
    Name:Isabella lavenza

    Height: 5"6

    Small but well defined body

    Age: 20

    Attire: Usually wears a form of what she's wearing in the pick but make the bottom the bottom part of the dress isn't poofy

    Quirks: being a nightmare comes with some major quirks. One of her quirks is that she can eat human food but the fear of others is what sustains her
    Another quirk is that any shadow that she is near tends to move to her or in a taboo pattern even if the shadows caster is a still object like a building.
    The last is the immense aura she radiates making any one near her feel a constant stream of fear
    Another quirk is that whenever she's enraged or using her abilities her eyes turn to a pitch black like this
    Isabella is the kind of girl that's always happy. She's an adrenaline junky and loves to get into trouble with her friends. She's also unbelievably flirty weather it's a guy or a girl she will flirt with them especially if she finds them cute. She has a small weakness for gifts and adorable things

    Role: she's kinda like the informant for the agency in the race and crime world's or in other words she's also the tech wiz for the detectives

    Likes and Dislikes:
    +If its fast she will love it forever
    +Her car's specifically
    +Ice cream
    -boy's who take her for a whore
    -preppy girls
    -sour candy

    Fear of being alone her hole life
    Fear of haunted houses
    Fear of being raped and sold into slavery
    Isabella was born into a rather wealthy family. Her father owning the top company for performance race parts in the world and being a racer himself and her mother being a very successful lawyer. Isabella's child hood was rather normal mostly because she didn't know of her powers till she hit the age of 14 when her life finally changed. It was a warm and sunny day on the track her father had just bought and a race was going on which her father had taken her to watch. It was the last lap when the car in the less had its bumper clipped and went flying into the air over the safety gates on the side of the track and slamming its side into the bleachers, where Isabella and her father where sitting, but her father had thrown her out of the way before the car hit so she survived but the car crushed her father then blew up as she watched.

    After that she came down with a horrible case of depression and stayed home for months at a time to sad to leave till about three years later when she found her way to cope with the memories of watching her father be crushed then burned and that was by street racing. And she's been racing ever since

    Favorite animal: orca whale
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  4. Name: Riken Malizan
    Dragon Form
    Height: 6 feet
    Build: Toned
    Attire: Trench coat set over a plane button up black shirt Blue Jeans with designs on the back pockets
    Quirks: As a Dragon he prefers his dragon form which dosnt wear cloths so at times he may forget to put cloths on
    at times his dragon form will show more his eyes turn red his scales may appear on his skin he might blow some smoke out of his mouth his wings may push aganst the back of his shirt and coat horns may appear on his head or his tail may show
    He loves his meat really rare he loves to be able to drink the blood and may lick it off the plate with a innaturally large tongue
    Personality: High and mighty cocky dosnt care too much about his human look because its just a disguise likes his room hot lazy hot headed flirtiest
    Role: Security
    Cute girls
    Bloody food
    Hot places
    Being able to rest
    Cold food with no blood
    Cold places
    Tight cloths(On himself on girls is fine)
    being bossed around or told hes wrong
    Shit talkers
    Being frozen
    Losing his powers
    Being beat before he can make himself known
    Being seen as weak
    Background: Riken is a hybrid dragon the son of a Black and a Red it seems he inherited the size and power from his mother the Red dragon but inherited his dads viciousness and ambushing style hes breath weapon seems like a mix between fire and acid but with having his parents being from two different dragons means Acrid has a lot to live up to and a lot to prove to both parents. It seems like he focuses mainly on his combat and wants to make himself more powerful he even got assigned to security in Yokai agency he likes it as security especiallyl when someone dosnt listen and he can make them listen by force he isn't really good at warning them more then once and his hot head can make him resort to force pretty quickly. He recently been assigned to Yokai new combat group and has shown himself a good fighter but not too good of a leader.
  5. Name: Jeffrey Manson
    Height: 4 feet 5 inches
    Build: ectomorph
    Age: 16
    Attire: he usually wears a pair of grey dress pants, black leather dress shoes, with white calf socks, a a grey undershirt, and a black t-shirt underneath a blue suit jacket in the winter months, in the summer months he wears white leather dress shoes, white dress pants, ankle socks, no undershirt, and a white button-down oxford underneath a white suit, his casual wear (which he rarely wears) would usually consist of black jeans, some sneakers, black socks, a black band t-shirt, and a ball cap.
    Quirks: He is awkwardly short in human form, he gets lost in the crowd, cant reach high shelves etc...
    Personality: Calm, cool, yet he can crack a joke, usually bad cringy puns, he acts almost omnipotent when he "detects." he makes vague observations, that the villian usually confirms or denies, Jeffrey is very good at reading people.
    Role: Detective
    Likes and Dislikes: he likes strong tall friends who will carry him, and dislikes black coffee.
    Fear: his fears are as follows:
    • Arachnophobia
    • Odontophobia
    • Ophidiophobia
    • Trypanophoia
    • Agoraphobia **
    • And finally, the fear of Englufment. **
    ** The fear of being in a great large crowd. **
    *WIP, Will do this tomorrow! Love y'all!*
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