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    Three years have passed since the disbandment of the crew of the Dawson's Christian, a salvaging ship used by a small group of Scrapyard Dogs. The crew have remained lightly in contact with one another, with some connections having been severed altogether. This is the chronicle of two of those old crewmates who stayed in touch: Jason "Jace" Adamant, a skirmisher known as the "Battle Jester", Levi Merrick, a fiercely loyal skirmisher, and Helium Sun, a thief, gambler, and merchant.

    • Basic rules, you know the drill.
    • No shmexy times in here, take it to PM/1x1 if you're age appropriate.
    • Don't be a dick in the OOC. Be a dick IC all you want, if that's how your charrie rolls, but play nice.
    • You may have up to three weapons, not counting the "tredium blades" modification. Three guns, two guns and a melee, two melees and a gun, three melees, whatever.
    • Roles have been removed from the CS, everyone gets their own starship if they want one.
    • Include the phrase "Hound Dog" somewhere in your CS to prove you read this.



    Age: (Keep it over 18)

    Gender: (Guy? Gal? Neither? Both? Up to you.

    Race: (Please keep it down to the three provided)

    Appearance: (Text, pictures, or both is fine with me. I don't care what style of picture you use)

    Personality: (Are they a people person? Or what?)

    Backstory: (I don't need a novel, but I do want more than a children's book)

    Modifications: (What mods do you have?)

    TRS Type: (What type of TRS do you use?)

    TRS Appearance: (Once again, text, pictures, or both is fine)

    Role: (What do you do here?)

    Weaponry: (What does your character bring into battle? Please include a melee weapon and a ranged one)

    Other Items: (Anything else you keep with you)

    Other Info: (What did I miss that you want to be known?)
    Ship CS




    Backstory: (How did you come to possess this ship?)

    Weaponry: (Please, keep it light. These aren't battleships)
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  2. Name: Jason "Jace" Adamant

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Race: Hoomun

    Cyberpunk Male.jpg

    Personality: Jace is a battle jester. A man with a quick wit and a smart mouth, Jace can almost always make light of a bad situation. He's got a good heart, but rather questionable morals and an eye for useful things. His mouth has gotten him into trouble, too, as his joking nature has ticked people off during hard times more than once. Jace also looks at the world around him in a utilitarian sense. Not very many of his possessions don't have a use. Not exactly a pugnacious man, Jace prefers to avoid fighting if possible. However, when a fight does come, He's one of the first into the fray, with a smile on his face.

    Backstory: Jace grew up on one of the colonized asteroids that were set up during the war, functioning like refugee camps as entire planets were razed in the name of the war. Born to a family on an anarcho-communistic colony, Jace is proud to be one of maybe 150 million people across the stars with the ability to truthfully say they've no home planet. He has gladly taken the title of Scrapyard Dog, and worked under Captain Sen Blue on her ship, the Dawson's Christian for several years. Currently, he is residing at Andromeda Station, taking a break from travelling the galaxy in search of fame, fortune, and a new damned captain.

    Modifications: Two modded eyes, and a hacking implant.

    TRS Type: Medium

    TRS Appearance:
    Glo Armor.jpg

    Weapons (open)
    Beretta Brick.jpg A typical handgun amongst most of his profession, modified to fire more powerful bullets. He prefers to pack lighter while still packing a punch, so handgun mods are typical of him.
    Carbine convert scoped.jpg The weapon here is just a carbine converter Jace can attach to his pistol to make it rifle-like. While not necessarily adding any extra power or range (which is not overly needed, because space), it turns the pistol into a semi-auto carbine rifle, making it a great deal more accurate at the expense of a free hand.
    Duster sword hand.jpg Duster Sword.jpg Essentially a wakizashi with a knuckle duster grip, Jace's "cutlass" allows him to slice and dice opponents with relative ease, and well as break open glass face shields during in-space melee and saves him some ammo.

    Other Items: Jace keeps a "Jarred World" in his starship, which is a terrarium in a large plexiglass jar. It reminds him of the delicate balance of life. He also keeps with him a large number of Standard Monetary Units (Credits), a seemingly infinite bottle of Terran Whiskey, and a digital copy of Hound Dog by Elvis Presley

    Other Info: When it comes to food, two things make Jace really happy: Meat, and mushrooms. Also, Jace has almost no sexual preferences, willing to bang anything he finds attractive that can give consent. His "escapades" have included numerous female, male, intersex, and undefined humans, a few female Morino, as well as attempts at a particular Morino named Minrah Laka, whom he had met and affectionately nicknamed "Minnow" during his service aboard the Dawson's Christian.
    Ship CS


    Age: What part of it are we talking about?

    Appearance: Clunker Starship.jpg

    Backstory: Before leaving his colony to pursue better things, Jace managed to cobble together a clunky little fighter ship. He has used parts from innumerable scavenges and scrapshops across space, and is always looking to improve it. While not the prettiest ship, it is dear to Jace, maneuvers incredibly well, and can take down just about anything lower in armor class than a Battleship within 20 hits.

    Weaponry: One large ballistic cannon at the front of the ship (You can see the tip of the barrel above the yellow sign), and a few deployable bombs in a mix of explosive, corrosive, and emp.
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  3. I keep meaning to get my cs up, and I'm trying to find mine from scrapyard dogs, but I can't find it. Could you post a skellie of this cs that I can copy and edit? @Thomas McTavish
  4. Alright. I'll try to get it up tomorrow. I'll be putting two ship cs' up, cause one of them is a heavy cruiser and one is my starfighter.
  5. [​IMG]


    Name: Levi Merrick

    Age: 26

    Gender: Guy

    Race: Human

    Appearance: 6'1", 175 lbs., shaggy brown hair

    Personality: He's loyal, and leader of the galactic rebellion. He dropped out of contact with most of the crew after the Dawson's Christian was abandoned, but stayed in contact with Jason "Jace" Adamant and Helium Sun.

    Backstory: He joined the crew on the Dawson's Christian to fight back against the Gronus and the IMPF. His family was killed fighting the Gronus, and his fiancée was killed fighting for the Imps. After the crew was disbanded, he became a legitimate outlaw, staring a galaxy wide rebellion against the IMPF

    Modifications: Prosthetic Eye, Strength Enhancement, Subdurmal Hacking Implant

    TRS Type: Medium

    TRS Appearance:

    Role: Captain/Skirmisher in the Rebellion

    Weaponry: .50 Caliber Desert Eagle, Plasma Sword, M16 with under barrel Grenadier attachment

    Ship CS

    Name: Snow Tempest

    Age: 19

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Backstory: Taken from an Imp after a bar fight started over the old Terran song Hound Dogs

    Weaponry: Two proton torpedo tubes, four wingtip lasers
    Ship CS

    Name: Star Racer

    Age: 5

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Backstory: Was taken during the last fight with the Dawson's Christian

    Weaponry: Four gravity well projectors, twelve ion cannon batteries, twelve turbolaser batteries, three squadrons of star fighters
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  6. Now that you've got a CS up, should I just go ahead and make an IC? It doesn't seem like we'll be getting a response from Roman.
  7. Sure. Later, I'll post a Cs for my big ship.
  8. I'll stick the IC in the 1x1s since it's just us.
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