Hotelin' to the 8th Dimension IC

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Hotelin to the 8th Dimension


Episode 1: Technical Difficulties

Something magical happened today.

For a split second, when a strong gust of wind pushed opened the front doors, it almost seemed like they had a customer. This was not the case. Other than that, just like with every other day that month, the halls of the 8th Beat Inn were quiet. The business wasn't off to a good start, and optimism towards having an actual guest began to fade among the hotel staff. Their adventure was about to end before it even started...

but little did they know, two magical things would happen that day.


"... skeleton pun 3,968. hey papyrus, i know you have spaghetti, but do you have any ribs?"

"that was terrible, don't write that one down."

"... skeleton pun 3,969... um... dont be such a bonehead...?"

"im starting to lose my edge. lets stop for the day."

Six hours of pun writing was enough for the morning, they'd continue to work on the notebook the next day. Sans finally removed his feet from the secretary's desk and, in a swift movement, he placed them against furniture's side and pushed off. His office chair rolled right from her desk all the way to his. The manager's office was small enough to make this journey short, but suffered all the problems that a small office contained. Cramped. Uncomfortable. Littered easily by empty ketchup bottles. Oh god, don't even get started on the goddamn ketchup bottles. The office wasn't meant for two desks, but it was like this when Sans took over. The space would have been nice, but Sans wasn't one to move furniture around. Plus, what was a secretary if she wasn't glued to his side from morning till dawn? Sans had a change in priorities since the Snowdin incident!... even if it was a small one.

The skeleton shimmied his chair back behind his own desk. As the orientation of the room was awkward, the positioning of the desks had the two individuals facing each other completely. He buried his hand into the open drawer of his desk, and pulled out the last red bottle from his reserve. Sans cracked the cap off, took a quick sip, and moved his eyes towards his assistant. "hey. um. any ideas on how to save this place? maybe you have some friends that can create money from thin air?"


While the staff of "The Great Papyrus' Great Spaghetti Greatness: Bon Appétit Restaurant Emporium; Also With a Bar" were quiet during the long hiatus of work... today was different.

Especially with the bartender. Or, really, just with the bartender. For the good old paranoid robot could be found hiding away under one of the restaurant's many clothed tables. He sat firmly against the floor in fetal position, trembling with fear, and clenching a spoon in his right hand. As was with the Manager's office, the bar/diner was too small for its purpose. The room could barely support the six tables crowded about in the center. Once again, Sans' thoughts towards furniture moving was unchanged. Poor little Cut Man bit his lip as he continued to lock his eyes with the light-green carpet underneath him. This was change in behavior for the bartender, as for the last couple of days, he had been rather calm and collected. Sure, he let off a snarky comment here and there, maybe a rant about Fate's plan for them all, but he never went into full meltdown mode like this.

There was a reason for this, or a reason in Cut Man's mind at least. This was the day. This was when it was all going to start. Fate had waited a whole month, led the poor robot into a sense of relief, and then she pushed him back into the fray. He could sense it. Like he could sense the density of tree bark back in his lumbering days, he could feel his pitiful demise approaching. The more he thought about it, the more he held his spoon closer. Cut Man would stay under that clothed table as long as he needed to! Months if he had to! YEARS!

Unfortunately for him, the scissors atop his head poked generously out of the table's covers. They stuck out like a sore thumb, and they absently began to snip the white cloth to pieces.​

The Great Papyrus

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The scream of an infuriated Mao could be heard throughout the hotel, the 5'2" demon viciously swinging his feather duster around in a small fit of rage. He was bored out of his mind; There was pretty much nothing to do here related to his job; The only thing to clean up around here was Sans' ketchup bottles. His seemingly endless ketchup bottles. Mao swore the skeleton just put them in places to mess with him, and swears that if his level hadn't been reset, he would be taking him apart bone by bone until he was nothing but a skull mounted on the wall.

"There's nobody here! Nobody throwing parties and wrecking the hotel rooms, nobody beating each-other to death in the bar, and NO assassinations! This place is more dull than that damned cafe from the last culture fair!" Mao complained, calming somewhat as he stopped swinging the feather duster around, slipping it into his inventory before crossing his arms. "And to make matters worse, I have to wear this outfit! This outfit is not fit for a DEAN! I should get something more fearsome and awesome, BUT NO. All they had was female maid attire-"

Mao paused for a moment, scratching his chin. "Do male maid outfits even exist...?" He questioned, now actually unsure. He pondered on this, wandering into the lobby as he thought about it. "Even if they do, this place doesn't have the cash to even afford one."

Mao sighed. This was a horrible job, even worse than he ever could have expected from the damned Raspberyl! He swore he'd get revenge on her, but that'd be all in due time. For now, he had more minor and annoying things to think about: Like the prinnies he brought along: Pren and Prin, his Prinny Cleanup Squad! Where the hell were they? They couldn't be working, so where were they slacking?

"Hmph. I should find them and have them clean Sans' office. It'll make my job easier." He said to himself. Mao tapped his foot as he considered where to look first. Maybe one of the other employees had seen the duo, so asking around couldn't hurt. He glanced around the lobby to make sure he wasn't missing the two in plain sight.


Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the lobby, Undyne was relaxing on a couch. It was supposed to be for guests, but there weren't any, so it was Undyne's spot for reading her manga. Her most recently started manga, 'Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo' was the most random and insane thing she'd even read. She was used to humans using large swords and magic in combat, but nosehairs? And 'gas'? And there was a giant jiggling jelly... And some kind of 'Don'.

"Humans are insanely awesome." Undyne muttered to herself, completely engrossed in her manga. As she came upon a fight scene, she found herself getting way too into it. So into it that when Super Patch delivered a devastating blow to his opponent, Undyne hype-punched a hole through the back of the couch she was on.

Eyes peering awkwardly over to the hole as she pulled her hand back, she shifted positions to hide the hole, before going back to reading. She seemed to have no intentions of moving until she was done. Unless Papyrus or Sans needed her. Or if a guest started trouble. Thankfully that last one wasn't a problem; They had no guests!


In the bar, Pren and Prin were hard at work ensuring everything looked shiny for that one guest that could possibly arrive at anytime. Prin was cleaning the counters, while Pren was organizing and making all of the glasses and bottled drinks look clean. The only way to tell them apart was by their bowties; Prin's was black, and Pren's was pink. They not only looked alike, but sounded alike as well. They even had the same text color! Making the little accessories necessary for the duo.

"How'd we end up in a multiverse hotel from an academy for evil in the Netherworld, dood?" Questioned Prin.

"I dunno, dood. The Dean sure picked a weird place to work! But the amount of business suits him just fine dood." Pren replied, glancing towards the tables and noticing Cutman. "Dood, how long is that robot going to sit there, dood? He looks like he's seen a ghost, dood!"

"A ghost, dood? Don't be stupid, dood!" Prin shouted at his friend, right before the duo bumped into each-other while cleaning, Prin slipping and falling from the counter. "H-H-Help me, DOOD!" He shouted, barely getting caught by Pren before he hit the ground and exploded. He let out a sigh of relief before looking up at Pren. "Whew! Thanks, dood! You're a lifesaver, dood! ... Dood?"

Prin looked up into Pren's heartless eyes, and swallowed hard. "D-D-D-Dood! What're you doing?! Pull me up, dood!"

"I..." Pren paused, becoming quiet for a moment. "I can't move, dood. You're too heavy... Dood."



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All of the sudden, from the double-doors connecting the kitchen to the dining room a tall, chipper and handsome (in his own words) skeleton emerged with a box of "Mario" brand Rigatoni. He rushed past the bar, accidentally knocking over a glass that caused a woman-like scream and from one of the tables he picked up a menu. Hurdler he rushed back into the kitchen, waving to the Prinnys as he did so. He waltzed on into the kitchen, big smile plastered on his skull. He was ready to make the most unheard of pasta that this third-rate hotel would ever see, he threw the menu on the kitchen counter and read aloud: "OUR NEWEST STYLE OF PASTA, HAND-CRAFTED BY THE EXCELLENT MASTER CHEF PAPYRUS. A PERFECT BLEND OF SPICES, LOVE AND OF COURSE THIS NEW BRAND...? 'TYPO'- PASTA WITH MARINARA, CILANTRO, DICED MEAT AND CHEESE ALL HOLSTERED INTO ONE DISH! NYEHEHE!"

Papyrus had been enlisted as the Master Chef not to long ago after he had reached this hotel, after training for a month in a half before they moved into the hotel, Papyrus's spaghetti was edible and quite good. However due to this Papyrus needed to branch out with his dishes, perhaps make new types of spaghetti, deserts, meals or even the most unfathomable: BONED CHICKEN. Whatever the new task was though, Papyrus would face it with a smile as he had always done. He threw the rigatoni into an already boiled pot and began to stir as he read the menu to see what came next. Papyrus looked down at the ingredients to find what was next on the list, he shortly found Marina on the list and without wasting a moment began to prepare it by grabbing fresh tomatoes. He placed them on a cutting board that he had also prepared near the brew, he rummaged through a nearby drawer and pulled out a simple carving knife. Quickly he began to dice the red vegetables with accuracy, so much so that he actually accidentally made them into mush already.

"HEH... DIDN'T THINK THAT WOULD HAPPEN, THAT'S HOW UNDYNE DOES IT I GUESS. WELL, TIME TO MIX!" The cheery skeleton said as he grabbed another pot from above him, he placed the paste into the pot and began to stir it right next to the noodles. Truly this would be a great day for skeleton history as Papyrus would be the first of his kind (most likely) to make this fabled type of Pasta, and he loved every second of it.


Painstakingly wasn't the word to describe how long the caped robot had exactly worked on this magical opening ceremony that was going to happen tonight. It was more, "wishy-washy" than anything as so many things were out of place when he had arrived here. So much stuff was out of place, he found countless bottles of alcohol in his living space, a rusted machete with a rose on it, part of a ballroom mask possibly used by a warrior and last but not least shell casings most likely from a six-shot revolver. What a mess! But all was good now, after six hours of work he had finally set everything up for the ceremony! He had even helped the chef, who had screwed up his dish once before causing a less than pleasant grease fire that he had to put out. But he had pointed him in the right direction which was good, for him at least it was. Now it was time to kick back, relax and play some good 'ol games.

Just as he plugged in his Super Famicom the vision grasped him again and he held his head in pain as he tumbled over to the right. He saw everything, he heard everything from the sounds of people screaming in pain to the bumblebees flying overhead- dropping their bombs everywhere they went. It wouldn't stop, he saw streets being torn appart, robots betraying their creators, planes crashing into buildings and highways filled with corpses. Whatever had summoned this vision to him he begged it to stop, he couldn't take it and just as he was about to scream he saw him. It looked like a human, but he could tell it wasn't. It had a green breastplate with a red gem on the right side, it wore a purple cape and on it's forehead was a red gem. He could barely make out the person's features, a large chin, purple eyeliner, cold-blue eyes and a twisted, sadistic smile. The figure stood there, smiling menacingly as Magic scrawled onto the floor in pain. The next minute was a blur, the figure lunged at Magic's eyes wall unleashing a bloodcurdling laugh. Just as he was about to reach him, he dissipated into nothing, and the vision ended.

Magic grasped his head once again, he picked up his top hat which had fallen on the ground. He sat down in his comfy E-Z chair and turned on his Famicom. He closed his eyes, thinking about what had just transpired as he flicked through a list of games that appeared before him. Finally he selected one, took a deep breath and said aloud: "What is happening to me even? Why is it showing me this? Why? Oof... Maybe some quality gaming will get that off my mind." Magic said as the familiar Squaresoft logo appeared on his TV-Screen.​
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