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  1. Evelyn, a siren, sat upon her rock in Sirenum Scopuli. She stared at the ships that approached and went by, at the other sirens who seduced the men, and at the vastness of the ocean. She didn't like it there. It was unlikely that a siren would gain the feeling of boredom while waiting upon their rock, but not impossible. Evelyn had gained that boredom, and it wasn't something she wanted at all.

    So she made her move and plunged into the deep sea. From her homeland, she swam to the Rock of Scylla, where she found herself on the beach. When there, the first things she saw were two people, a man and a woman, who were relaxing side-by-side on the sand. Just landing, luck already seemed to favor her.
    Approaching the two, Evelyn used her extravagant beauty to lure them away from their area of relaxing. Looking quickly and on a whim, she found a cave to her right. Luring them into it, she proceeded to make dinner of the female. However, after finishing the "meal", the man had snapped out of his hypnotized state and he ran away. Evelyn didn't bother to follow, not hungry anymore after eating the female.

    "Quite delicious..." She stated, sitting atop a rock within the cave.
  2. I could see a boy run from a cave on the beach, though I was to far away to see his face. "Chauffeur, stop right here." I said as we drove next to a cave. I could feel a presence, a powerful one. The chauffeur opened my door and I stepped out, the wind from the sea blew my long dark brown hair and my purple kimono. "Stay here." I ordered the chauffeur as I walked through the sand to the cave. As I shuffled in I came across a beautiful woman with blonde hair, fair skin, and white wings. I could tell she was far from an angel, due to the pile of bones beside the rock she was sitting on. This could only mean one thing.

    "My, my, what an interesting find." I said as I stepped a bit closer but was still several feet away. "To think that a siren would here on land dominated by humans, an interesting find indeed." I said as I held my hands behind my back.
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  3. Evelyn looked to her left, noticing the man in the purple kimono. She squinted, and licked her lips, finding enough room to make her want to eat him. Removing her hands from the rock and standing up, she took two steps towards the man, making the space between them about four feet.

    "Who are you? What do you want?" Two simple questions, easy enough to answer, and enough to see if he'd be her next meal.
  4. I watched as she licked her lips, I new she was contemplating whether or not to eat me, I wasn't afraid, I just smiled calmly at her. When she stepped off of her rock and asked the questions I gave a small bow with my head.

    "You may call me Mitsuya-Heika, or just Heika, my last name and title of course, I believe I shall keep my first name from you at the moment." I paused for a moment and stepped a step closer.
    "What do I want? Simple, I want you to survive on this land with the luxury someone of your importance deserves. On this land run by humans there are laws, of which are being reinforced by humans with weapons to kill. Sadly they don't understand your need to eat humans, therefore they will try to lock you up or even worse, kill you. I run a... place, where you will have shelter and proper meals without being targeted by the very things you feast upon. So my question to you, dear, is what do you want? To live peacefully or to die humiliatingly by your meals?"

    I awaited her answer and reaction. If she refused then I shall simply walk away, completely intact, whether she likes it or not.
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  5. Evelyn stood there and thought about his offer. It was a very good offer, indeed, and one that made her want to eat him less. Nonetheless, he made her feel lower than these humans. She knew very well she wouldn't die by one, and assumed he knew so as well. But, that wasn't an issue at the moment. She pondered on a bit more then looked him in the eye.

    "I hope it's comfortable, where this place is. I shall go with you, Heika." She looked off into the cave then back at Heika. "I am Evelyn."
  6. I nodded as my smile grew wider. "Right this was Miss Evelyn." I walked out of the cave and clapped twice, a small limousine drove in front of the cave and a young man with pale skin, shaggy brown hair, in a chauffeur uniform and hat, stepped out and opened the back door with a bow.
    "Ladies first, my dear." I said as I looked back at her. "I'll tell you about my estate in the car."
  7. Evelyn was a bit skeptical, but who wouldn't be? A stranger was letting them stay at their place, knew that she was a siren, and to top it off, Evelyn didn't even know the man. She went into the car, sitting on the leather seat. Glancing out her window, then to Heika, she waited for him to get in as well. Today was odd, and slowly started getting odder. On top of that ,she was starting to get hungry again, had made room for more food. Her stomach growled and she grimaced a bit.
  8. I stepped into the car after her,the chauffeur shut the door then started driving. "Where to sir?" He asked. "Grand Hotel Mitsuya." I answered as I turned to the siren.
    "I own a grand hotel. There are 3 large floors, a conservatory of sorts, a ballroom, a cafeteria, a library, a pool, a bar, and many other things." I chuckled at the 'other things' "The top floor is where you will be staying, I keep that floor cleared for my 'special' guests. But I'm warning you, we will have problems if you eat ANY of my guests, which may result in your banishment from this area or even your death." My smile never left my face. "I have meals for you to eat so don't worry. Any questions?"
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  9. "Yes, two. Let's say a guest of yours happens to pick a fight, or something of the sort with me. Do I have right to an extra meal? And where, exactly, is this place?" She never took her eyes off the man, her dark green gaze cautious in case the man had any tricks up his sleeves.
  10. I listened to her questions and thought for a minute. "Yes, so long as you don't start it. And not in public. Though, there are rules in my hotel that state not to cause trouble but I do get a few drama starters from time to time. And this place is actually in the middle of the city, we are about 10 minutes from the city. Are you thirsty? In here I have wines, soda, blood, tea, etc." I chuckled as I opened a mini fridge that was built into the car. "Or if you're tired, you can take a short nap instead, though I suggest waiting till you get your room before sleeping."
  11. "I'm neither, but thank you for the offer." Evelyn stared out of the window, smiling happily at the thought of being in the middle of the city. Midnight strolls could be good for midnight snacks, since parks are usually always occupied and teens are easy prey.

    "I'll wait, it sounds like a better idea." She returned her gaze to Heika, staring yet again as she had before.
  12. I closed the refrigerator door. "Suit yourself." I smiled as I stared back at her. After about 10 minutes had passed we arrived at Grand Hotel Mitsuya, the sight was truly amazing, and I was proud to have made it. "Welcome to Grand Hotel Mitsuya." I welcomed as the chauffeur opened Evelyn's door first, then mine. "If you'll follow me, I will show you to your room, unless you would like a tour of the place. After you have settled in I can take you to your meal if you are hungry."
  13. Evelyn stared as the pulled up to the massive building. It was quite a sight, indeed, but she hadn't seen many sights on the human's side of the world yet. She was so used to her homeland that this was unrealistic-like to her. Staring at all the lights and such, she stepped out of the car when the chauffeur opened the door. Following behind Heika, she blinked twice. "A tour sounds delightful."
  14. "Very well. Follow me." I lead her up the steps into the lobby. The side of the building outside was lined in tables, chairs, and plants. "Welcome back Mitsuya-Heika" The doorman greeted. "Thank you, call a few of the maids and tell them to prepare room 4C for a special guest." I ordered, he bowed. "Right away Heika." He made a call and I continued through the lobby.

    "This is the lobby. Where people check in to stay at my hotel."
    I explained. There were a few people in the lobby, some guests, some staff. I lead her into the cafeteria.

    "This is where human breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served. You will still get one human a day, which should be plenty but if now we can arrange something. You can also eat human food right? Here is where to get it."
    I smiled then walked to the library.

    "This is where we keep the books, as you can see, if you're looking for information or entertainment, we should have what you're looking for. If not then it probably doesn't exist."
    I chuckled. Next was the ballroom.

    "We hold parties here, they are pretty fun, a lot of dancing and entertainment." Near the ballroom was the theatre.

    "Its a bit old fashioned but we hold performances here, you wouldn't believe some of the people that want to perform here. It's definitely interesting."
    After that was the dinning hall.

    "This is for parties as well, everyone eats here during the party."
    We walked to the bar.

    "This is the life of the hotel. People come here to indulge in the dirty habit of drinking, gambling, flirting, and the occasional fighting."
    I lead her towards the back of the hotel to the indoor pool.

    "If you like swimming, I think this will be you most favorite place."
    Then finally our tour came to an end with the last room, which had a someone guarding the door at all times. the room was like an indoor forest that consisted of trees, plants, and even a little waterfall.

    "And last but definitely not least, the conservatory, or maybe a soloriam? I don't know."
    I laughed. "But it's my favorite. We even have a few animals living in here. This room is mainly for my special guests who wish to enjoy the forest and let their true self roam. Naturally since this is a place for the special guests to let loose, humans are not be allowed in here." After sighing contently I turned to Evelyn.

    "So what do you think?"
    I asked, standing straight and holding my hands behind my back in an elegant way.
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