Hot Women in Banks. . . NOT ALLOWED!

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  1. Belle

    "Oh good! We are here." She stated as she looked around the neighborhood. It's quiet. "Oh, there she is." She pointed to a figure sitting at the porch of the nearby home.
  2. Demi

    I toss my head back and laugh in disbelief. "The fuck? You getting protective of me over there, Chipmunk? That's precious." I ruffle her hair before putting my attention back on the hot chocolate. "And I doubt you gotta worry about that. I'm not looking to be in a relationship anytime soon. Romance is a fucking waste of time," I shrug a little, "And that kinda shit usually doesn't come my way, unless a bone slinging homicidal maniac is the craze these days." I've never had a single crush in my entire life anyways and there's no way in hell I'm gonna let myself get side-tracked from finding Koda.

    I roll my eyes. "Oh yeah, super fucking mature. So mature that you got me chasing your ass down for cuddle wars." Look, I know I contributed to that too, but it's not like I'm gonna admit that shit out loud. "And you're sixteen too? Me too," I shoot her a predatory smirk, "We should drink one of these days. I'd pay an arm and a leg to see you're innocent ass get drunk. God, I bet that shit would be hilarious!" Seriously, what kind of drunk would Helen be? Clingy drunk? Angry drunk? Philosophical drunk? Well, either way, I know she's joking and it's kinda surprising that she's got jokes outside of cutesy stuff.

    When she bumps my shoulder I automatically bump back, as if we've been doing this for years or something. I almost roll my eyes again--she's still hung up on the incident. And here I'm thinking we're finally over this. "Oh yeah, cuz I definitely haven't forgiven ya after A, picking ya up into a monster hug. B, letting you hug me back. And C, sharing some hot chocolate with ya. Listen to me loud and clear, Chipmunk."

    I pin her down with the most honest look I can muster, though that probably isn't much, and say sternly, "You. Are. Forgiven. So let it the fuck go, got it?"
  3. For once I agree with our racist friend.
  4. I've known this for many years Darky
  5. This woman deserves a medal. And shittybank does not support single moms.
  6. Helen

    My whole body is trembling as he gives me my punishment. I've never been given any sort of punishment like this from my family before, so a gut twisting sensation starts to overwhelm me. I realize I'm angry. I don't know if I am angry at Samuel, but I feel it there. He's making this safe house into a prison. I want to yell after him but I don't, keeping my mouth clamped shut the entire time. As soon as he is gone, however, my angry melts into embarrassment and shame

    I cover my mouth as my eyes start to burn and it takes a lot of restraint to keep me from letting tears trickle down my cheek. I'm trying to contain myself but then Demi grabs me and I flinch nearly immediately "D-d-emi. I-I-I'm sorry. I-I a-am s-so sorry..." I feel the warm tears now traveling down my face. I couldn't let her or Nellie get caught in the crossfire. But it was worth it. But now I couldn't go to Pen if I needed her. God knows this isolation is going to kill me. The idea of me being trapped in my room for most of the day makes me want to vomit. My throat is burning now and I try to whimper out a response.

    I must look pathetic.

    Much to my surprise, Demi actually hugs me. I thought she was angry with me. I feel tears soaking into my shirt and I realize she just be crying too. Why? Does she truly feel this horrible for me? Hesitantly I hug her back and I choke out "I-I-I'll b-b-be o-okay...G-God a-almighty...j-just w-when I-I s-start m-making friends I-I a-am r-reduced t-to this. G-go f-figure."
  7. Helen

    "I-it isn't D-Dems fault. T-this m-man hurt us. S-so w-we..." I try to stutter out and get between their argument as Penny becomes defensive. I don't like the way Pen looks at Demi. My eyes widen in horror as Demi goes down screaming and I see blood on Pens face. Oh no, no no no no. I turn to see the man, covered in what looked like poreclain "You son of a bitch! You dirty son of a vixen! Leave us the hell alone!" I scream at him, my throat becoming scratchy. He probably can't hear me, but I am fuming. My face is fiery red and I am beyond angry

    I put myself in front of the fallen Demi and I look back to Pen "G-get out while y-you still can. P-please." I command of her, then with pain in my heart I say "Leave." I swallow and turn back towards the man, my fists clenching. I will not go down until he knocks me down.
  8. Didn't know you were looking. O.o;
  9. Discrimination against beautiful people? I like where this is going.

  10. The irony of this video is that while you're watching it you are being spammed with a whole fuckton of shittybank propaganda on the bottom of the screen. HURRAY REACTIVE MARKETING.