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Ideal Posting?

  1. Fast fast fast, even if the posts are short.

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  2. Medium pace, short paragraph posts.

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  3. Slower pace, but with lengthy posts.

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  1. How do you like your roleplays?
    Super fast-paced, even if the posts are pretty short and sometimes only a couple sentences long?
    Pretty slow, with lengthy multi-paragraph posts?
    Or moderately slow with a couple paragraphs per post?

    Annnd, why?
    Remember, no one of these is right or wrong and all a matter of personal preference >:[
  2. I feel like a moderate speed with a few paragraphs is great. It gives room for plenty of description and dialogue to move the plot along at the same time as being quick enough to keep the players engaged. It's a good mix, and will sometimes vary depending on the situation with larger posts to set up more complicated or new scenes and characters or shorter posts when a back-and-forth conversation needs to take place between PCs.
  3. I am FAST PACE roleplayer!

    So I prefer chat style RPs, where it's a couple sentences and the scene moves very quickly. I will post that way on the forums too if my partner is online at the same time as I am.

    Otherwise for forum roleplaying, I like moderate speed! It takes me long to write a good forum post. XD
  4. Medium-paced. It allows me to have a life and keeps my memory of events fresh. :3 And keeps me from getting bored (because I have no life outside of work and school XD ).
    With long posts. - w-
    I like longer posts..
    Slower pace suits my busy lifestyle and chill personality.
  6. There's a time and place for everything, and I can't sustain fast RPs anymore, unlike when I was young and had nothing else to do. So, medium.
  7. It depends.

    When a roleplay has an intricate plot, something deep & mastermind like Sleeper Cell or Thousand Stars (;~; I miss it!), I like longterm posting because it allows everyone to move the plot along by talking to each other or collaborating_on_posts.

    For the most part however, I usually join casual roleplays with control_light GMs and expect fast/moderately fast posting c:
  8. A medium pace roleplay suits me fine. I tend to join a couple of roleplays so it's good for me to have time in between them to think and write. I don't always write huge paragraphs, it really depends on the content. I used to hate chat roleplays because it was always filled with people who used * for their actions but since Iwaku doesn't do that I love 'em.
  9. I agree with Zen, medium pace with a few paragraphs per post. Primarily because reading from a screen is agonizing on my eyes and i don't like having to read through pages and pages of taking to long to say something.
  10. I'm weird. I do medium long post. Heh...medium long. Yeah. I always post longish. 3 or more paragraphs.
  11. I prefer medium-length posts which include at least two or three paragraphs depending on the amount of narrative I want to cover. However, if there is enough going on, I do not mind stretching my posts longer, and my replies tend to vary in length based on the amount of events my characters can react to.
  12. and once again I think we're the same person.
  13. ​Slow paced with a big juicy plot.
  14. It varies for me. I do enjoy fast paced onexones, but in group games I like it a little slower. Posting every couple days with 5 or 6 players is perfect for me.
  15. The way I like my rp's is like how i prefer sex, joking I'm a virgin but it's funnier to say that way, long slow and detailed. That is to say I enjoy to sit around and smellt he roses. I find great passion happens that way, detailed posts with length of a decent amount (about three paragraphs or more) per post. I prefer that kind of speed.
  16. Slow sucks, but I like big posts.

    Medium-High speed with mid-long posts are my favorites.
  17. I'm going to say a medium pace. It gives you some amount of time to detail what your character is doing, and it gives others time to react or act. What can I say? I'm not fond of character jacking.
  18. I voted the 3rd one … quality over quantity every time, though it does depend on the size of the group & how complex the RP is. I do feel that a very intricate world can't be done justice with 1-paragraph posts per person … but when there's a large group, slow posting can really bog down the flow of the RP, so yeah, it depends.

    My favorite method, actually, is when I work with a small group who share similar interests, and we all kind of fall into this rhythm, and some posts are like a page long and others a smattering of sentences, depending on the heat of the action, but it's always moving forwards, the styles interchanging but overall I suppose one could call it "cooperative" … but that's rare … and yet AWESOME 8D
  19. Fast, fast, fast with lengthy posts. Where's that option?
  20. Medium to slow pace. Post length doesn't really matter, as long as the posts are quality and I'm having fun with the roleplay.

    That being said, the roleplays I've had the most fun with have had longer posts.