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  1. Who said they were dead? ;)
  2. Octo stop posting photos of yourself. God.
  3. Would Darkness hit it?
  4. Darkness doesn't give any fucks; would hit anything.
  5. Wait hang on a sec - that's Octo?
  6. OH LOL. Aria, I love you.

    No, that's not Oct, his pec's aren't big enough for that bra, and he certainly is not asian.

    God that made me laugh so hard.
  7. *Embarassed*
  8. Don't be embarrassed, hahaha.

    Yes, that is really me. I put on a little weight and decided to become Asian.
  9. ....Ew.

  10. ​.....I'm ok with this.... I think...
  11. It's really Seiji.
  12. He'll be happy that you missed him while he's away Rory!
  13. ​MY EYES!!!! HOW THEY BURN!!!
  14. Why is this my wallpaper?
  15. Why isn't this my wallpaper?!
  16. He always is.
  17. You guys are so impolite... He said HI guys!

  18. FINALLY, someone with some Manners. All the rest of you were thinking about you dead boners, selfish jerks!

  19. No you don't. You're a goddam machine.