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    In the year 2050, most military operation has become privatized in order to keep the costs of running the government down, PMC's have begun to sprout out in every major city in the world, each hiring large numbers of militia to handle the outsourcing of war from their respective countries. The largest of these leading in innovation for warfare technologies and tactics; competing viciously, economically and politically, they aimed to edge ahead of each other in the market. Throughout the course of years, this competition grew from aggressive advertising to outright espionage between the monopolizing PMC's, who launched tactical strikes and commando-lead operations against offices, barracks, warehouses and hangars their counterparts owned worldwide.

    •°o.O O.o°•

    These strikes often led to un-necessary civilian casualties and the death of multiple white-collar workers employed by the military corporations. A solution was soon worked up by the international community to relieve such conflict on neutral ground; each monopolizing corporation was treated as a country, and pitted against eachother in war. The three largest corporations would move their headquarters to the maldives, which had been politically evacuated to avoid the un-necessary loss of human life, and utilize their entire military strength to either eliminate the CEO of the opposing company; take complete military control over the competing corporation's headquarters; or force an official surrender from the corporation's CEO.

    •°o.O O.o°•

    The PMC's were given three years to develop their military strength and prepare for the inter-corporate war, all the while building and fortifying a compound that would serve as the headquarters for their corporate heads. The year is 2058, today is the day that you, the CEO of your respective private military corporation, enter the war zone and take up the mantle of your companies well-being; because if you lose your life, your command or your will - your monopoly will fall, and suffer a truly hostile takeover.

    Welcome to the wargames.
  2. RULES

    I. Please remain active, I don't expect this to fill completely (It would be over 150 people large if it did), but I will expect anyone who signs up to be willing to post at least once every day.

    II. My policy for god-modding is pretty simple, give a hit, take a hit; I don't want both characters just going back and forth dodging or blocking eachother, but I don't want one person taking all the damage. Even if you're a reaper, you can't block block from all directions at once.

    III. Be reasonable with your posts; by this I mean, if someone gives you 6 paragraphs, don't just choke and give them one, atleast make it two or three. The same goes for the flipside, if you post 12 paragraphs in small font, don't expect a response that is any more than 4 from your partner, and be happy if you do.

    IV. Patience is a virtue, please don't bother and pester those you RP with, if you feel they haven't replied for a while, message me or post in OOC and let me or the mods (if we make any) of the Rp deal with it.

    V. Similarly, respect is a big thing with me, I don't want to see slander or conflict being held in OOC, and if it gets back to me, expect hell to come raining down upon your poor souls. Either that, or I'll MAKE you both be nice.

    VI. If you sign up for a slot that needs a team, such as captain or pilot of a large aircraft, please bring friends to fill the positions required, otherwise everybody would be flying an AC130J with NPC's firing viperstrike's all over the place.

    VII. Read all the rules, there isn't a lot, and if you read everything else, these should be easy.

    VIII. Please include your characters name, rank, an image or link to an image and a bit of formatting to tell us what they are doing, where they are and who they are with in your main posts.
  3. »The Companies«


    The newest monopoly to have raised to the top, Apex warfare was founded in 2035 and immediately brought its innovations in cybernetics and computerization to market, being branded the 'king of technological warfare' Apex sports the most efficient tech out of all the companies, and is often referenced as the 'new generation of PMC' by many. Based out of London, England, Apex supports the European Union, and was provided a large supporting fund by the EU, which was written off as a 'repayment of debt' by the councilman. The single reaper they employ has the ability of using both an EMP-R and a EMP-A (Attractor), which allows them to 'pull' themselves to materials, vehicles, soldiers and otherwise scale obstacles that other reapers could not.


    Asian based Teikoku manages the largest naval infrastructure of any PMC worldwide, and employs an infantry force that is only slightly smaller than Apex and Nexus' combined. Founded in 2017 during an economic crisis in Japan and China, the company swelled up through the use of low salaries for its employees, who were happy to even have a job at the time. It was because of their popularity in the world market as a PMC that they were able to almost single-handedly end the economic crisis in Asia and come to host as large an infantry as they do today. Based out of Tokyo, Japan, Teikoku is the oldest of the monopoly triangle, however not by much.


    Surprisingly founded in Canada, NexTS originally started as a security company for businesses in 2021, however grew exponentially as veteran immigrants enlisted in their staff due to the above-average salary and working conditions. Boasting the most experienced and specialized force of all the PMC's, Nexus specializes in tactical operations worldwide, being the only corporation on the market to enlist two reapers. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Nexus was the only PMC to volunteer it's services for free to the UN and UNICEF, which has won it the political support and protection of many countries over the years, however it did nothing to protect the company from being drawn into the ring.
  4. ~~⊰The Armory⊱~~


    Front Line Infantry: These are your normal expendable units, they can be played by either a NPC or a real author. Armed with your general-issue outfit, some of them speciallize in certain areas of combat and are thus armed with explosives, electronics or other skills and tools.

    Tank commanders: Through computerization and human-interface improvements, mobile artillery, tanks, anti-air vehicles and APC's are now all able to be commanded by a single well-trained member of this type; they are armed with a machine-pistol sidearm and a combat knife

    MP's: Military police, typically only armed to deal with internal conflict, military police stay close to the headquarters and ensure that crime, violence and disrest are all kept in line. Most MP's are armed with machine pistols or sub-machineguns in place of the general assault-rifle, as well as a sidearm.


    Aircraft Pilots: These are the 'flybirds' of your military, through human-interface and computerization, the pilots are able to fly any number of aircraft, though are usually provided VTOL fighter/bomber jets. Some still specialize in the operation of different aircraft, ranging from large-scale bombers and carriers to helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft. All pilots are armed with a machine-pistol side-arm.

    UAV Operators: Using specifically designed human-interface systems, these units are trained to control unmanned airial vehicles, which are used for reconnaisance, combat, bombing and laser guidance of SSM's (Surface to Surface missiles). Because they are far from the fighting, the most armament that most UAV operators receive is a general-issue combat pistol.

    Gunners and Bombers: In larger aircraft, from warships and gunships to large-scale bombers, the gunners and bombers are required to operate the systems that the pilot cannot operate on his/her own. That is where these specially trained units come in, arming, aiming and utilizing the extra hardware.


    Seacraft Pilots: Trained to captain any number of seafaring vehicles, these soldiers transport materials, command gunboats, provide naval artillery support in the form of missile strikes, cannon barrages and mortar bombardments or complete reconnaisance missions all depending on what type of craft they pilot.

    Captains: These are the officers and pilots of larger ships, ranging from aircraft carriers to battleships and destroyers, they lead the teams in charge of operating and maintaining them, as well as provide command in combat situations.

    Gunners and Navigators: The backbone of larger ships, these soldiers are the cogs that keep the warmachines turning. Aiming, loading, firing and reloading cannons; directing, steering and navigating the ships through narrow straights and complex maneuvers.


    Snipers: The elite of all marksmen, these speciallists are armed with super-high-powered rifles and railguns that fire large-calibur rounds. Unlike designated marksmen in front-line infantry, these soldiers typically utilize weapons that are remotely linked to their brain to pick off targets up to a mile away with deadly accuracy.

    'Jumpers': Chosen from the best aircraft pilots, these soldiers are armed to the teeth and utilize wingsuits to drop down on their enemies from above. Either dropped from UAV's or cliff-jumping when the situation allows, these airial commandos report directly to the CEO or the COS of the Airforce.

    Marines: Well respected and known as some of the most well bred units in the military, these soldiers are trained by the navy in their specialized form of close-combat naval warfare. While they can be effective in almost all situations, Marines report directly to the CEO or the COS of the Navy.

    Commandos: Like cyborgs, these are the elite of the elite of the infantry, and can be armed with a near endless line of weaponry. They lack the cybernetic and physical improvements and as such are vastly weaker and slower than cyborgs, but still hold the same natural killing instinct. Commandos are widely utilized in special operations and engagements that require tactical precision.

    Cyborgs: The latest technology to be provided en-masse to any military, Cyborgs are chosen from the most elite of infantry and are then augmented with cybernetic implants to improve combat ability. Armed with any number of weapons, ranging from high-frequency blades to flechette guns to KRISS submachineguns. They typically act in special operations or are otherwise reserved as bodyguards for the CEO and his cheif-of-staff.

    Reapers: Feared on all sides of the spectrum, Reapers report directly to the CEO, and are usually the most specialized unit in the entire military arsenal. Completely un-armed at first glance, the reapers use the newest technological marvel to be developed for military use - the electromagnetic particle repulsor or EMP-R. Contained in a gauntlet, this weapon is the perfect match of impossible defense and pure destructive offense. Using a super concentrated and focussed Electromagnetic field, the EMP-R causes any partcle of metallic origin to be repelled at ultra-high speeds, resulting in the separation of any material, organic or artificial, which can be used to deflect bullets, cut artillery projectiles and missiles in half and form a near impenetrable defence. It has been widely remarked and nicknamed the 'scythe' due to the clean and instant cut that comes from any contact from the blue light that is emitted by the EMP-R's field of effect. Reapers also utilize implants that are relatable to those cyborgs are equipped with, allowing them reactions fast enough to defend themselves from even the fastest projectiles. Unless extreme measures are taken, Reapers can usually only be countered by another reaper or a squad of Cyborgs.
  5. SLOTS


    Cheif of Staff - Airforce
    Cheif of Staff - Navy
    Cheif of Staff - Army

    Cyborg x 6 (Two Squads)
    Commandos x 3

    Specialists x 6

    Army x 10
    Navy x 10
    Airforce x 10


    COS - Airforce
    COS - Navy
    COS - Army

    Cyborg x 3 (One Squad)
    Commandos x 3

    Specialists x 6

    Army x 18
    Navy x 18
    Airforce x 18


    CEO - Daniel Sullivan - Edge100x
    Reaper x 2
    COS - Airforce
    COS - Navy
    COS - Army

    Cyborg x 3 (One Squad)
    Commandos x 6 (Two Squads)

    Specialists x 10

    Army x 9
    Navy x 9
    Army x 9

  6. ▂▃▅▆ SKELETON ▆▅▃▂

    Employer: (Put Apex, Teikoku or Nexus)

    Name: (Needs no explaining)

    Gender: (Let's not over complicate things here, please.)

    Age: (How many candles on the cake?)

    Appearance: (please include a picture link)

    Rank/Slot: (The slot you're filling, or your rank if you're in one of the 'main' columns.)

    Speciality: (Don't fill in if you're Cyborg or above. Should include team-mates if a Captain, gunner, navigator, bomber or pilot of a larger aircraft.)

    Armament/Vehicle: (Don't fill in if you're a Reaper, put your aircraft if a pilot, your seacraft or ship if you're a captain or a seacraft pilot, your armoured vehicle if you're a tank commander.)

    Attitude/Personality: (Just one or two sentences should be fine, feel free to add more if you please.)

    Background: (Give us some of your characters history. At least one paragraph please.)

    Misc: (Incase you want to add something, otherwise delete this.)
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  8. Anyone wishing to apply can do so below, happy to have this thing out here, been looking to make something like this for a while.
  9. Re: Hostile Takeover | A Private Military RP | Profiles

    Employer: Nexus

    Name: Daniel Sullivan

    Gender: Male

    Age: Twenty three

    Appearance: Medium build, about 5'11"

    Rank/Slot: CEO

    Speciality: NULL

    Armament/Vehicle: His father's HK45 combat pistol.

    Attitude/Personality: Daniel is rather business-like in his leadership style, though can be stern when required to take control of a situation. As a strategist, he is very calculating, taking in every aspect before acting; while this works very well most of the time, when put under pressure, this can be a hindrance and a weakness. Over-all, Daniel takes after his father in acting professional any time that he is 'dealing with business' and leaving any type of jokes aside until he is off the clock.

    Background: Having been raised by his father alone, his mother having died when he was birthed, Daniel grew up learning how to run the business. The in's and out's of how to manage a PMC could be rather in-depth; ranging from politics to finances to tactics to leadership to self-preservation, however he showed a deep understanding for most if not all aspects of the corporation. When he was twenty, the news that his father would be bringing the entire company to an outright war against the other three market leaders invigorated and excited Dan; his fathers confidence and assurance that Nexus was the best, had the best and performed the best leaving no chance for failure in his son's mind. So while Daniel went off to university to get his business management diploma, his father began the three-year preparations for the war games.

    It was in his last week of exams for his diploma that he was called back home by one of his father's chief of-staff; the news very grave. What he found when he arrived back at their estate was shocking to say the least; police and lawyers all gathered around the home, as well as media posted outside, trying to shove their cameras into his face. It only took one look at the bloodied pistol and note to concrete in Daniels mind the image of his fathers death; "If I am going to die, it will be on my terms". Those words, the statement they made scrawled out in his father's handwriting, were nothing if not debilitating to the young man who read them. Had his father of known the outcome of his actions, he might have thought twice about them, but he was not thinking, from the day he knew about the terms of the war games, he had been frightened; it was not the bullet that killed his father, it was fear and doubt that pulled the trigger, not the proud man he knew his father to be.

    From the day that his father took his own life, Dan went through the political and bureaucratic maze of his inheritance, which included ownership of nexus, all his fathers belongings and properties as well as a number of items passed down through his family through the years. By the time that he had settled into his position officially, there was little over a month left to prepare for upcoming war. Now he finds himself taking the mantle his father feared so much to hold, taking the responsibility that doubt took from him and holding it for his own.
  10. We'll have an ad put up soon~!
  11. Employer: Apex

    Name: Alisana Fastly

    Gender: Female

    Age: Twenty-four years

    Appearance: Hacking equipment on left hand, stabilizer augment in right wrist, running augments in legs. Five-foot-three in height, image attached

    Rank/Slot: Cyborg

    Speciality: Field Hacker

    Armament/Vehicle:F2000 as a main weapon - attached Holographic Sight and Laser Sighting Module; Mateba M6 Unica Hunter .44 as a sidearm; occasionally armed with a M1216 shotgun sighted with a Millimeter Wave Scanner

    Attitude/Personality: "Killer on the Streets, Killer in the Sheets" - Alisana is a sexual deviant, and one will quickly find it is a defining factor in her personality. She speaks in innuendos and riddles, and is sometimes hard to understand due to her whimsical nature on top of that. Despite this, she is devoted to whoever is giving her the next paycheck, and has an odd sense of loyalty. You can't earn her loyalty by paying more than her current employer, so she's dependable if you keep her bank account full.

    Background: Alisana did not grow up well. Her mother was a strungout junky, and her father was the pharmacist the mother got her fix from. Luckily, after Alisana was conceived, the two got together as a couple and Dr. Fastly had her get clean for the well-being of the daughter. This had bad side effects for the mother, however. She became very cruel to Alisana sometimes, and was addicted to pain medication instead of lithium. She'd sometimes become intoxicated and beat Alisana. Dr. Fastly, however, was very kind to her, and attempted to defend Alisana when he could. Dr. Fastly and Alisana's mother got along well, despite her hostility towards Alisana. Dr. Fastly also taught Alisana advanced computer skills - which bred in her a desire to become a hacker. Dr. Fastly knew nothing about this, however, so she went to other sources, and tried to get as much experience as possible.

    When she was fifteen, she had her first sexual encounter. It was technically rape, but she accepted it, and even enjoyed it, which led to her oversexual personality. Alisana even began to take a liking in poetry and Hip-hop. As she grew more and more slothen each day, she dropped out of High School in her Junior year so she could focus more on what she wanted to do. She became one of the world's most notorious non-augmented hackers by the time she was 19, and got a GED shortly afterwards so she could join a PMC. Her father was against it and her mother didn't care. Alisana was told to call her father whenever she or her friends needed medication, so she often is the one to go to if you're mildly ill.

    She joined Apex and became a very loyal member of the company. She pushed herself through training, practice, and drills so she could get her hands on an Apex-sponsored cybernetic enhancement. She was accepted only last year to be part of the Apex cyborg program, and has spent her time this last year getting used to her new augmentations and using the hacking tools to her advantage. Lately, she has sent money to her family, and she hears they are quite happy now that she is gone, and her mother isn't so strungout anymore. "Your mother and I are getting along well. Ever since you left, she's calmed down a lot. I've managed to get her off the pills for a couple days so far. Maybe next time you're here, she'll be in a better mood. See you next time you're on leave. -Daddy"

    Misc: She's from Southern USA, but she doesn't seem like it. The most southern she ever seems is when she talks about her family. She can't help but speak in a drawl when she thinks of her family and her hometown. She likes to remember the experiences she had with old flames, and she occasionally sheds a tear when she thinks about the times she tried to go steady with a guy. She joined Apex because she heard PMCs earn a megaton of cash, and that Apex offered the best cybernetics. Finally, she likes when her bonus is bigger than her next paycheck, just because it's "Like Christmas up in this" Her theme song is the Broken Spindles Remix of "Keep Your Hands Off My Girl" by Good Charlotte.
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