Hostage Situation

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  1. The cracking of a braking bone filled the silent air around the White House, the body the the Secret Service Agent slumped to the ground with a quiet thud. Four troops dressed in black were almost invisible along with the darkness of the night, only the white walls made them visible but they weren't that careless, they were trained mercenaries hired to take the U.S President hostage and gain the access codes to all the Nuclear Warheads the U.S Military has at its disposal.........

    This is all I have at the moment, going to finish it soon when I get some people to join, I am looking for a few people to take up the roles of;

    U.S President
    Merc 1-2-3-4
    EVT Commanding Officer
    EV Headquarters
    EVT member 1-2-3

    If you are interested leave a comment or send me a PM :) Thanks