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  1. Ten random people in the world are selected to appear in front of the reaper. The exact ten people all faint, and get sent into a certain, peculiar, hospital. The reaper resides within this hospital, taking one of the group member’s every night. (Note: This RP has already been planned out; I am using this as a test run. Please stick with me until the end, and give me feedback.)

    Cs Format:
    Name: (Self-explanatory)
    Gender: (Self-explanatory)
    Age: (Self-explanatory)
    Appearance: (Picture or description)
    Personality: (Details, please)

    -No god modding
    -No explicit content

    Roleplay Mechanics:
    -Explore rooms
    -One person killed every day, based on inactivity or randomness
  2. .~:Name:~.
    Cian Lockton




    Cian has a very inquisitive nature. He notices the most smallest detail or anything that appears to be out of place. He's a fairly quite person and never really talks unless directly spoken to or addressed. Others might find him a bit cold and distant due to the lack of emotion he shows. But the reason for that is because he is an extremely insecure person so in order to cope he emotionally closed himself out from the world as a sort of defense mechanism. But despite all that, he's an altogether pleasant company if you don't mind the silence (which can be strangely calming at times). Internally kind, a bit overprotective about those he cares about, and an extreme worry wart.

    Despite the emotionless way he acts and appears, he has a surprisingly imaginative mind. He spends most of his time painting, drawing, reading all the books he can find, and even writing a few stories here and there in the blank pages of some novels.

    He also tends to shy away from strangers. He is kind and extremely loyal to those he genuinely trusts and cares about. Though he tries to help those in need, he is more the type to rely on others than the other way around. Has a calming atmosphere around him that quickly puts people at ease. A bit absent minded, always seeming to be staring off into space or up into the sky whenever he isn't napping or having his nose pressed against a novel.
  3. ok, accepted.
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Thread Status:
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