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  1. "Thirty four. Thirty five. Thirty six. Thirty seven. Thirty eight. Thirty nine. Forty. Forty one..." Matt kept counting, his knees pulled close to his chest as he rocked back and forth. His therapist or doctor or whatever the hell they were in this place had told him that it might distract him from his withdrawals, but it wasn't working. All he wanted was to shoot up and pass out somewhere and forget what was happening. He'd been told that time passed differently here, but he still wondered if his band mates had found him in the real world. Had they been angry? Or concerned?

    The bell rang for dinner. Matt's first instinct was to ignore it, but then his therapist would find out and would come talk to him, and Matt didn't particularly want that. He stood up and looked himself up and down in the mirror. Sleepless nights had left dark circles under his eyes. His clothes were slightly crumpled, but no more so than usual. He pulled his sleeves down, covering the worst of his marks, and forced himself to walk to the dining hall.

    He got his tray of food and walked to his usual table, sitting at it. He wondered if he'd have to go through withdrawal whenever he got home. Because if he did, he was going to end up relapsing again. The only reason he hadn't done so yet was because he didn't have any access to heroin and they didn't even have any opiate substitutes like methadone to keep the cravings away.
  2. ♕Chen♕

    When the lunch bell rang, Chen was already sitting in the corner of his table with this, lighter. Or what they called a lighter. It created the look of a flame, but there was no smell nor heat. It wasn't the same. He flicked it, watching the false fire dance in front of his eyes. It wasn't anything like the real deal, but his doctor said it would help him get through his problem with fire.

    It wasn't exactly working. Chen sighed as he looked up to the food queue, he didn't feel like eating at all. Maybe he'd get a glass of milk later. But right now he was concerned with whatever he was playing with, what definitely wasn't fire. His thick, black fringe covered his dark set eyes.

    Chen only stopped when he watched Matt go and sit down at his table. He didn't know Matt that well. He didn't really know anybody that well, but he did know their names at least. His eyes followed Matt as he sat down, wondering what he was here for. Chen wasn't sure what anybody was doing here really, not properly. He began man watching as he pulled down his long sleeves, his eyes following different people around the canteen.
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  3. Emerson had stated at what looked like a window as she sighed to herself. She was at her low right now and she honestly didn't feel like doing anything, she had always missed that rush she felt when excitement just flowed through her body, but now she didn't feel it. "Emerson sweety, you need to go eat the lunch bell rang..." a sense of irritation filled her body as she turned to look at the woman standing in front of her.
    "Yeah Jenny and its time for you to have you aren't always bugging me..." Jenny was a nice woman, she always cared for Emerson and that was something she wasn't used to.
    "Well I'm not forcing you, but Emerson you need to eat so you arent starving yourself....and therapy is after you eat" her voice held some form of happiness like Emerson just loved going to her therapist for fun.
    "Fine then,but next time....please don't interrupt my thoughs...." that was all that was said before Emerson had taken a quick look at herself in the mirror and made her way to the cafeteria.
  4. Christinia walked towards the dining area nervous. she is pretty new having just arrived yesterday. just before entering she takes a deep breath and put a smile on her face. even if it is fake she doesn't want other to worry about her too much. tugging the sleeves of her sweater down out of habit she enters the cafeteria. after grabbing her food she looks around for a possible open seat. seeing one near a few other people but mostly empty she makes her way to the end of it and begins eating, glancing about.
  5. Fiona stared out the window, watching as a grey fog passed outside. She never saw anything happy, just fog and rain. She sighed, her mascara smudged across her eyes. She had tried to hide the bags under her eyes, but that wasn't going to happen any time soon, so she had started leaving them. She sighed, wishing she had a bottle of whisky to drown her sorrows in. She stared for a while longer before the dinner bell rang, causing her to flinch. She grumbled and began to move out of her chair and towards the door. Her short hair shifted slowly as she moved, her feet sliding. She had no energy left, and she couldn't really do anything at the moment besides walk. She moved slowly until she reached the dining hall. She moved past people, barely noticing the kid with the fake lighter as she grabbed her dull food, going to sit in another corner, alone.
  6. Joseph Rayne

    He sat in bed, staring up with a blank look on his face. He'd been watching the time for three hours now, closely monitoring every last second. This was because he was scared to the point of panic attacks, clawing his skin and screaming out in absolute terror. The memory had been haunting him for three hours of what had just occurred, well better put occurred exactly three hours ago. A spider crawled on his bed and frightened the poor pastel goth looking male.

    A white panel slid over the clock. A few seconds of panic later he realized it was the therapist and he calmed.

    "Lunch." He said briefly, Joseph appreciated the brevity, giving him a moment to calm

    He stood up, walking out where he was greeted by a new nurse who talked to him carefully and slowly as if he was stupid. Then she said his name wrong. It was always so tedious too explain that it was pronounced YHO-SEF not JO-SEF. He quickly corrected the woman anyways who nodded again, as if he were dumb. "I can hear when you talk normally. But nice to meet you anyways!" He smiled, sticking out his hand and letting out a small laugh. The woman first cleaned her glasses then shook his hand. Afterwards she cleaned them again.

    "You cleaned them twice. Why?" He asked simply.
    "I'm OCD about it." She answered simply.
    "No you aren't."
    "Excuse me?"
    "You aren't OCD about it."
    "Yes I am! I always do it and I can't help it!"
    "That's OCP."
    "Excuse me."
    "Obsessive Personality Disorder, it means you do something obsessively but you don't have a problem with it. What's the time?"

    Joseph hated when people casually joked around about being OCD. The stupidest one he'd met said she was OCD and OCP.... Yes OCP is not having a problem and OCD is having a problem with it. There's a key difference. He was now stressed and needed the time.

    She gave it to him. He asked again. She gave it to him. He asked again. She gave it to him.
    "Stop! This patient is strictly only allowed access to the time during certain periods!" A doctor quickly intercepted.

    Joseph asked again. She refused.

    He now decided it was time to finally go down for lunch and went. After getting his food he sat by Matt and Chen. He was social and couldn't stand being alone. He scratched his arm, now insanely worried about the time. He needed it.​
  7. ♕Chen♕

    A table of two. That wasn't so bad. It was just Matt, Joseph and him. The first thing Chen noticed about Joseph was how cool his hair was. Chen had boring, black hair which was heavy and almost killed him in the summer. He didn't really have that style to suit coloured hair. Matt also had a cool style. Chen's eyes wandered up from the flame to Matt for a second, how did somebody like him end up here? Maybe he was good at hiding it.

    Chen began guessing what they were all here for. Because it was hard to tell. He saw some girls go and sit around, seeing the darkness under their eyes. Could they tell why he was here? Chen looked at the two men with a blank expression, not wanting to start the conversation. He hated his voice and assumed most other people did too. The clicking noise from the lighter was constant, his eyes went back to staring at the fake flame. Did they know why he was here? He didn't know.
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  8. Matt glanced up as two people sat down. First Chen, with his fake lighter that he kept clicking on and off, followed by Joseph. Instinctively, he pulled his sleeves down even lower. His whole body still seemed to be screaming out for the drug. God, he just wanted to go home, where he could have all the heroin he wanted. Then again, he was pretty sure that it was how he'd ended up in that point. At least he'd done it after a show, not before. He never would have wanted to have let the fans down like that. He forced a smile as he looked up at them.

    "Still stuck in this hellhole too, huh?"
  9. Coming into the cafeteria she sighed grabbing an apple. She wasn't hungry and she sure as hell wasnt going to stuff her face for no reason. Walking over over to random table she sat down and saw that Chen, Matt, and Joseph were sitting at the same table she was. Emerson hated this place she couldn't get what she wanted when she wanted it, but weirdly they allowed her to have cigarettes. Well only cause she threatened to kill a nurse and then herself. Pulling a cigarette out of her back pocket she looked over at Chen and smiled.
    "I don't have a lighter and you do..." She held out her hand asking for the lighter in his hand as she played with the cigarette that was on her tounge.
  10. ♕Chen♕

    When Matt spoke, Chen just nodded, his lips sort of twitched to a tiny smile. His comment amused him. At least he had the same feeling of over this place. In fact, he could probably guess everybody on the table felt the same way. Nobody wanted to be here really. A female voice made Chen jump. He looked over at the girl who tried to ask for his lighter. There was no way he was letting anybody use his fire. It was all his, even if it wasn't real. "It's not real." He snapped as he pulled the lighter to his chest like it was his child. Chen pulled his feet up onto the bench and towards his chest as he got closer to the corner of the wall. His eyes darted other the other three people, not wanting them to try to take his lighter off him too.
  11. Joseph

    "Aren't we all." He gave Matt a small smile. Talking was distracting him from the time. It was a very much accepted piece of relief. "Atleast the food's okay." He joked right when the girl, oddly holding a cigarette, came over.

    He watched the interaction, actually surprised the girl would assume he'd have a real flame. Joseph guessed he was a pyromaniac, if it was true there was no way in hell they'd let him get near a real flame. It was the same way Joseph sometimes received fake accounts if the time.

    "The flame is all yours, don't worry." Joseph tried to offer up a bit of solace to the man.

  12. Seeing the group Christinia decides to move other with them. scooting over to their table she gave a shy and nervous "H-Hello. G-Guess you people h-have been here longer than can you tell me about this place?" she asks in a nervous yet polite voice. she got a brief before but always good to hear from other patients too. plus anything to try and keep her from dwelling.
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