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  1. Welcome. Where are you? Now, that's the question. But I'll give you the easy answer. This is the hospital for souls. Why are you here? Well, your soul was tired. Broken. Sick. Whatever it was. So this is your place to recover. Don't worry, you won't be missing any of your real life. When you're ready to go home, you'll wake up safe and sound in your bed. You're not alone here, don't worry. You'll meet the other patients soon enough.
    The Hospital For Souls is a safe haven for all those with sick or broken souls. All of its patients see different things outside the windows, depending on what they want to see or what will be most comforting to them. It is a place that exists outside of our dimension. Some patients choose to stay in the hospital for the rest of their lives to help others. Their physical body will die, but their presence in the Hospital For Souls will remain for as long as they wish.

    However, the hospital is about to face new challenges. Their patients are sicker than ever. Some patients are in denial. Some don't want to be helped. All kinds of new patients are being introduced. The hospital used to divide its patients into groups. However, now, they are introducing a new scheme to allow all patients to meet each other, in the hope that it will promote recovery.

    This tale will follow some of the patients as they attempt to heal their souls.

    Hospital Notes:

    -Only patients over 16 will be admitted.
    -Patients can be either approached by an employee of the hospital or they can be involuntarily admitted in the case of an overdose, attempt, etc.
    -Patients suffering from addiction will experience differing levels of withdrawal, but most, if not all physical symptoms are drastically toned down.
    -Patients are grouped in terms of compatibility- they are assessed upon arrival and grouped with other patients based upon individual needs.
    -Those who require counselling may receive it.
    -Patients are assessed on an individual basis- those who are prone to destructive behaviours will be more closely monitored than lower risk patients.


    No godmodding.
    However, if a roleplayer has not responded in 72 hours and you wish to move on, I will allow it. PM me before doing so, however.
    Romance is encouraged.
    For anything adult, however, please take it to PM or fade to black.
    Be sensitive.
    Be careful when posting anything potentially triggering. If I am concerned about your portrayal of a character's illness, I will PM you.
    Swearing is fine.
    Just don't go overboard, 'kay?
    I expect decent spelling and grammar, as well as a decent paragraph per post.
    I am aware, however, that everyone has their off days, and that it can be sometimes hard to get a decent paragraph of writing depending on what's happening IC.
    Be nice.
    If you have problems with another roleplayer, take it to PM or let me know. Don't take it out IC or in the OOC.
    Subplots are fun.
    If you want to have a subplot between characters, go ahead! Talk about it with other members! Just let me know so I'm not just like "wtf is happening"
    Diversity is important.
    Don't be afraid to make characters that are a little different! I'll probably love you for it.

    The information below is just the basics- feel free to elaborate and dress it up as you wish!
    Character Skeleton (open)
    Image of character- feel free to include brief description as well.

    Age: (16+)
    Problem: (if they're addicted, depressed, etc. Doesn't have to be limited to just one- these things can be connected)

    Personality: (paragraph or so)
    History: (doesn't have to be too in depth. Just include the development of their problem and such)
    Anything else we should know:

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  2. [​IMG]

    Matthew Fleming | Matt | 21 | Bisexual, no preference | Heroin addict, depression

    Physical Description:
    Matt is tall, standing at 6'2". He's slim, but not quite scrawny. He's not terribly muscular. His brown hair is usually pushed away from his face, and is vaguely wavy. His skin does tan, but it takes a lot of exposure for it to happen. His arms are dotted with needle marks, but he usually wears long sleeves to cover them.

    It's very hard to tell that Matt is a candidate for the hospital for souls. He comes across as incredibly laid-back about everything. He's an incredibly friendly person, and always has a smile for everyone he meets. He's an incredibly kind person. He always has time for someone who needs his help. He's generally quiet and will only contribute to a conversation if he feels that he has something worthwhile to say. However, he's always a good person to have at a party, as after a drink or two, he comes out of his shell.

    However, when you break down all of these walls, you learn that he is all of this because he's depressed and an addict. He doesn't say much because he doesn't always feel that what he has to say is worth saying. He always has time for other people because people don't always have time for him. He's got a lethal temper which only gets worse when he's high, and he becomes violent very quickly. He's stubborn about getting help, almost to a fault.

    Matt grew up in a relatively healthy household. His parents encouraged him to do whatever he loved. At the age of six, Matt picked up a guitar and fell in love. His life started to revolve around playing. He went to lessons and searched songs on the internet, teaching himself how to play them. His parents thought that he'd eventually sicken himself of it- but that never happened. Matt started teaching himself how to drum as well. By the age of twelve, he was proficient in both. At the age of sixteen, he joined a band as rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist. After two weeks, the band decided as a whole that Matt should be lead singer. They started uploading covers on YouTube and reached fame. When Matt was seventeen, almost eighteen, they got signed by a label.

    Matt's life suddenly took off. He finished his education while recording their first album and started touring as soon as they finished school. Matt was thrown into a different life, one of delayed flights, sound problems, injuries, but also one of parties, meeting fans and doing what he loved every single night. Despite this, Matt found himself sinking into depression. At first, he just tried to keep pushing through, but the stress of touring just made it worse. He was offered heroin one night at a party, and accepted on a whim. His addiction started there. When he first came home from tour, his depression improved, and he tried to get clean. However, it didn't last long, and he relapsed. When he was touring, his depression and cravings lessened slightly. When he was home, he deteriorated. He hid his addiction from his bandmates for two years, but they eventually found out.

    One night on tour, they were out in a club. Matt was drunk and ended up overdosing by accident. When he woke up, he was in the Hospital For Souls.

    Anything else we should know: N/A
  3. 1418352961494.jpg Emerson Swan| Emma, Kat| 20 | Bisexual| Maniac Depression, Alcoholic, Suicidal, Drug Usage.

    Physical Description~ Emerson stands at 5'5 and a half feet tall with a very slim complexion. Though her skin is pale she could tan easily is she had ever wanted to. Her hair is long all the way to the half of her back and is black in color with light purple tips at the end. She also has a lip piercing with small gauges in her ear. Her skin is always been marked wheater with old bruises or new ones that she has done.

    Personality~ With her hard partying and heavy drinking its hard to believe that she's ever had a problem. She could come off as a very strong willed and independent person, but on the inside she's just a scared little girl trying tocome off as scary. She has walls around her feelings and she always pushes people out but let her have a good time around you and she could be your new best friend. With her rebellious attitude and stubborn heart she could be a very difficult person to get along with, and it doesn't help that her mood swings come and go with everything that happens in her mind. But give her some time to warm up to you and she could be a loyal, fun, and sometimes caring person.

    History~ Emerson had never known the feeling of a stable home. Her mother was off getting high and drunk at the same time and herher father would smack her around when she had done him wrong. But one night when her father was drunk and her mother was off having sex with some man, he had came into her room and rapped her. But he hasn't just stopped there, he made her life a living hell to where she was afraid to go home after school. One night when she was 16 her friend had invited her to come to a party with him to have fun and just forget it all. In fact she had too much fun, she had gotten drunk like her father had always done and got high just like her mother, guess it runs in the family right? When her father had found out about her little slip up he didn't mind, well he said he didn't mind until her took his hand across her face and almost killed her. She had ran away from her home at 17, she dropped out of school and ended up selling her body for another fix of drugs and sometimes a good bottle of whiskey.​
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Joseph Rayne
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Demisexual (Definition: No sexual attraction without an emotional connection, gender doesn't matter)
    Problem: `Anxiety`OCD`

    Personality: His personality, beyond his quirks (as he calls them on his good days) is a happy one. He's positive, loving and loves sexual innuendos. He's a very touchy person, literally. He likes to touch people in order to be close with them. He simply feels once you've passed the boundaries of personal space you've passed the boundaries of 'strangerville'. He has a giant imagination and often makes up words out of the blue (one being strangerville). He can sit in his vivid daydreams for hours upon hours and be content. He's a simple man to please and tries hard to please others. That's his personality- disregarding his quirks. Regarding them he's a frantic man when it comes to time. He needs to know the time all the time and will have panic attacks if he can't know the time when he needs to. Watching the time calms him in serious anxiety attacks. He gets often anxious, scared for practically no reason at all it especially occurs when he's being touched- (touching others is fine but being touched is different)

    History: He grew up as the only pasty white-boy in an all black neighborhood. He didn't live in the ghetto or anything though. It was simply a middle-class all black community. He always felt like an outsider there, like he didn't belong. Because he felt this way his parents grew to become extremely racist and ran away all of his black friends. Which was all of his friends. Therefore people began to think he was racist. He began getting beat up by his peers often and used as a sex-toy (against his consent) by confused teenage boys who saw him as their free opportunity to check. At 17 he moved to a different (no race preference) community and became most girls gay best friends (though he wasn't gay) which made them feel comfortable touching him whenever/wherever and undressing in front of him. This caused most guys to hate hi and beat up on him again. At 3:45 most days a group of guys would come and wreck him. This caused his frantic checking of time and extreme breakdowns at 3:45. At 19 he tried to kill himself, the next day he found himself at his current location.

    Anything Else We Should Know: He's amazing at playing the piano and it serves as a relief and happy place for him
  9. image.jpg
    Chen Yán



    Self-Harm Addiction, Pyromania

    Chen is impossibly quiet, shy and naive. He keeps himself to himself and doesn't open up easily. Attempting to pry into him can result in him snapping at you. However, when you finally crack him, Chen is surprisingly caring despite his cold outer layer. He cares for the people he gets close to him and will do his best to show them he loves them. Chen has a tendency when he finally opens up, he attaches himself like glue. Even if he acts like he doesn't need anybody, deep down he's desperate for love and affection.

    Chen had an alcoholic father who died when he was just 4. His mother was distant and constantly smoking. She ended up leaving Chen to the authorities, said she wasn't fit to be a mother, since she was moving around the country, never sticking to a home. This left Chen with no close friends and no strong bonds with well, anybody. The people he did meet usually got a little creeped out by him.
    When he became lonely, it started to numb him down, so he began self harming with a razor and a lighter. He his scars on his wrists and thighs. It used to make him feel a bit more, but it began to loose it's effect. One lonely night, Chen kept pushing to feel something, but he went too far and passed out as he had cut too deep, then woke up in his current location.

    Anything else we should know:
    Being Pyromaniac, Chen is obsessed with fire. He often dreams of setting large buildings on fire and watching them burn. He harms himself usually with lighters and matches. There's nothing he dislikes about fire.
    Chen is in love with his violin, he plays often to avoid the temptation to play with fire.
    He thinks he's freakishly tall, when in fact he's only 6ft3 and is rather lanky.

    ((Hey! I love this idea, I hope you like my character - I think he'd fit in well!))
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  11. Picture of them together:

    Chase and Crystal.jpg

    Crystal stands at Five feet Four inches and has an hour glass figure, Her skin a light golden tan and is covered in scars on her forearms and inner thighs. She has curly honey colored hair that reaches the end of her shoulder blades. She has a couple tribal tattoos on her back to cover scars from an accident when she was younger
    Chase stands at Five feet Eleven inches tall and has short medium brown hair that he usually has swept back from his face. He has tattoos on his sides and upper arms that like his twin sister are tribal to cover scars.

    Name: Crystal Armstrong

    Age: 21

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Depression, Bipolar, and Cutting

    She is strong-willed once she set her mind to something. She was also quick to call people out on their behavior, but with her depression she is more reserved and not very talkative other than to her twin brother. She is cautious to a fault and rather closed off in her, but with her bipolar she can be Happy and open and the next closed off and moody. Although when you crack her outer shell she is a very deep and emotional girl.


    Crystal and her twin brother were born to a very happy young couple and were happy for the most part as they grew up until the night of her and her brother's 11 birthday. They were involved in a terrible accident that lead them to loose both of their parents and lead them both badly scared from it. From then Crystal became more moody and depressed while her and her brother bounced around in foster care.

    Anything else we should know:

    Has a twin brother

    Name: Chase Armstrong

    Age: 21

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Problem: PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Schizophrenia

    Outwardly Chase is open and happy, but inside he is sad and fearful of everything and everyone. He puts on a smile for everyone and tries to please just to make himself feel better. His sister is the only one to watch him break down in an episode of panic and upset. He has a way of bottling everything up and exploding on people.

    Chase and his twin sister were born to a very happy young couple and were happy for the most part as they grew up until the night of his and his sister's 11 birthday. They were involved in a terrible accident that lead them to loose both of their parents and lead them both badly scared from it. From then Chase had developed PTSD and had been dealing with Schizophrenia since he was young. Bouncing around from home to home in a car caused him to have major panic attacks and the only one who can calm him from that is his twin.

    Anything else we should know:
    Has a twin sister.
  12. Image of character-

    looks mostly like this though her hair is all worn long and wears sweater and knee length skirt
    Name: Christinia Cross
    Age: 16
    Problem: depression,PTSD, self harming, suicide risk, self esteem issues

    Personality: At first one might get confused why she is here. She seems kind of cheerful if concerned for the others. she could be mistaken for a staffer quite possibly. she will try to help others as best she can. Often ignores herself because inside she finds herself unworthy, a freak even. Is pretty world weary and often in pain. She wants release from it and has tried it. part of her wants it all to end and the other wants help. most of all she just doesn't want to feel like alone, like a freak or monster those close to her made her out to be because of the gender she falls for. and when she falls for a girl she is a sucker for that sappy romantic stuff.
    History: She grew up in a rather faithful home. evangelical even and was close to her family. So when she came out of the closet of her family she was roundly rejected and soon in ex-gay therapy. her therapist and others in their "therapy" molested and raped her repeatedly though avoided taking her biological virginity but ncared not for whatever else they damage. And her parent's didn't care about it, as long as she was "cured". CPS eventually came in but by then the damage had been done. she had a bunch of issues she did
    Anything else we should know: she has a trigger phrase "correct her mind" saying it to her causes flashbacks and intense need to cut for "relief"
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Fiona Rose Jhonson
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Problem: Survivors guilt, Depression, Insomnia, Self Harm, Suicidal, Alcoholic, Anorexic

    Fiona used to be happy go lucky rebel, who was always pushing the limits, daring to do more. But since the accident, she has shut herself in.
    She is self absorbed, fierce, defensive, angry, foul, constantly depressed and sad appearing. She hasn't smiled since he has died,
    and she needs some way to smile again. She usually finds interest with people who like adventure,
    or like to sing. She liked to do creative things to keep herself up, so drawing and singing, but
    she still keeps denying people getting to close for now.

    Fiona was a happy go luck person, who really liked to push limits. She grew up with a guy named Sam, and he was her best friends. They went together, a perfect
    duo. They where practically siblings because they spent so much time together. Fiona grew up in a low income family. Her mom was a strong woman,
    and her father was a drunkard. They both worked all the time and where to busy for her. At one point, her father even went as far to rape her when
    she was 15. Less than a few months later, she abandoned her home and moved into a house with Sam, living with him.

    Her and Sam where unstoppable since then, going out to party a lot, and spending nights huddled together in the one bed they had. They where pretty much friends
    with benefits, just more cuddly then that. She loved her life, until the day came.

    One day, her and Sam where bored. They had lived in the same old town, they where almost 19, why not take a crazy drive though the middle of the night.
    That night, while they where driving around, a truck slammed into the driver side of the car. When Fiona gained consciousness after the crash, Sam was trying to save her, and was bleeding on top of her. He had sacrificed himself to save her.

    Ever since then, she has believed that she should have been the one to stop him, she should have been the one that died. Afterwards, she started drinking more, she stopped eating. she was constantly sad and depressed. At points she even thought about suicide. She tried to jump off of a bridge once, but saw Sam
    when she looked at the ground. The second time before she was sent to the hospital is when she tried to drown herself. She also chopped her hair for him, and dyed it the same color as his.

    Anything else we should know:
    She has the tattoo of her friends final words on her wrist.
    "Leave me to the sky, and you will hear me on the wind"
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  15. Question! - Is there going to be a posting order?

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  17. Okay: few notes before I post the IC after a bit more of an in-depth read through.

    @Poisoned Rose In relation to Crystal- that's not how bipolar works. I've done a lot of research into bipolar for a number of reasons. Bipolar is much more severe than just mood swings, and mania isn't necessarily being happy and cheerful. As these are sensitive topics, I'd ask that you do a little bit of research. Here's a link to webMD, which I've found is a pretty good resource. And please, please, please, read a little into schizophrenia.

    @daemon_reaver I'm going to require better spelling and grammar IC. Also, self-harmers don't have set "trigger phrases". Topics can make them deeply uncomfortable and make them want to release, but never to the extent you're describing. I'm also going to ask that you ensure that her sexuality isn't her whole character- you seem to have done this in your sheet, which is good, but I'm just saying so now.

    @IceQueen Would you mind developing her personality a tad more? Is there anyone she opens up around?

    Other than that, I'm happy with everyone's character.

    Everyone will know each other when posting starts, but will know some better than others as they were grouped together. If you want to have a certain relationship with a character, please PM them! I'm certainly open to discussion.

    I'll have the IC up within the hour.
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