Hory Sheet Idea!

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  1. Last year in the US alone, more than 900000 people were reported missing and not found...That's out of 300 million total population. That breaks down to about 1 in 325 people vanish. Every year. Maybe it's a coincidence, but it's almost the same ratio experienced by herd animals on the African savannah due to predators.

    The basic story is this: my character, a special agent for the FBI is sent to investigate these disappearances. Your character a vampire, werewolf, etc. (whatever really) is told to stop my character from getting too close to the truth. (Mulder, is that you?)

    Interested? I will only play female in this. Also, there can be romance in this, if you want ^^

    I've another idea too!

    There is a tribe of wild elves in the wilderness of a territory, and 'civilized' elves are encroaching upon their lands, much like colonists and Native Americans. My character would either be the leader of the tribe, or a young man/woman in the tribe. Your character would be one of the city elves. It would sort of be like Pocahontas, but different, because it would be about trying to fight back against the invaders. There would be room for romance in it, but it would definitely have to be in the forbidden love trope.
  2. I've never played a vampire before, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I love playing a villain protagonist. Or half-villain, if that's where you were going with this. In any case, I'm interested if this is still a standing offer.
  3. Okay ^___^ Any questions about the story line?
  4. If you had something in mind, then yeah. I'm guessing I'm part of an organization of vampires that's kidnapping humans for some purpose? Do you have any plan on what that purpose is, or am I off?
  5. Well, I was originally thinking that the disappearances were happening because the vampires or whatever your race is is eating the people...Unless they aren't a more fierce race, then you're completely free to go where ever you want with it ^^
  6. Okay, so pretty much leave you just as much in the dark as to why it's happening as your character is? Sounds good to me xD. Did you wanna start or should I?
  7. I can start it ^^ I'll message you when it's up ^^