Horror Movie Titles


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In honor of October, we bring you HORROR MOVIE TITLES.

The Objective: Come up with generic movie titles for Horror, Thriller, or other SCARY SCARY MOVIES. Bonus points if you tell us what the movie is about! >:D

I start off with....

The one-way train to terror.
Silent Scream

If only it <i>were</i> all in her head


Girl hears voices, get anonymouse threats that she can never prove (letters dissapear when she tries to show the cops and suff. She begind to dought her wn sanity, then she sees him, dressed in black, holding a sycle. He dissapears, but she keeps seeing him again and again until he strikes......
Homicidal Hopper

A solder brought home a small rabbit after the long and brutal battle of Din sut hill in Vietnam. HE bought it from an old man in a small village. Once back at the states the rabbit grew quite hostel and began killing his friends and neighbors, eating their throats as they slept. After a kill the rabbit would stash the bodies in the solders attic. Sometimes in the night the solder would here DRIP DRIP DRIP of the victims blood falling to the floor below.

Will the solder realize his cute pet is a killer?

Will the little white ball of murder be caught?

Will the killing ever stop?

Watch Homicidal Hopper to find out. Coming to a B movie theater near you fall 2010.
Those Who Scream In The Night
Screaming chills down your spine!

A terrible thriller about these haunting screams that come only in the middle of the night and no one can ever find the source... before it's too late. >:D
Twisted Kittens

Cute little kitties that go psycho and bite the cute little girls that own them. Then the little girls become insane killers. All cute and sweet then chopping off head with their little girl screams. The can make your blood boil with their endless giggles. They skip rope outside then hang you with the rope come nightfall. Not overly scary just sick and twisted and wrong.. yeah.. just how we like it.
Haunted melody

All who hear it keep winding up dead, then it goes on the radio..............
Beavers On a Boat.

A tourist attraction boat that goes through a certain fresh-water lake is attacked by ravenous and monstrous Beavers. Can the heroes survive? Are CGI beavers really are frighting?

The best scene is when one of the heroes fires off a rocket launcher at a giant beaver that tries to eat the entire ship in one bite.

More than just an illness and not the ones on your roof. These are creeping forms of tiny incest that act like a virus and then turn into bio-war fare inside your body. Driving you insane from mental pain leading you to kill your self.
Writing The End
A death written in prose.

Student writers find out that their Teacher's project of "write your own death" wasn't just a simple writing assignment when... people start experience the very stories they wrote!
The Barber 2 : Loose ends

In small town USA a local barber, who is far from sane, starts killing his patrons when they come in for haircuts. A close Shave doesn't even began to describe what his customers experience......

Never turn on the television at 3am. It'll be your last scream!

Ghosts of long dead soldiers haunt the plains of a family farm!
When the Living Meet the Dead.

Tasha decide to celebrate Halloween the American way. But when it's time to knock on doors and call "Trick or Treat", the treat stops and the terror starts. We dare you to join Tasha and find out what happens... When the Living Meet the Dead.