Horror Movie Titles

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  1. *Ching*

    It was a small, subtle noise. One rarely heard nowadays in the modern world, save on the silver screen in idealized form as well as in certain, rural parts of the world.

    It was the sound of metal spurs, followed by the click of a weapons check as a stranger in black stood in the doorway and ducked slightly to let himself in. A uniform, a replica of the old one he used to wear adorns him, its high collar masking the lower half of his face. A black hat with a broad brim covers up the rest of his features well, leaving only the eyes red and glowing in the gloom as he moves in. Every move as comfortable and calculated as a panther on the prowl. It had been years since he laid eyes on the world...Lifetimes in which many had lived out full and rich lives. But monsters yet roamed and black magic was still a thing.

    So long as that was there, he'd always have work to do.

    But there were times when he needed to find a place unchanging and taking a seat at the bar, he glanced at the features of the only other person he met who hadn't changed.

    "Red Whiskey."

    Thank God for unchanging Fae.​
  2. "I hadn't burned in daylight for years."

    He took the whiskey- Ordinary whiskey with a squirt of blood and downed it, before blinking. Smacking his lips, he looked at the glass and smiled.

    "Wow. That's the real deal. Anyway, still playing bartender, Callahan? I keep expecting you to get into something else, after the next hundred years or so."

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  3. Homicidal Hopper

    A solder brought home a small rabbit after the long and brutal battle of Din sut hill in Vietnam. HE bought it from an old man in a small village. Once back at the states the rabbit grew quite hostel and began killing his friends and neighbors, eating their throats as they slept. After a kill the rabbit would stash the bodies in the solders attic. Sometimes in the night the solder would here DRIP DRIP DRIP of the victims blood falling to the floor below.

    Will the solder realize his cute pet is a killer?

    Will the little white ball of murder be caught?

    Will the killing ever stop?

    Watch Homicidal Hopper to find out. Coming to a B movie theater near you fall 2010.
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  5. Twisted Kittens

    Cute little kitties that go psycho and bite the cute little girls that own them. Then the little girls become insane killers. All cute and sweet then chopping off head with their little girl screams. The can make your blood boil with their endless giggles. They skip rope outside then hang you with the rope come nightfall. Not overly scary just sick and twisted and wrong.. yeah.. just how we like it.
  6. Yura gave a laugh, "Let her get jealous. Your my adorable little sister and I can spoil you if I want to." She would nod, before agreeing that Zeria had few choices. If Alex was interested in Maria like the young dragon was interested in Alex, well she doubted that Zeria would be able to get a three way out of that since Alex was big on monogamy. So the only choices was her or Layla, and she wouldn't accept Zeria back so that kinda left Layla. She felt a pang of jealousy at the idea of Zeria taking Layla from her. "I'm going to get you the best pearl." She reiterated.

    Once at the beach she would take the stuff from the trunk and carry it to the beach, setting everything up with Layla. Some blankets down, a nice umbrella, a locked cooler with drinks and food within, ball, even some things for digging holes and making sandcastles. She ignored most whistles, simply glancing toward them to make sure they were directed toward her and not toward Layla. She hated the attention but could deal with it, Layla was her little sister and no pervert was going to use her as eye-candy. So when she noticed someone was checking Layla out she spun and snapped at them, threatening them with gruesome bodily harm. The funny thing is people tended to get...shy around angry dragons, no one dares threaten to sue one, few would think about calling the police, and few will even try and pick a fight with one. So her threats typically scared people off...at least until some other douche came by.

    Anyway when their camp was set up Yura would happily start playing with Layla, today was going to be so much fun. "What first?"
  7. Beavers On a Boat.

    A tourist attraction boat that goes through a certain fresh-water lake is attacked by ravenous and monstrous Beavers. Can the heroes survive? Are CGI beavers really are frighting?

    The best scene is when one of the heroes fires off a rocket launcher at a giant beaver that tries to eat the entire ship in one bite.
  8. I'm overhauling him.

    Still based on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, he'll just be more chivalrous and protective of people.

    Also, still going to be a knight/SWAT Officer mix.
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  10. I found this video on youtude and thought to share since it kinda fits some of the themes of in Epic Crossover.

    Never turn on the television at 3am. It'll be your last scream!

    Ghosts of long dead soldiers haunt the plains of a family farm!
  13. When the Living Meet the Dead.

    Tasha decide to celebrate Halloween the American way. But when it's time to knock on doors and call "Trick or Treat", the treat stops and the terror starts. We dare you to join Tasha and find out what happens... When the Living Meet the Dead.