Horror Dimension (accepting characters)



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The setting of this roleplay is an alternate dimension wherein the creatures of nightmares exist. The world was created by monks in the fifth century, to trap these creatures and prevent them from continuing to cause chaos. Famous horror writers, such as Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, have traveled to this world, and gained much of their inspiration from this world. They were some of the few that made it back. You see, there exists a law in this place stating that the souls of wandering humans are free game to whoever gets to them first. Upon devouring a human soul, the nightmare creatures gain the ability to leave that realm and enter the human world.

In order to join I will require a character description and bio as well as an example of your writing, which must demonstrate a basic knowledge of the English language (spelling and grammar). If there is an example in your roleplayers' resume, simply state such at the bottom of your character description.

Your character can be any of the nightmare creatures (vampires included, Stephanie Meyer vampires excluded). As a general rule, however, I would appreciate only one character of each race. Human characters are also acceptable. To keep the roleplay from becoming too congested, I am only allowing six players to join, maximum two characters per player.

Some points of importance:
1. NO god-modding. Your character is allowed some power, of course, but please include ample room for weakness. No one likes a character that is impossible to defeat. It's not fair.
2. Please keep unnecessary cursing to a minimum.
3. While romance between characters is acceptable, please don't have a raunchy lovemaking session in the middle of everyone's roleplay. It's not as much fun for everyone else as it may be for you.
4. It's no fun for someone to have to read through ten pages of interaction between two people, so please, post once and wait for at least two people to post between.
I'm so very excited to finally use Yuudai. Have you decided on who you are going to be?
Lucinda, of course. One thing I forgot to mention! The King of this world is Cthulhu and his Counsel of Eldritch
Hmmm...Possibly interested...I shall have to see if I have the time and/or energy to join this because the idea is fairly nice.
XD I came in wondering when I had posted in here. It wasn't me though!

I'm also rather interested ^^ I'll start thinking up a profile!
XD I came in wondering when I had posted in here. It wasn't me though!

I'm also rather interested ^^ I'll start thinking up a profile!

I know I always think your me and I am you so I keep getting confused. xD
Marvelous. I haven't really decided on a conflict or anything, yet, but I think we could make due...
I'm interested, but is there a main conflict, or just this... intriguing setting?
Ooh, sounds good... if there's space I'd like to join. Although, as soullesshuman mentioned, is there more to the plot?
Well, my thoughts were that perhaps there is a band of Nightmare Creatures who have come to the human world in search of conquest, or perhaps a Creature who has escaped into the human realm and must be returned. But the latter of those two sounds a bit too... good for nightmares. Perhaps there is a human that escaped Cthulhu's clutches, and he has sent us to retrieve that human (who just happens to be exceptionally difficult to track down)?

I'm open to nearly anything, though, and since this roleplay is still in the planning stage, we could come up with something together.
So we will need an escaped human, possibly with a support system of friends, and nightmarish hunters?
Hmmm, to make it more interesting, what if there are more than one faction of nightmarish creatures after this human?
The reason could be that he has a "key" to get in and out of the dimension and once the evil beings found out about this they all want him so that they may open their own gates to wreak havoc in the world? Each faction wants to become stronger than the other (creates some good conflict).
How they got out could be that every time the human used this key the gate would remain open for a very short while (just enough for a creature to slip out) and they can communicate with their faction boss via... uh... something (any ideas?).
Well, when each of the nightmare creatures takes the soul of a human, they individually have the power to traverse the dimensions. But perhaps this human has the key to open the gate permanently?
Cool. So do we play nightmare hunters, or do we play the runner and his friends?
Either or. The characters that Sora_Sigunda and I have prepared are nightmare creatures. But You can do whatever you feel would be most interesting. :)
Is this still an idea that everyone is interested in?