Horror and or Irish Band touring

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Which Idea?

  1. Horror killer

  2. Horror haunted Inn

  3. Horror Harper Island

  4. Irish Band

  5. Want both to be made

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  1. Horror rp I was thinking maybe something to do with a serial killer and a group of 10 trapped in his house. Or a group of friends trapped on a haunted inn. Or something along Harper Island. I will ask for one to live and one to die. So two characters is a must

    12 people
    I will say 6 user's for this
    3 males/3 females double of each.Rough Ideas

    Irish Band got big and is now doing a world tour

    Assistant manager- Female
    Singer- Female taken
    Guitarist- Male
    Bassist- Female
    Drummer- Male

    Fans got to go on tour:

    Must answer above question. If you want both horror and Band made please specify below which horror.
  2. Doesn't have to be and Itish band but can be from Ireland
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