Horrible Neighborhood Kids

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  1. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with aggressive children? The kids who live in my apartment complex keep throwing rocks at my windows to scare my cat or since we live on the ground floor, they try to ooen the windows to get to her. I really dont know how to deal with them because the rental office doesnt care (my mom has complained multiple times) and my brother has even chased one down and lectured them and thratened to call the cops. But the thing is the complex is so big that we don't know where these kids live and they happen to run very fast (my brother only caught one cause he's a track athlete T.T).
    The children aren't frightened by adult presence and their parents don't seem to give two shits at what they're doing.
  2. Hmm... If the apartment has any security cameras around, you could always ask for the footage maybe... Or, perhaps you could see about getting together a group of people you know (or heck, family members if you have that many, and the time), and positioning them strategically around the complex... Keeping a low profile on days where the kids are certain to show up. I guess if you can, keep in contact with each other, and watch where the kids run off to, then contact the rest of the group to see if they can spot them as well. >.< I know it sounds convoluted, but, well, if the complex security or what-not is simply not doing the trick, it wouldn't hurt to do a little investigating, or at least get an idea where they're running to. While their escape routes may seem erratic, it's very likely they have a "set" pattern when it comes to it, like running around the complex, and then when they think they've lost persuers, they head on home.
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  3. Snipe them with a BB gun.

    Don't do that.

    But really do that.

    In all seriousness though, try and get a video of it and get as many faces as you can. Copy it multiple times over, take it down to the management office and tell them if they don't handle it somehow, then you'll take your video down to the local police. Overkill, but it sends the message that the apartment management needs to at least put up notices that harassment will not be tolerated, etc., etc..
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