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Do You Believe In Your Horoscopes?

  1. Yes, I follow/read them frequently.

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  2. Yes, only cause I think they're fun to check on.

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  3. No, is a buncha stupid. HMPH.

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  4. No, but I respect the idea.

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  6. Gimmee button. 8D

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  1. I check mine every single day.
    I check the normal version, short version, extended version, love version, singles version, and flirt version.
    And lately, my horoscopes have been proving to be pretty damn real to what I'm feeling, aspiring to do, wanting in life, or actually follow through with at the end of the day by chance.
    Weird? Coincidence? OR FATE?
    What do you think?
    Do you believe in your horoscope, what is written in the stars? Or do you just think it's a buncha bananas? {see what I did there? ;D you thought I'd say bologna. BUT I DIDN'T.~}
    And! Maybe you just think they're fun and do them even if you doubt them! n.n
    or not..
    -fidgets quietly.-
  2. Well I believe in the whole constellation horoscope. I'm a Gemini and my personality seems to fit it really well. However - I completely disagree with my Chinese horoscope, which is the sheep. My family uses the horoscope to tell me what I should be doing in life so yeah... It's not really fun when your family thinks you should be eating more plants because you're a sheep. >.>
  3. xD... Poor Zen-san.. :<
    I follow my stars/planets horoscope. I know I'm the Rooster through the Chinese one.. >.>; But so is my brother, and it applies way more to me than him. So I tend to dismiss it. >.<;
    I'mma Pisces. :3 So is my mama. And I love it. It really does fit me.~
  4. Daily horoscopes are too generalized to be accurate. The reason people feel they're spot on is exactly for this reason, and a sort of reverse wish fulfillment. Because really 1/12 of the world's population is going to have some good news about their job situation on Tuesday is silly.

    That being said I think it's interesting when people do fall into certain personality traits from a chart based on when they were born.
  5. ^^ that is the realistic way to look at it.~
    And then there's the dreamer, fantasist Staci. * ^*
  6. Psych 101 should arm you with the tools needed to blast away horoscopes, advertising, and other related things.
  7. 8D
    Like I said,
    there are Dreamers, and there are Realists, and there are BOTH at the same time.

  8. I'm supposed to be following these things? Opps.

    Though I do use the zodiacs for character development.
  9. I do believe in the personality profiles by the horoscopes! Especially when they are done RIGHT and based on your full star chart and not solely on your single sun sign.

    As for predictions, I waffle a little bit on that. Mostly because I believe in free will and changing your destiny. >:3 Even if one path might be written in the stars, that doesn't mean it's set in stone.
  10. I can respect the astrology charts where planets are tracked and constellations followed.

    Following 12 paragraphs in a magazine is just silly.
  11. Usealy when i read it on yahoo or something half of it is wrong and the other half is correct in some way.
  12. ... **Stares around cryptically**
    I write them for the newsletter...
  13. n.n
    And I adore mine every time, Kitti-san.
    It is fantasticalous~
  14. Never read or follow them. I made destiny my bitch a long time ago, and she takes it from behind.
  15. I am philosophically opposed to horoscopes: I believe that we make our own fates. I don't believe that the positions of the stars have any more sway over your personality or fate than cheerleaders do on the scores of a football game.
  16. Horoscopes can be scarily accurate sometimes, but I don't follow them or believe in them very much. The advice and predictions associated with horoscopes are simply acknowledged when presented to me and then I go on with my life. I never liked the idea of sticking to the descriptions of these things. I want to decide what I do in life for myself, by myself. If the horoscope lines up with it, then cool, I guess.

    Oh, and the romance, friendships, etc. involved with the horoscopes... Never cared for that, either. They tell you who you are and aren't compatible with. Unfortunately, I know people who take that seriously. I've had a couple of friends grow distant from me just because they got too convinced that our differences are horoscope-related and they need to spend more time with people who are more compatible with them.

  17. my personality traits match up to some degree, so it's cool.

    my friends will check their horoscopes for fun and if i'm around, i'll usually be like, "hey, whats mine?" just for the heck of it.

    sometimes it's a good joke, sometimes it's mysteriously accurate.

    all in a day's laugh, though.
  18. I think horoscopes are very generic, so that they can apply to everyone reading it... Thus leading people to believe it's true. But that's just my impression ^^' so nope! I don't believe in horoscopes ^^'