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    Please read lore on OOC(Above link) before posting a character.

    Human (open)

    Age: (13-18)
    Year:(How many years have they been at the academy? 1-5)
    Appearance(Pics or Wall of text or both. Anime pics highly prefered)

    Personality:(A few descriptive words or an entire explanation is fine)

    History:(At least two good sized paragraphs)

    Weapon Specialty: (ONE weapon of your choice)

    Weapons:(Go crazy)

    Demons:(What demons do you have?)
    1st year-2
    2nd year-3
    3rd year-3
    4th year-4
    5th year-5
    (Please add an appearance, name, and a few abilities for each demon)
    Skills:(What powers does you Character have. Must be related to a demon they have. Max is 6)


    Angel (open)

    Year:(How many years have they been at the academy? 1-5)
    Appearance(Pics or Wall of text or both. Anime pics highly prefered)

    Personality:(A few descriptive words or an entire explanation is fine)

    History:(At least two good sized paragraphs)

    Weapon Specialty: (ONE weapon of your choice)
    Weapons:(Go crazy)

    Skills:(What powers does you Character have. More than humans. Be as creative as you wish, and make lots.)


    Since the skills and demon sections may take a while. I will accept CS's that have everything other than skills and demons filled out.​
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  2. Name: Yosuke Kirigawa
    Age: 17
    Year: 4th
    Gender: Male

    Appearance (open)

    Yosuke is a nice guy, but he tends to have trouble with his words. Not quiet or shy or reclusive, no quite the contrary. Its just... His words are either poorly timed, or have another meaning. Often that will result in awkward silence, a round of laughter, or a slap. It has earned him the nickname 'Pervert.' Needless to say, he resents this fact. He is diligent and works well, especially with others, however he is rather explosive when he is angry.

    "Tell me again grandma!"

    A little brown haired boy sat at the feet of his grandmother as she rocked back and forth in her rocking chair. She smiled at the child. It was warm and affectionate. She had cared for this child since he was born. Truly it was a sad thing. His mother died while giving birth, and his father... He was killed in battle at the hands of the demons that now plagued the Earth. They came around 80 years earlier. At the time his grandmother was a child like he was now, at the age of six.

    "Hahah. You really do love hearing about the Earth don't you. Alright then. How can I say no to you.
    Well, you see, It is a big ball of dirt and water that is floating out in space..." She continued with that story for quite a while. During it all, the boy listened with an expression of wonder. It was all amazing. Houses on stilts, boats the size of small cities, forests with trees that touch the sky. When she finished she would respond the way she always would

    "What I would give to see it all one last time..."

    Six years later she grew terribly ill. At the age of 92, she had lived a very long and happy life. As she laid on her death bed, her grandson stayed by her side. One day she looked over at him. He was sleeping beside her.

    "Yosuke... My you look so much like your Father... Be strong... Live a long, healthy and happy life for them... I may not be able to see the Earth in its beauty again, but... I know that I will see a land that far... surpasses that beauty..."

    The boy laid asleep for a few hours longer. When he awoke, his Grandmothers eyes were closed.

    "Grandma?... No... No! Don't leave me! I don't have anyone left..."

    He was taken by the Academy by his own request. Next term, he would join the school, and train to fight off the demons. His wish is t finally see the beautiful Earth that he heard so much about as a child.

    Weapon Specialty: Scythes

    Gnist La (open)
    A Scythe that's electrical powers stimulates the synapses of those wielding it, so they can move and react faster, but also are more sensitive. Their senses are heightened and can move at an alarming rate. However they also feel more pain when hurt. It's best not to get hit.

    Lightening Bolt (open)

    A steed with Electrical powers. Able to lightening bolts from its horn

    Ambrosia (open)
    A woodland spirit who has dominion over insects. She can call upon swarms of insects to do her bidding, as well as produce strange dust that can have ill effects on those who inhale it

    • Lightening Field: Yosuke creates a barrier of electricity around himself, Harming those around him.
    • Arking Spark: A powerful eletrical attack. However it has very short range. Eletrical power Arks from his hand and into the closest enemy
    • Infestation: Yosuke summons a swarm of ants that all attack a single enemy
    Miscellaneous: He likes Jacobs Ladders(the flower)

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  3. Name: Ariel Liber
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Year: 2nd
    Appearance (open)
    Her wings are smaller as she is just making them smaller. If she wants to fly, her wings will grow larger.

    Ariel is lazy, and fun loving. She slacks and sleeps then slacks some more. Often teachers will get frustrated with her, however before they even have time to say "Ariel, I want you to see me after class" She is already LONG gone. She is sarcastic and enjoys teasing those that she likes.

    "Ariel! You stop messing around and get to work!"

    As always another day of cleaning around the house... Nope. No time for that. The young angel opened the window, slid down her flight goggles and soared off into the sky. She could see the Humans on the ground below. Her friends were waiting for her down at the ground. She gently floated down onto solid ground. After that, she and her friends played.

    This was Ariel's life as a child. She grew up in a collective house. Though she technically had a home. Her parents were always busy with their duties that she never really needed to go home. Both had very important tasks. It was expected of Ariel that she would be like them. However, she always enjoyed playing more. Even to this day.

    Weapon Specialty: Katana
    Show Spoiler
    Nothing really special about this one

    Show Spoiler
    This one is hidden in a special holster inside her jacket.

    • Crystal Storm: Countless mysterious, shining crystals appear floating around Ariel. Each impales its target, and burst after a while
    • Carbon Copy: Ariel creates a mirror image of herself out of the same strange Crystal. This copy does the inverse of what Ariel does, as if it were a mirror image
    • Mirror Shield: A shield that shatters at physical attacks, however it will reflect magic
    • Crystal Spire: A giant crystal stalagmite(?) erupts from the ground to impale, or toss a target
    • Crystal Canon: This is Ariel's all out attack. She summons three spires, and in the center is a small crystal. However this crystal is a deep blue. Light hits each of the crystal spires, and each reflects light to the center. The Blue crystal concentrates the light energy, and releases on Ariel's command, creating a beam of pure light, which is devastating to demons, however it requires much energy, and she will likely collapse after using it.
    Miscellaneous: The crystals that she summons generally are white with a pinkish hue​
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  4. Name: Si-u Krupin

    Age: 16

    Year: 1

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Si-u is a very energetic individual with a rather talkative nature. he is almost always moving and often says that it physically hurts him to stay still for any amount of time. Si-u also has an intense fear of silence and as such is constantly listening to music on his headphones which, when taken away, cause him to be more fidgety and talkative than normal as a way of avoiding any period of time that requires silence.

    History: "Si-u, do me a favour. Shut up already!"

    The young albino smiled cheekily at his aunt's berating, unable to contain himself at the thought of her finally marrying again. He couldn't help himself as he began to jump aroung the living room in joy, the loud electric piano beats blasting through his headphones, which were firmly blocking any other noise from the child's ears. He was overjoyed at the thought of his guardian and mother figure marrying Ludwig, a young German man whom had become a father figure to him in the past two years of his six year old life as he dated his father's sister. The two got along swimmingly, sometimes forgetting that they were not related in any fashion. Though that was to change in only two months time, when the wedding would take place.

    Si-u could still remember that day ten years ago as he hugs the couple that he had seen as mother and father in a warm farewell embrace. He remembered the time Ludwig had taken him to go hunting and even to a real shooting range, the vicious glares his aunt Nsô threw him often more deadly than the ex-snipers' own weapons. He chuckled at the memory as he release the two. "Love you, you annoying jabbermouth." Nsô jabbed at him, a stray tear falling at the thought of the boy she had raised since birth leaving home. Si-u failed to contain the watery smile as his shock white hair was ruffled by his uncle, who refused to speak out of fear of bawling like a child as he had told his aunt via text. "Love you guys too, I promise to write, email, text, and call as much as I can. You won't even notice I'm gone with how much I'll annoy you, even overseas." The albino stated witha light chuckle, forcing both his aunt and uncle to smile.

    Weapon Specialty: Semi-automatic shotguns

    Schatten (open)
    [​IMG] A semi automatic Shotgun that fires eight bullets per second, this was the first weapon that Si-u ever handled, wanting to mimic his Uncle early in life.

    Schwarz and Eiche (open)
    [​IMG] A pair of twin pistols named after the dog and cat Si-u had while living with his surrogate parents.

    Forneus (open)
    [​IMG]A manta ray with a humanoid shape merging on its back, Forneus uses mainly ice and water abilities. He is able to spit torrents of water as well as shards of ice.

    Skills: Chill Out: Si-u's hair and hands become encased in ice, making them appear as large shards of ice capable of cutting enemies. This is only possible if the air has a certain amount of moisture, the less moisture the slower the process and the weaker the ice.

    Miscellaneous: Name is pronounced Shee-Woo. He has ADHD so he tends to get distracted easily if it's not something that he deems important. Forneus was originally contracted to his uncle, but as a going away present Ludwig managed to convince Forneus to change the terms of the contract by transferring the bond to Si-u. Also he has started going to the academy this year, so he is in his first year even though he is 16.
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  5. image.jpg

    Name: Kia ichimoto



    Year: 3 years

    Personality: she's very calm and quiet, at least that's how she wants others to see her. She tends to be helpful to others in time of need, and knows when to knock a couple of heads together. She tends to be tomboyish and can be crazy and loud if she's only with someone she knows. but she has no friends, and aims to keep it that way. But she does break down from time to time and becomes emotional when something reminds her of her parents. She's never fought publicly, so none if the students have seen her strategies. But in action, she keeps her head in high gear. Not doing anything reckless that could end up endangering others. Even though she is a demon killer, she doesn't want to bring in her emotions to battle, for it could lead to Reckless fighting. Sometimes she can handle it, other times she can't.

    History: she had a normal life. Learned to blend in with humans, by hiding her wings and coming up with excuses for why her hair is always blue. Her mother and father always got along and aided her in time of need. She had a brother, which she got along perfectly fine with. Her mother taught her history, math and English to fit in with the other humans. Things were comfortable for her, until it happened.

    One day when her and her brother came home from the city market, they came home to a slaughter house. Their parents were basically mutilated. It was tragic, they eventually found out what had happened, it was demons. That made both her and her brother react differently to it, sending them into separate ways. She sought out to vanquish the demons and fight by the humans side in order to restore peace, and make things right for her. It wasn't easy at first, trying to fit in with the other angels, but she managed.

    Weapon Specialty: she's a skilled fighter with her katana

    Weapons: she uses a long katana that she often calls mother. It's a hilt is made of a black carbon fiber , the blade itself is black except for the white edge on the sharp side of the blade. The sheath is also a black made of a black carbon fiber material. When the blade and the sheath are together, it looks like a long black bent pole. The sword itself never dulls, and when in need Kia can activate it. Causing the blade to glow blue, giving her the ability to cut through anything with blazing speeds, as well as launch blasts of energy.

    She also has needles hidden throughout her wings and sleeves. Shooting them in directions that she pleases.

    Skills: can teleport short distances, healing capabilities (which can put some serious stress on her own body) she can also create and control ice when ever she wants.

    Miscellaneous: she's great with slight of hand tricks. And loves to skate. Also....I hate editing this constantly since it DELETES MY STUFF.
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  6. Name: Sheridan Granger

    Age: 17

    Year: Just joined,my first year.

    Gender: I'm a girl...

    Personality: Eh...it changes with my mood. When I'm happy I'm really friendly and kinda hyper. When I'm mad I tend to take my anger out on trees or inanimate objects. When those are not within reach I'm not very nice... When I'm sad it's the same as when I'm mad because I hate being sad,it makes me feel weak.


    Sigh...Of course you would ask that... I guess I'll start as far back as I can remember? Back when I was around seven my parents were killed by demons. I was out at a friend's house at the time and when I was dropped off at home and went inside they were just laying there...dead on the kitchen floor. I screamed and I ran,crying as I did. I was so helpless. What child would ever deserve to go through that? My worst fear at that moment wasn't dying,it was being adopted. I didn't want to be raised in a new family by strangers so I did the only thing I could. I hid from everyone and lived on the streets,never letting myself be seen. I nearly died a lot in the next few years but by the time I was thirteen I could fight and fend for myself pretty well. When I was fifteen I went to try to get a job and I did,I managed it somehow though I was just a waiter at some diner. After a few months of working I got an apartment with the help of a new friend and we shared it,each of us paying half the bills.

    But the past comes back to haunt you. Soon after I turned sixteen and I had been training for a while to fight I came home after training and there was my friend,laying dead on the couch with a hole in their chest and various other wounds. Though her eyes were open and staring ahead yet they were glazed over and void off all light. This scene was too alike the one I had seen all those years ago and I broke down,screaming in anguish and crying my heart out. It was the first time in seven years I had cried. When I recovered enough to stand hours later I hunted the demon down and cut his head from his shoulders,burning the body and I kept the skull once I cleared away all the flesh and blood. I still have the skull actually though I keep it a secret. I hate the demons I have but I have them because they help my goal of ridding the world of their kind. I am a likable person if you aren't a demon and I like making new friends but if someone EVER gets in my way when I'm killing a demon it will take a lot for me to even look at them without a glare...

    Weapon Specialty: I prefer using a machete and that's what I'm best with. I refuse to use guns or any sort of ranged weapons,only melee and machetes are perfect for that.

    Weapons: Not very many actually,just a sword,my trusty machete,and a few hidden knives. Though when I have somewhere to hide it I carry around a mace.

    Demons: I have two since this is my first year

    First one: His name is Coal because of his bad habit of burning things when he gets mad,or happy for that matter. He has short red hair that barely covers his ears and he's around six feet tall. He has sharp features and gray eyes that seem to grow darker when he's mad. He constantly bothers Sheridan about her absolute hate for all demons but him but she never listens which annoys him enough to make him burn her on occasions without meaning to.

    My Second Demon: Coal's little sister. Her name is Sarah. While Coal can just burn things,not light them on fire she can and does it to spite Sheridan. They don't really get along at all. She has black hair unlike her brother that reaches a bit past her shoulders and she is short,only about four and a half feet tall. Though like her brother she has gray eyes that darken when she's mad which is very often around Sheridan. The two girls are constantly glaring at each other and Coal has had to stop a fight on several occasions.

    Skills: Sheridan can only burn stuff most of the times but if she gets mad she can use small flames like Sarah. Sheridan is...as quick to anger as Sarah as well but it's hard to get her mad enough to use a flame.

    Miscellaneous: Sheridan hates swimming...long story.
  7. Name: Janaz Kersfees

    Age: 17

    Height: 6 foot

    Year: 3 year

    Gender: Male

    Hair: dark Brown

    Eyes: Hazel

    Ethnicity: African American, Brazilian and Asian

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Janaz is a all around average person who is trying to escape his bad past. A man in repent you can say. He likes to help his friends and any human that needs it. He is sarcastic and loud as well. He can be also childish too. He does not like the angels, He questions them. He believe they failed the humans by letting demons get so much power.

    History: Janaz was born in very slums, The poorest of the poor. The place he lived was hard to survive. There were crack dealers on the very streets and the law didn't even care. His little town was controlled by a rich man who own the the mines in which most worked in. It was a hard life, He even saw his older brother die in a cave in at the mine site. This left him a only child with a mother addicted to drugs and a drunk for a father. He had nobody else to teach him right from wrong. He learn by 9 year old that you can take what you want. If they can't catch you then thy can stop you. He even started running drugs for the local gangs around the mining town.

    One day he ran into one of the children of the mine owner. His son was feasting on the flash of a local hooker. This sight made him fear the owner even more. He knew they were demons. Janaz ran home that day crying his eyes out into his broken down shack they could a house and into his drugged up mothers arm. No body believe him about what he saw but one day they did, But it was to late. His family was slaughtered along with a large amount of the mining town for some reason. He was 12 when this happen, He would be died if he never contracted with the local nun that worked at the school house in his town who turn out to be a demon. She brought him to the academy 3 years later when she felt he was ready to start his train in take Revenge on Mr.Blakeye, The mining town owner who was a evil demon. One day vengeance will be his! He has been there here for 3 years now and is a hit and miss student.

    Weapon Specialty: Spear (Horatrix)

    Weapons: The Demon spear of Hot Love
    (Horatrix in weapon form)



    Name: Horatrix

    Age: 699

    Type: Hell Succubus

    Gender: Female

    Hair: Crimson

    Eyes: Black

    Height: 6'2

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    history: She was born of a Hell Fire Demon and A Lustful succubus creating her, A Hellish Succubus. She made it into our world 600 years ago. During that time she has live in French (Love everything french), English, Greek, Latin and Spanish societies. She has committed crimes that would sentence her to 100 death sentences at the less. One day she met a Angel name Uriel who changed her life and put her on a path of internal repentance. She then became a Nun and started to help around the world. One days he stopped at a town that needed help, She staid there for 7 years until demons attacked. This is were she saved Janaz from certain doom.

    Personality: Fluttery, Sexual, sweet, motherly and greedy. Janaz looks at the this demon as the only demon he likes because during her time as a Nun she taught him and his brother to read and write. She fines her slutty acts annoying and fines her protectiveness over another annoying thing. She is very friendly but sometimes says cold heartless things that contradicts her normally warm attitude that makes you think she is a heartless monster.

    Skills: She gives Janaz the power of fire control, Smoke generation and can rip threw stone like sheet metal. She also can negate charms place on her user. She can turn into a spear to have other use her power.

    Janaz is sneaky and a good liar.
  8. Name: Irrius Alorven
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Year: Fourth year.
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Impulsive, confident, and reckless are three words that describe Irrius. Never having been good at coming up with plans, improvisation is a way of life for him. However, he hates appearing weak, his pride taking a large part in his ideas.

    History: Born to a demon hunter and one of Horizon's engineers, Irrius's parents always wanted their child to live a safe life. Always being the person who had to stay inside when all others went off to pull some ill advised stunts, the young angel always felt that he had something to prove. When he turned 13, he immediately applied to Horizon Academy. Working hard to prove he was one of the best, he has managed to make do safely so far.

    The day that Irrius learned to harness his abilities was a turning point in his young life. Having them as backups in case his bravado failed him, he was quick to scrap with those that he felt insulted him or, surprisingly, the elder Alorvens. Whenever somebody asked, he brushed it off as self-interest, but there's something... Loyal within him. Most would brush it off as nothing, but it's enough to make some wonder.

    Weapon Specialty: Spear
    -A spear, created from the bones of a greater demon and given to him upon enrollment by his father. Able to easily go up against any other weapons of any materials.
    -A knife, given to him by his mother, that was created from a broken-off piece of Horizon. Capable of penetrating most defenses, if he's close enough.

    -Irrius can create weapons of the suns energy, that can work for a short time before dispersing in a flash.
    -He possesses the ability to extinguish any flame that flares up near him, smothering it before it deals to much damage.
  9. Name: Davin “Harken” Theldaven
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Year: 3
    Note that this is a WIP (open)

    Personality: Davin is serious about his training and feels a great deal of guilt when he procrastinates or forgets anything academic. Sometimes he works too hard and wears himself out, so that he makes poor decisions and/or gets himself into trouble in fights. He gets irritated with lazy classmates, as if their poor performance reflects badly on himself or that they considered what they were doing unimportant. So when they’re not in training, Davin tends to feel agitated and unsure of what to do with himself. Most of his hobbies center around his desire to live up to his dad, reading books about demons, journals and accounts from hunters that recorded their fights and tricks for handling certain monsters. He exercises a lot to stay in peak shape and practices with his weapon and his powers, but his lack of understanding his own limits means he almost never operates at 100% when on missions.

    History: Davin grew up like many kids did, with parents who spent a lot of their time out in the field fighting demons, and expanding the territory of their last bastions. As such, he didn’t see them most of the time, and when he did, he had mixed feelings. On the one hand, he was proud to have such strong parents, but on the other, he sometimes felt like they didn’t see him as important to them. His relationship with his parents didn’t improve much until he turned thirteen and his father received a serious injury that rendered him incapable of fighting. His mother tried to keep fighting for a time, but eventually had to return home as well to help care for her husband who could hardly walk now and needed help to function. From there, Davin felt like he finally got to know his parents. His dad told him stories about their missions, in spite of his mom’s wishes, and the close scrapes with death they had. He did some of that as well, when they were still fighting, but now he did it more than ever, and spoke of his former comrades and commanders with a nostalgic, faraway look in his eye. For the bulk of his teenage years, he watched his father go from the strong warrior he’d known into a quiet, composed man that had a wise word and a story for any who would listen. His mother had to stay home and care for her husband and became more involved in raising her son.

    In those years, Davin harbored secret feelings of shame for being happy about what happened to his father. He actually felt like they were a family now, but his dad could barely function now, and seemed to be imparting onto Davin his desire to keep fighting. In order to make it up to his father for his dark joy and banish his own feelings of shame, Davin has devoted himself to training for fighting the demons. When he entered the academy, he took to his classes and training with gusto, sometimes working himself so hard, he collapsed from exhaustion.

    Weapon Specialty: Sword & Board fighting
    Weapons: Longsword and round-shield (~80 cm in diameter), knife, and sidearm pistol when all else fails.

    • Spatial Distortion: Davin has limited control over the flow of space, contracting the area between his location and destination, to cross great distances with short movements. Although it doesn’t require line-of-sight to use, doing so without knowing where he would end up is incredibly dangerous. If he doesn’t judge the distance right, he could end up slamming into something solid, or worse, phasing into it. As such, Davin only uses this when he can see where he’s going. If he has some visual aid, like say, a monitor showing him a remote location, he could theoretically use that to aim his ‘jumps.’ He’s still experimenting with how he can combine this with his other powers, and is particularly curious about how he could combo this with his fire magic. Likewise, he can stretch out the space between objects, but doing so it harder than contracting it, and requires more energy. This could allow him to deflect an attack, as long as he can seeing it coming and can focus on it (he couldn’t, for example, stop a bullet with this, because they move too fast for him to properly perceive). It has limited application in melee fighting, due to the distortions messing with one’s perception of space, and as such, Davin hasn’t used it very much for this. Both the effects of stretching and contracting a space, if not properly controlled, can cause a number of bad things to happen. Stretching can cause the space to ‘tear,’ damaging the terrain and causing any objects in the area to fly inward, towards the center of the area, where they can collide. Contracting can cause any objects in the affected area to go flying outward, in the direction of the intended destination at high velocity. Davin has yet to realize the potentially gruesome applications of these to living targets, and wouldn’t consider using it on humans or angels.
      • As an offshoot of the above, Davin stores his gear within a pocket dimension anchored to his person. He can summon items at will, store the ones he wants to keep secure, and can withdraw the desired item without fear of getting something else. The only time he might get the wrong item is if he’s under pressure, like being disarmed and needing to grab something on the fly in a fight. In theory a person could go into this space if willing, but there’s no air inside it and they wouldn’t be able to get out again if Davin didn’t let them.
    • Fire/Ice: Davin exploits the diametric nature of the two elements with a level of control only an upper-classmen could equal. He can conjure fire on command, but sometimes sees the benefit in sparing his energy by utilizing existing heat, drawing it away and causing the affected area to freeze over, while he directs the heat elsewhere in whatever manner he chooses. This can sometimes lead to some rather spectacular results, such as the landscape around him frosting over, while a ball of fire flares to life in his hand that reflects off the shards of ice around him, dazzling the area. Demons and students seeing it for the first time have been stunned into the briefest moment of inaction by it in the past, but the novelty wears off fast. Likewise, he can direct the cold or lack of heat in a similar manner, although the level of precision he has over ice is not as much as his fire.

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  10. [​IMG]
    AGE: 17
    YEAR: 2nd year
    GENDER: Male
    CLASS: Aether

    Frey usually wears whatever he could pick up from his closet, so don't expect him to have any fashion sense whatsoever when away from school. He almost never leaves without his headphones on, often without music blasting through them, but just in case a demon sneaks up on him so he could be ready for battle, or to a lesser extent, to drive away those pesky fangirls. He almost never unleashes his wings since it draws attention to him, which has become a hot topic among girls, making him much more mysterious. Some say he has one of the most beautiful wings in Horizon, but that remains a mystery. Ironically, keeping the wings hidden actually draws more attention towards him. Some of the humans often mistake him for Si-u, leading them to be surprised that he's calm and quiet. The only thing telling them apart is their headphones.

    Frey hates noise above all else. He hates idle chatter, background noise, bad music, and the sounds of battle. He'd also hate a soundproof room, since he can hear his inconsistent heartbeat. He loves rhythm and melody above all else. The soothing sound of an intro, followed by a melodic verse, gradually picking up the haste in the pre-chorus, before finally blasting a wonderful harmony of instruments in the chorus. For him, reality is nothing more than a bunch of notes ready to be arranged as a musical piece... and the demons are the noise that distort it. He hates noise above all else.

    "Face reality, my dear. Those old photos of the Earth are but a mere lasting memory, doomed to fade at any time."

    A young Frey's mother spoke to him as he went through old photos of the Earth's wonders, be it natural or man-made, which he was comparing to photos from recent reports. He just can't believe how far the demons have defiled and destroyed an otherwise beautiful place. He can't help but take pity on the humans for having their home taken from them. But he was still too young and naïve at the time. He never understood what it's like fighting for a cause. He didn't have any intention joining the academy made to train young humans and angels to fight off the demons, because he had faith with the people who were already fighting. Had.

    Until someone from the academy informed him of how his parents got killed.

    It wasn't until the part that his parents got killed by a fallen angel that he knew what he had to do. He realized he couldn't trust everyone on his side, because even angels harbor darkness inside of them. He joined Horizon Demon Hunter Academy, still not having the slightest clue how to fight or what weapon to use. After failing to wield all the weapons available in the academy, he was almost hopeless. In a lethargic night playing his electric violin alone in the courtyard, he couldn't help but feel the power flowing through him in the chorus. He started playing like he never did before, with power fueling him to play even faster. Only he himself could hear the violin through his headphones, but the way he played made it seem like everyone could just wake up at any second. When his song finally ends, he looks around and realizes how much destruction he caused in the courtyard.

    The next day, no one ever knew who the vandal behind it was. He feels guilty about it, but confessing would just draw attention to him. He's been quiet ever since.

    WEAPON SPECIALTY: Orchestral Telekinesis
    WEAPONS: He typically uses his electric violin to handle relatively weak demons, but he can summon multiple instruments at will when he actually gets serious. Rumor has it that his music is so beautiful, demons melt and evil gets purged by a single song. But contrary to popular belief, all the sounds produced by his instruments go through his headphones, which he then amplifies with his ability. Basically, he's a human (angel?) amplifier who can amplify and concentrate a sound wave to a specific target. He just does it with style by playing battle BGM like something off an MMORPG.

    ELECTRIC VIOLIN: It works practically the same way as an electric guitar, in a sense that you can only barely hear the sound being produced without an amplifier or any type of output, e.g. headphones.

    • Classical: He plays classical music such as Canon in D, Moonlight Sonata, or the like, to handle weak demons. It consists of sound waves majestically flowing through the air to knock out any demon in its path.
    • Pop: He plays pop music to fight demons one notch harder than weak demons. Sound waves flow in a more upbeat manner than in classical. He also uses this to swoon the fangirls away.
    • Punk rock: For the persistent and annoying medium-sized demons. Loud drum beats and bass notes shoot sound waves like force bullets.
    • Heavy metal: Never piss Frey off. You can't even begin to imagine what sort of fucked up shit he plays when he's pissed off.

    • I will sometimes link to tracks whenever he plays a song. Take note, that I own absolutely none of these tracks unless I say so. I can play the acoustic and electric guitar myself, but for the most part Frey will use his violin. Perhaps during big battles is when I'll write a piece on the guitar and post it here, but don't expect it to be top-notch. Sometimes I'll just record a lot of noise in the electric guitar, which symbolizes Frey's darkness and pent-up rage that swells within the very depths of his heart (wow, that's deep).
    • Otonashi means silence. Go figure.
    • Also, before I get in trouble, this character is based off of Frey from Fisheye Placebo, which was written and illustrated by Wenqin Yan, also known as yuumei in deviantART. I just added a surname and changed the character to fit the RP.
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  11. Name: Isaac Traverz
    Age: 17
    Year: 3
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 6' 2" 157 lbs.(188cm 71kg) Short, white hair; toned, athletic body; and a perpetual air of self-confidence.

    Personality: If you have something to say, say it; let go of grudges as soon as possible; never make a girl cry. These are Isaac's personal trinity. He's tall and somewhat imposing, and he'll pull no punches for the sake of politeness. He values life, even demons' if they prove deserving of it.

    History: "Your form is off. Get your body lower and raise your fists slightly."

    Isaac didn't say it to be rude; she looked great other than that (hence why the other guys had demanded they stop to watch her practice), but if she kept going with her form just slightly wrong then it would develop into a bad habit. She took it the wrong way, though, and demanded a sparring match. Not an actual Duel, mind you; just some 'friendly' practice. Thank goodness for that: the girl turned out to be an angel. She could have blown him away with her powers (he was a first-year without a demon to his name), but she kept it fair as a hand-to-hand sparring match.

    By the end, both of them were laying on the ground panting, no clear winner decided. Isaac was fine either way after such an intense match, but she started spouting some nonsense about being rivals and how she would definitely win the next time. He didn't see any harm in some competition, so he worked to keep pace with her.

    At the end of his second year, there was an incident. Isaac was on a mission, as was she. Something went wrong along the way, though nobody but the Heads of House know what. The two came back leaning on each other for support, battered and bloodied, but alive. They both spent a while in the hospital. Then Isaac took her to the park the weekend after they were released.

    Weapon Specialty: Knuckles

    Weapons: A pair of stylin' black gloves with metal studs and a grip that fits snuggly into his palm.
    A short, curved blade he keeps sheathed behind his lower back. He only started using it recently.

    Pelap (open)

    Gravity - turning up the pressure.

    Gale (open)

    Anti-gravity - light as a feather.

    Condensed punch - Via Pelap's ability, Isaac hits with several times more force than a fist should have.
    Lift - Via Gale's ability, Isaac's punch renders his opponent virtually weightless, launching them high and far.
    Leap - Isaac turns himself weightless, removing any practical limits on his jumps.
    Drop - Isaac increases the force on an object and lets it fall like an anvil.
    (I could probably list a lot, but here's the gist: between Pelap and Gale, Isaac can mess with the weight of anything he touches.


    Appearance (open)

    Name: Saria Rubim
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Year: 3

    Appearance: 5' 2" (157cm), light build. Long, wavy, black hair tied with ribbons; soft, fair skin; and a glare that could freeze water.

    Personality: Disciplinary Squad. You know the one--stern, studious, and stubborn, and she doesn't give a highway option. She isn't actually part of a disciplinary committee, but popular opinion says that by the time she's a fourth-year she'll be leading one.

    History: Saria was expected to become as powerful a Hunter as her mother, so Saria spent most of her spare time practicing. During one of those sessions, a group of humans paused to watch her. Then one of them had the audacity to criticize her form. She wasn't about to let such an impudent remark pass by, so she demanded a sparring session with him. To her ongoing frustration, she couldn't beat him. Somehow he seemed to block every slash and dodge every jab. Later, she realized the same could be said of her, but she was too furious at the time to notice. That was the beginning of their rivalry.

    Saria trained hard, studying and practicing endlessly to become stronger. Yet the human boy kept up. She hated him for it, but for two years they remained equal. The status quo was maintained right up until the last mission of her second year. There are only two people that know all the details--though he and Saria did have to share at least some of those with the Heads of House. There isn't much gossip about it either. But something happened on that mission, and when the two came back they were inseparable. She's still freakishly competitive, but she's affectionate as well. Now the third year begins.

    Weapon Specialty: Palm
    Weapons: Saria is a bare-handed fighter. Her hands are more than enough, really (though she's not opposed to using her legs as well).

    Iron Shell - Saria doesn't need a weapon because she is a weapon--or at least, she can become one. She can solidify parts of her body for combat. She can only focus on some parts at a time, but while she does her hands cut as well as a blade, her arms can parry as though they were steel, and her kick could fell a tree.
    Gates of Shell - she doesn't unfurl them often, but Saria's wings are always impenetrably solid. They are large enough to encompass her and up to three more people in a protective barrier.
    Shell's Fury - First her mother's pendant begins to glow. A force then begins gathering around Saria's hands. Accompanying each strike until her energy is exhausted, this force launches as a cutting projectile. It's a physical force, not a shockwave or energybeam, so it can be blocked or parried; but it's paper-thin and very sharp.

    Miscellaneous: Saria wears her mother's pendant into battle. It reacts to her use of skills, but she claims she doesn't need it to fight.
  12. [​IMG]Name: Nylissa
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Year: 4
    Appearance : 5'2, 105 pounds. She has long reddish brown hair that drapes down her back, and golden eyes that help her hypnotize her enemies when needed. She has numerous scars that run down her back, the result of whipping as a punishment from her past. On her back are long auburn colored wings, that gradient to gold at the tips. They refine her tiny stature.

    Personality: She's aggressive, and a spitfire. She won't start a conversation, but when asked to join one, she'll keep it going with her unnatural intellect.

    History: Nylissa was the youngest child of 5, in a small laketown near what is now Romania. She used to stay alone in the childrens' room, seeing as the family was too poor to give each child their own bedroom. She would venture around the various docks and fishing ports collecting things that may have fallen off of boats, or just taking things that didn't belong to her. She has a knack for theiving. When her parents died of Pneumonia, her and her sisters and brothers were sent to live in an orphanage. Her brothers and sister all grew older and left the orphanage, leaving her there alone. With her now newfound talent for building and creating, she snuck out of the orphanage and found herself in Class Aether.

    Weapon Specialty: Around her forearm she wears a bronze and gold sheild, and when the gears on the inside of the weapon are turned, the gemstones encrested upon the sheild glow. The demons that are effected by this are immediately paralyzed, if they do not block this effect.
    Weapons: She uses lots, and lots, and lots of bombs and grenades while in combat.

    Skills: Hypnosis, Intellect, speed, and paralysis.

    Miscellaneous: Her favorite thing to do is blow things up. She's a pyromaniac.
  13. Name: Liam John Nyphlus

    Age: 14

    Year: 2

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (open)

    Liam stands at a good 5' 5'' tall. He has short, sandy blond hair that looks messy no matter how much he combs it. He has light green eyes, that stand out from his pale skin. His arms are disproportionately buff to the rest of his body thanks to years of archery.

    Personality: “Good Thoughts. Good Words. Good Deeds.”

    These six words have guided Liam's decisions throughout much of his life. Liam thinks that the the most important thing in life is to have virtue. He can have a tendency to try to impress his values on others. As a result, he has been called by many to have a “Holier-than Thou attitude”. Despite his quest for virtue, Liam has an has an oddly short attention span, to the point that people have accused him of having ADHD.

    History: “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world with out end. Amen.” These words were the first that Liam can remember hearing.His family came from the long dead country of France. Both Liam's mother and Father were devout Catholics. They impressed their values onto Liam. Although he agreed with the need for virtue and modesty, Liam disliked Christianity's complex symbolism and ritual.

    When he was old enough to understand the sorry state of the human race, he found his first memory to be grandly ironic.“World with out end, huh?” Liam muttered to one day, “Sure seems like it ended to me.” When he was twelve, Liam found and fell in love with the ideas of Zoroastrianism. It seamed so much simpler than Christianity.“Good Thoughts. Good Words. Good Deeds.”summed up the whole religion.Liam decided to follow that creed. And what better deed, Liam thought, was there to cleanse earth of demons.Liam joined Horizon Academy when he was 13. His goal was two fold: help his fellow Man reclaim earth, and try to convince demons to renounce their evil ways.

    Weapon Specialty: Bows

    Weapons: Liam uses a compact bow and a quiver with twenty normal arrows, and five explosive arrows. He has two Gerber-Mark-II knifes, one strapped on each leg.

    Bow (open)


    Knife (open)



    Aka Manah (open)

    Aka Manah

    The personification of evil thoughts and intentions. A true foil for Laim. If he can change Aka, what demon can't he change? Aka Manah can give Laim's arrow's evil intentions, making them more accurate and likely to hit vital areas.

    Astaroth (open)


    A duke of hell, Astaroth gives his contractors the gift of invisibility and an innate scene of direction. He is extremely knowledgeable, but only answers in riddles, and hypotheticals, making it hard to determine what he is saying.

    Skills: Liam has good marksmanship with a bow, even more so with Aka Manah guiding his arrows. Thanks to Astaroth, Liam has an innate scene of direction can turn invisible, making him an ideal scout. In a pinch, Liam can ask Astaroth for information, but he never knows if Astaroth is speaking truth or lies .......

    Miscellaneous: Laim secretly likes Sesame Street and the Muppets. Talks to himself a lot.
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  14. [​IMG]
    AGE: 16
    YEAR: 2nd Year
    GENDER: Female
    CLASS: Gaia

    Alice is perhaps one of the most beautiful Gaians of Horizon Academy, so much so that people often mistake her for an angel, or princess. The latter makes much more sense, being the daughter of a very rich family and all. She has long hazelnut brown hair that she styles depending on her mood, and big beautiful eyes of the same color. She often wears light makeup, enough to make an impression but not enough to be noticeable, but it really depends on her mood.

    Despite being fed with a silver spoon and having to live most of her life inside a mansion for almost fourteen years, miraculously Alice never became the spoiled brat most people would think she is. Instead, because of the many people she had to meet, her personality cannot stay in one place. She could be one person today, but the next day she could be another. She could be complimenting her demon on how a wonderful butler he is and the very next moment, she might just hit him for being a shitty slave. Really, there's no telling how she would act or what she would do next. But one thing's for certain: no matter what personality she might take on, her love for sweets stays the same. That's all there really is to say on the matter.

    Alice once lived in a mansion full of servants with conflicting personalities and ideas, and a lifetime supply of sweets. These factors have led to her own fickle and capricious personality that often leads to misunderstandings and numerous comical or perhaps awkward situations. Having lived in her parent's mansion and home-schooled for nearly fourteen years, she had never known of the war that has been taking place below, or that Earth even existed for that matter. But her unending curiosity got the better of her, leading her to break in the secret archive in the library that she was forbidden to ever step in. She learned of Earth, the war that has been taking place, and of the existence of demons. It was only when a servant found her did she realize it was already late at night. The grumpy servant brought the scared and confused Alice to her parents. But instead of scolding her, her parents thought it was about time to explain everything to her. Back then, the couple had decided upon explaining it to her by the time she turns sixteen, but she already knows too much, and they could no longer keep secrets from her. They asked her to watch the servant who brought her to them, of which had already turned into humanoid-shaped smoke. Or, upon closer inspection... shadows. They explained to her that most of the servants here are actually demons who only wanted to live peaceful lives, and away from humans who want no more than to eliminate each and every demon. Alice was rather scared, but more importantly... fascinated. She wanted to know more, whether either the humans or demons would vanquish each other, or if they could learn to co-exist with each other. Only two things remain constant between all her personalities: her love for sweets, and her unending curiosity.

    Thus, her parents had decided on admitting her to Horizon Demon Hunter Academy, with only Alexander, the first servant she ever witnessed with demon powers, as her companion.

    WEAPONS: Alice uses an old but still powerful staff given to her by her parents. A lot of the students often tell her how distasteful and unstylish her parents are to have given their beautiful princess such a dark and brooding weapon, but Alice thinks it looks pretty cool. The two-meter staff is colored a dark grey, the tip having three protruding pillars, and a crystal on the center that amplifies her powers.​


    Alexander, despite being called a butler, wears an attire more suitable for waiting tables. He is 6'2'' tall with a muscular build hidden under those clothes. He has black unkempt hair and he never leaves without his red-tint sunglasses.
    Alex gets mad over every little thing, so much that he would even find a reason to be mad at something in a perfectly wonderful day. Really, there isn't a time when he isn't angry. It's a miracle he hasn't influenced Alice's personality for the worse. Luckily, he can channel this anger to fuel his abilities during demon hunting. Despite his heated tendencies, he is genuinely caring of his comrades, but he shows his concern through 'constructive criticism', though often regarded by others as insults.
    Alex has the ability to manipulate darkness and shadows, either by absorbing light to dim his surroundings, or as a solid substance. He can use shadows to bind or control objects, or to harden it as a shield. He can also turn his whole body into shadows, being able to phase through solid objects at will. He can posses other beings and use their bodies beyond their capabilities, but only for a very short amount of time.

    SKILLS: Alice can control shadows more precisely with the help of her staff, being able to launch projectiles of darkness and using shadows just like extra arms, although she has yet to teach herself how to turn a part of her body into shadows. The reason her demon is much stronger than hers is probably because Alex used to be her parents' demon. She already had a head-start during her first year because of him, but this year she has to train much harder than before.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Skye Irofiin
    Age: 15
    Year: 1
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 159cm, 84-58-82. Long, pink hair; shimmering blue eyes; lightly tanned skin. Clothing of choice is plain dresses or blouse&skirt combinations.

    Personality: Puppies, candy, and Christmas spirit. There is no evidence that she has ever had an evil thought.

    History: Skye comes from a complicated family. Her father was an angel who died before she ever knew him. Her mother was a demon. Skye spent much of her young life only a few steps away from danger. Somehow her mother, Sylphia Irofiin, managed to protect her and raise her for many years. But when Skye was past her toddler years, Sylphia sent the girl to live with humans.

    Skye arrived mysteriously at Loxdon, picked up at the gate by some soldiers. Surrounding her were many, many dead demons. Thus Skye joined human society with great rumor and a permanent stigma. To no one's great surprise, she didn't fit in. Inevitably the time came when she spoke of her mother, sealing her fate as an outcast.

    This year she was sent to Horizon. Officially, she's enrolled in the school. Unofficially, the people on the surface were too frightened to keep her any longer so they made her someone else's problem. She is under observation and isn't cleared to join missions, but she attends classes dutifully and is eager to learn.

    Weapon Specialty: Cutlery (in the kitchen, yes). She's failed with every attempt to use a weapon--she dropped the mace on her instructor's foot, lost her grip on the sword mid-swing so it landed between her instructor's feet, and shot her arrow so far off-target that it shaved off a few hairs at the side of her instructor's face. Even attempts with knives and daggers proved futile; though she could hold them without her instructor fleeing into a safety shelter, she lost against the training dummy.

    Weapons: Not cleared to carry a weapon.
    Demons: None.

    Skills: Cooking; Cleaning; First Aid; Stunning Smiles.

    Miscellaneous: Skye is related to Indrie Irofiin, for whom the Irofiin Building is named, but by adoption rather than blood. Skye's father was a fallen angel whom Indrie redeemed, and so he took her name.
    Skye's favorite subject is Anatomy, followed by Demonology; she spends a lot of free time volunteering in the Medical Ward.
    Rumors about Skye have reached everywhere, including Horizon. Everyone knows her mother was a demoness, though nobody seems to know what kind.
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  16. Name: Brant Garrison
    Age: 17
    Class: Gaia
    Year: 1
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Basically looks like this with lighter armor and stands at 5'6"...and doesn't look quite this old.
    Personality: Brant has been noted to be fearless in the face of danger, or appears to be. He's not overtly friendly but helps those who obviously need it. In social situations he's as likely to quietly watch as he is to engage in conversation. Overall Brant is a stalwart and straight forward individual who is quite content in solitude or company, and his highly aware of his environment.

    Brant was an orphan and as he reached the ripe age of thirteen he decided the orphanage was not the place for him. He ran from the institute with a couple of choice friends and they lived on the streets, scraping together a living however they could. Brant had a habit of seeking out others who's lives hadn't given them much in the way of a good start, and bringing them into the fold. By the time he was fifteen he had a motley assortment of friends and comrades all as close to him as any family, and he to them. Often gangs of the city would clash with his group and hassle him and his friends. Brant stayed out of gang affairs as much as possible up until some of his friends were critically injured at the hands of gangsters.
    Brant was furious and challenged the leader of every gang in town to a one on one duel. Of course they cheated, bringing weapons that had not been allowed and coming at him all at once. Brant had expected such and underhanded tactic and planned for police to arrive while they were attacking him. All he had to do was survive until then. It took only five minutes for the police to arrive, but when you're fighting for your life it's an eternity. When the police arrived Brant was covered in bruises and gashes, barely still standing, the thugs themselves were covered with a number of bruises and some limping. The gang leaders were taken away and tried for the previous crimes they committed in addition to this one and were put away for a long time. The Academy took notice of Brant and asked if he'd like to fight Demons. Brant totes accepted.

    Brant accepted and is now attending Horizon Demon Hunter Academy.

    Weapon Specialty: Mace and shield.

    Weapons: Two rune covered maces. Two rune covered shields. One rune covered short-sword. One rune covered rod. A bunch of silver rings fused together to form something similar to brass knuckles, also etched with runes.


    Demons (open)
    Appearance (open)

    Ferocious: Beal is a formidable fighter.
    Witch Hunt: His senses can perceive multiple spectrum.
    Sap: Is capable of draining away energy.

    Appearance (open)

    Knowledge of Ages: Lasciel is ancient and full of information
    Magical Aptitude: Expert in controlling energies.

    Skills (open)

    Thaumaturgy: Has some skill in ritual-like magics and creating magical items and foci. Can be pretty expensive in materials, physical and metaphysical.

    Evocation: Brant has the ability to exert his will to immediately effect the outside world in a sometimes obvious, and relatively sloppy, way. This drains his personal energy and can be impacted by emotional state and mental focus. Given his inexperience with magic this often drains him quickly without the use of a focus or taking the time to mentally focus himself.

    Relinquish Body: Brant can allow Beal to fight for him physically while he maintains mental tasks, such as preparing a spell. In this state his eyes become red and his strength increases monstrously and his personality becomes that of Beal. This is obviously a dangerous and risky ability.

    Drain: Using Beals ability he can drain away life force and energies to use for himself. This is an ability Brant is not entirely comfortable with using and is currently only effective for exhausting people and does not draw much energy due to his inexperience with this technique. Also, currently at this level he is limited to living things and pure magical energy, having to dig his fingers into either.

    Active Defense: Utilizing a combination of Beals senses and Lasciels aptitude, they can offer him warning of a sneak attack, or draw his attention to dangerously gathering energies. Currently Lasciel can only partially deflect or ground incoming energies.

    Rejuvenate: Brant alters Beal's ability somewhat to instead supply rejuvenating energies to others. Brant puts more practice and focus on this purpose than most of his other abilities, making it more cost effective energy-wise. Currently he is capable of making people feel refreshed, as if they had several minutes of rest, or stopping wounds from bleeding and completely healing moderate wounds. He can do this three times before reaching levels of performance altering fatigue.

    Miscellaneous: Values versatility. Has many ugly scars, mostly covered by his clothing but there is a slash going diagonal up across his chin and barely reaching his lip as well as puckered looking scar on his cheek. Walks with a slight limp.
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  17. 15460-anime-paradise-anime-guy - Copy.jpg
    Name: Alex
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Short, Black
    Eyes: Hazel, wears glasses
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 207
    Class: Gaia
    Year: 3

    Personality: Socially reserved, but outgoing towards friends. Slow to trust. Strong philosophy. Tactical intellect. Not religious. Even if he knows he has no chance of winning he will almost never back down from a fight unless for something important.

    Other: Likes strategic games. Don't mess with his wolves...or any animal for that matter. Likes the rain.

    History: Alex grew up in the countryside with a small family. He felt distant from most people and preferred to be alone. He was very skilled with all manners of blades, but due to low upper body strength he was unable to wield bigger weapons as effectively without being over-encumbered . Alex loved wolves and they felt like family to him. Alex got average grades, but was constantly picked on and abused all throughout school. Because he was relatively timid and feared the consequences of hitting back, the rage and hate slowly built up. Alex is deeply fascinated in mysticism, and studies magic theories and runic symbols. Alex had a strong knowledge of the paranormal and demons, most notably Hell Hounds. Alex was a kind individual to those who deserved it, but was also a bit on the dark side. Alex felt he was too weak and that his life was pointless and that his abilities were useless. It wasn't until his family was killed by demons that all the pieces came together. His rage and hate attracted his own demon, Savros, and all his knowledge and skills would be used in helping to rid the world of the demons. Alex felt there were some "good" demons. "Do we take after our demons, or is it they who take after us?"

    Skills: Rune-crafting, Parkour, Stealth, First-Aid

    Weapon Specialty: Blades

    >Blackfang- Alex's signature weapon, a sword emblazoned with magical runes. Ignores 20% of armor and deals extra shock damage to demons. The material and infusion of runic magic make the blade extremely durable.
    >Throwing Knives

    Demon: Savros
    Personality: Attracted by Alex's hate and rage he tends to be highly aggressive and bloodthirsty. Has a deep loyalty to Alex and will attack any who may attempt to harm him.

    Blood Rage:
    When at or below 30% health, Savros will deal double damage for 20 seconds.
    Black Rain: When in rain health regenerates 3% per second and movement speed is increased by 15%. (Shared with Alex)
    Shadow Transversal: Short range teleport. (Shared with Alex)
    Void Blast: powerful energy blast that knocks enemies back. Also capable of destroying doors. (Shared with Alex)
    Phase Shift: Grants immunity to physical attacks for 8 seconds. Does not apply to enchanted or runic weapons. (Shared with Alex)
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