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  1. I think I want to make this short and sweet so all of you do not need to read a wall of text okay?

    Basically, I want to sell my artistic skill to all of you. Also some feedback is greatly appreciated. So I'll make a deal with you. For every $50 I will donate $5 to this site and for every $100 I will donate $10. Sounds good right? Awesome so here is the art I have to offer you.

    reahe_silencer_by_hoperazgriz-d6ss4vm.png.jpg vale_by_hoperazgriz-d648wby.png girls_adopt__open__by_hoperazgriz-d6p4j1e.png koi_dragon_paypal_preferred_but_points_considered_by_hoperazgriz-d6jvjy5.png.jpg

    Now that you see the art, here are the prices.

    Chibi= $3-6
    This price depends on the complexity of the character.

    Full-body = $12-16
    Half-body = $8-10
    Bust = $5-8

    Dragons= $20-28
    This price is based on complexity of the dragon you are asking for. This price is also based on the fact that I did a survey on another site and this is what the price averaged out to be.

    For the Dragon that is shown above, He is on sale. I've been auctioning him for a while now on DA. Here is the current standing for him.

    SB: $1
    Highest Bid: $3 AUS
    Autobuy: $30
    if he is Auto bought, the buyer will get to choose, color, pattern, accessories, and a whole bio for the dragon.

    You will pay half up front, this assures me that you are actually going to pay.
    Once you have a sketch WIP you will pay the other half. Then you will get the final piece.
    Once you order, the first half of your pay will not be refundable unless there is a VERY valid reason.

  2. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. You have an Eye for detail and skill. Anatomy is borderline center of cartoon and realistic, Attractive pallette of colors and nothing is over or under done. Might I suggest you practice landscapes to give your centerpieces depth? You certainly have what it takes to create masterpieces.

    I would just love to see more of your work posted in here. <333 Keep at it!
  4. Thank you very much.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Deadpool11.png
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  7. I totally agree with the trying landscaping comment. I think you'd be great at it! Your painting skills is wonderful!
  8. Thank you very much.
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