Hopelessly Lost

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  1. Don't take the title seriously! <3 I'm not really all that lost~ I've been on a site (RpN) that has a similar format to this so I'm kinda getting my way through here~

    Hello! -waves-

    Sulli! <3

    Actually, it was Seul Sung, but then I shortened it to Sulli, so it stuck. 'Sides, Sulli's the name of my second favorite (or my second bias) member in the Korean girl group f(x) so I guess my username has double meanings~

    I stumbled upon this site while I was voting for top roleplaying sites. :o I really liked the banner for Iwaku so I decided to check it out and imagine my shock when I saw it's pretty similar to RpN! I'm really surprised and a little happy since I won't have to go around and get lost again~

    Let's see... I've been roleplaying since 2010, and with my age, it doesn't seem like it's been too long, but it is. I started around March 2010 up until now! I've been on several hiatuses since I sometimes lose interest in roleplaying AND school gets to me sometimes (I go to a school where its schedule is from 6:40am to 4:30pm. That's the latest.) so I haven't been roleplaying consistently for four years.

    I hope to make new friends here and new roleplay partners! <3

    Nice to meet you all~
  2. Welcome! This place has been great to mw so far, very lenient, considering I've been stuck away from home. Great people, interesting stories, and more.

    I am quite fond of the name. Then again, to be fair, I'm kind of an enthusiast of all things Asian. Haha Anyway, I hope we can get to know each other and roleplay together sometime. Feel free to talk to me if you need anything. ^_^
  3. I can see how it's pretty lenient! It allows smut and probably cussing.

    Me, too~ I seem to prefer Asian things over Western. But then again, I am Asian. So no surprise in liking Asian things there! I hope we can roleplay with each other. :3 I just missed roleplaying in general~ c:
  4. That it does. From what I can tell, you can find just about anything on here. Which is both a blessing and a curse if you find yourself perusing the wrong areas. Haha

    Nonetheless, it'd be my pleasure to engage in some writing with you at some point. PM me some time and we can begin discussing ideas. I will post up a partner request thread in the normal boards soon, once its up, feel free to take a look at it. ^_^
  5. Alrighty~ I'll check it out when you do! I somewhat need a regular roleplay partner, anyway. xD