Hope in Dim Places

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  1. It was an average town, not small, but not extremely large. Within
    it's depths there were the fair share of criminals and cons, but there
    were also good people willing to help anyone that they met. There were
    also, as is in every civilization, people whose story has never been
    told. Today was no exception.

    A girl with bright red natural hair and pale skin stepped out of a
    black car at the dance studio in the town. She was petite, but had
    curves that suited her beautifully. She also had a line of freckles
    over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing dark sunglasses and a
    pair of black leggings with a denim skirt over it. For a top she was
    wearing a regular t-shirt.

    An older man, appearing to be her father, led her inside holding her
    arm. He was the owner of this studio. That didn't mean she got any
    special treatment though. Not at all. He bore grey hair, and steely
    blue eyes. He spoke to her as they moved. "Come on Kieara, easy." He
    seemed to be a big cooperate man. He wore a suit, and he had another
    job, away from the studio with erratic hours.

    A younger man than her father, named Marcus, was inside. He was the
    dance instructor. He smiled seeing them coming. He announced that
    practice was over for the day and they all smiled and thanked him
    before leaving. Leaving the studio empty all but Kieara, her father,
    James, and Marcus. He had jet hair, darkened skin, and brown eyes.

    "You can take your glasses off now Kieara." Marcus spoke with a smile.
    She was released and moved to a changing room. Marcus and her father
    chatted while the 23 year old was changing, then she returned. She'd
    gone and changed into a black leotard, which looked something like a
    bathing suit, to dance in and she was also wearing a pair of white
    tights. She removed her glasses and revealed solid white eyes. The
    girl was blind. However, she knew the studio well enough to manuver
    without a cane. She refused to use one claiming they were degrading.

    Her father spoke. "Well, I have business of other matters. Good luck
    you two." He then took his leave.
  2. The whether outside was dreadful. The wind was blowing hard.
    No body was really going out for a 'walk'. Everyone who needed to be somewhere took their car.
    It was a very unexpected change of whether. The the whether forecasters were shocked.
    As the heroine was at her studio, the whether got so bad that flowers ripped
    Why was this happening? As if a war was going on in the skies.

    There was.

    Mean while on the deep dark clouds, was in fact an end of a war.
    Followed by a trial of an angel, known Artemy.
    He was accused of breaking the glass hearts of 25 yet non understanding children.
    Those 25 permanently unable to love.
    And Artemy is one of Cupid's children. Artemy was the one guarding them.
    He has made errors. He is also accused of the crime itself.

    The was at his knees in front of the 'Counsel of Love'
    This punishment was chosen.
    He was yanked around by his hair. Had feathers torn out.
    His wings turned grey from the torture.
    But it wasn't the end yet.

    They broke his halo and banned him from the heavens.
    But before leaving, they have taken whips from devil's skin and whip him 25 times across his entire body.
    Ruining his beauty for ever. The pain and humiliation turned his wings purely black.

    And with that, he is thrown from the heavens and it starts to rain
  3. Marcus frowned. "Kieara it's awful dark outside. And your father hasn't called." He said towards the end of her lesson. She listened to him but didn't bother turning her head to him. It wasn't like she could see him anyway. She ha been around Marcus enough to believe she didn't need to use such formalities. He didn't mind it. Kieara spoke her voice as soft and gentle as her dancing. "Perhaps I should stay here the night?" He spoke. "I believe that would be best." He said to her. She nodded and went to change while Marcus left her alone in the studio to run get them a pizza.
  4. Artemy fell with a crash into the near by mountain range. He landed at the top of one of the mountains, and had a painful roll down hill. His black wings protected his chest and face from further pain. The mud dirtied all his clothes, skin, hair, and feathers. He lay with his wings opened and the rain just poured on his face. He knew that the heavens won't let him be. They will give him 'dirty work' that a pure angel can't do, but it isn't that important that they would ask assistance from a devil. The judged him unfairly because they wanted a dark angel to kill humans for them!
    Artemy knew his new fate. While falling and watching the ground getting closer to him, he decided: I will do everything for myself and no one else.
    He stood, firmly decided to be an Angel of Blood.
  5. Kieara changed back into her normal clothes. Her hearing was more atuned than others having been deprived of her eyesight. She looked towards where the back door of the studio was located that directly faced a forest and mountain range behind it. She went to the door slowly. She'd been told not to go to the door for people not being able to see who they were, but hearing the bang she worried. She opened the door and listened as the rain poured. "H...hello?" HEr soft voice asked.
  6. Artemy found a scroll stuck in his feathers. The person he would have to kill first. He read, and it is supposed to be the 25 children that can love no more. Fine. They have no more life anyways. He walked to the town, towards the studio, to get a place to stay, a job, a home... A fake life. He cast a spell, making all those who can see, not see or feel his wings. He could appear normal to everyone. He walked with a quick pace. Ready to begin
  7. Hearing someone walking the red head shrank back into the door a little more. "Wh-who's there....." She said softly in a mild panic. She listened again but only heard more rain and the footsteps quicken. "Hello?" She asked again.
  8. Artemy hears her in the distance. Damn it. He turns invisible and keeps walking
  9. She steps outside. She heard the door shut behind her and grabbed the handle. It was locked. She began to panic. She didn't know where she was and had no cane to see where she was. She pressed her back against the door. "Hello?" She said scared her white eyes staring off as they always did. "D-don't hurt me p-please."
  10. Artemy spots Keiara. He notes that she is in panic and then sees her eyes. He turns back to visible and walks over to her. "Ma'am, are you alright?"
  11. Kieara jumped at the voice. "W-who are you?" She asked pressing further against the door. "I-i'm a little lost...I got locked out and I can't see..."