Honeymoon Disaster

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    “You what?!? Idiot! Dumb-ass! ....Idiot! How could you--!?!” Ren growled at his older brother after hearing the ‘news’. “What in the hell would possess you to do this without telling me....?!?” Ren attempted to ease himself, but he couldn’t find a speck of tranquility within right now. No. Not after what his inconsiderate brother had just done. As if shielding himself from the wrathful younger brother, Teneel held his open palms out in front of him. “Calm down already! You should be thanking me for this! After all, your love life is like a lifeless pit filled with nothingness!” Teneel countered, evading the basketball Ren had just hurled at him. He was pondering about when he’d throw it. His little brother recently arrived home from basketball practice, and it had only been a matter of time before he freed the ball from his grasp. “Hey! No need to be so god-damn violent! Come on, think about it for a good long while. When was the last time you had a date? Or a girlfriend for that matter....?” Teneel queried with an arched brow.

    Astonishingly, Ren paused; the anger from his features temporarily vanished as he genuinely stopped everything to think about his question. “........I’ve had....plenty of dates, asshole....” the 18 year-old muttered out reluctantly, looking away. “Oh really? Well, according to your journal that doesn’t appear to be the case~!” Teneel smirked. Ren glared prior to regaining his irritation. “Okay, look--that’s not the point! The point is that you went behind my back and arranged this even after I told you that I wasn’t interested. On top of that, you shouldn’t be reading my journal!” Ren replied, eyes narrowing at his brother with a murderous intent. Ignoring the journal topic, Teneel proceeded with the original subject. “Alright, alright... I know I shouldn’t have gone behind your back. It was wrong of me, and I’m sorry.” Teneel said with an insincere tone. “Please don’t apologize. You don’t really mean it anyway.” Ren grumbled flatly, trudging into the kitchen. Sighing heavily, the young lad opened the fridge. And in the intervening time, Teneel walked up beside him.

    “I really am sorry Ren. Really! Look, I did this for a reason and not just because you need to open up to a love-life...” Teneel trailed off, just as Ren glanced up from the open fridge with a twinge of curiosity in his maroon irises. “And that reason is...?” Ren highly doubted that it would be a plausible reason, but he chose to humor his brother nonetheless. “It’s because...I need your help Ren. You of course know how the business that I own works, right? In terms of ownership? The heir to my company must be blood-related to me in some way, and alas, I can’t have children of my own. You do remember that my wife’s unable to have children...?” Teneel observed Ren as he lowered his head momentarily. “Yeah, I remember you telling me that....but what does that have to do with the arranged marriage that you set me up with?” Ren questioned. “Ren. I wanted you to get married....and have children of your own....so that one day, one of them can become the owner of my company.” Teneel finished, watching as Ren’s optics dilated to twice their normal size.

    “You want me to have kids....? Now?!?” Ren queried through gritted teeth. What was his brother thinking? He had not even finished high school yet! Well, he’d be done in about a week, but still... “No, no! That’s not what I meant! I mean, it’s not like I’m terminally ill so there’s no rush. However, I arranged this meeting for you because I wanted to introduce you to the concept of having a relationship. And then, you can decide on what you want to do from there. You don’t necessarily have to marry her if you don’t like her. I’ve arranged the two of you to stay together at a vacation house in about a week, when school’s out. To get to know each other first...” Teneel added, eyeing his brother for any signs of resentment. Surprisingly, Ren simply averted his eyes in silence. His features possessed uncertainty, as if currently reflecting on the notion. “Is that a ‘yes’?” Teneel urged, smirking faintly “...Fine Ten, I’ll do it. I’ll play along, but if I don’t like her, you can forget about me marrying her...or getting married for a very long time at that!” Ren stated with folded arms and a frown. Eh. Who knows. Perhaps the situation would turn out well on his part. He could be missing an opportunity to meet someone that he’d really like...

    At least, that was he persuaded himself with as he agreed to Teneel’s plan. For a moment, Ren wondered if Teneel truly did all of this to have a potential heir to his company. Of course it appeared to be a stable reason, but in actuality, Teneel was probably using that as a flimsy excuse. An excuse to merely play ‘match-maker’ to ease his insatiable craving for it. Ren wasn’t sure if it was a legit mental disorder or not, but there was definitely an obsession with Teneel and match-making for someone that hadn’t had a lover in awhile. And that ‘someone’ was apparently him. “Oh I think you’ll like her a lot. She’s gorgeous and she has a lovely personality~! I promise you won’t regret this.” Teneel grinned; Ren shuddered. Why did he get the feeling that he was going to regret this??

    A week later, around noon, Ren found himself on a desolated road with his brother for about an hour thus far. Oh, how he despised excruciatingly long car rides. It always forced him to feel a tad antsy being confined in a restricted space for such a lengthy interval. Fortunately, the ride had only lasted for about two hours in total. “Wow....” With a dazed expression, Ren gawked up at the superior vacation home. It effortlessly resembled the finest mini-mansion he had ever laid his eyes on. He couldn’t imagine how it’d appear on the interior. Would it be even more elaborate? “Impressed huh?” Teneel smirked and stepped out of the car. “I stocked the place up with about two month’s worth of food and other supplied you’ll need although you two will be here for a month, but I have a good feeling that you’ll be begging to stay longer~.” Teneel claimed with confidence. “Heh, don’t count on it...” Ren replied dully, stretching as he removed himself from the car seat. He headed towards the trunk to release his rolling black suitcase from it. “Oh, it looks like she’s here already. Come on.” Up ahead, a young woman that looked to be around his age of 18 stood by the entrance of the large house with a suitcase of her own.

    “Hello lovely, I hope we didn’t have you waiting for too long.” Teneel greeted her with a bright smile. Coincidentally, she had been dropped off only several minutes ago. “I’d like you to meet who you’ll be living with for the next month or so. This is Ren. Ren, this is _________.” Teneel introduced briefly prior to glancing over to his brother. All this time, Ren had been staring a little at the young woman. He was certainly rendered as taken aback. Perhaps he merely wasn’t expecting to her to be ‘this’ beautiful, but in an attempt to shake off his surprise, he stepped forward upon realizing that his brother was introducing them. “Um, hi.” Ren greeted politely, but somewhat awkwardly. Above all, he was certainly distracted by another notion. For some reason, he simply couldn’t shake off the feeling that he’d...seen or met her somewhere before. Maybe it was just his imagination...? Or maybe not.

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    Sora wasn't usually one for sudden life changing decisions, but this was different. She needed to meet someone, even if she didn't end up marrying them, she needed to meet someone who could possibly have her fall head over heels for him and for him to return the favor. She was sick of having guys being attracted to her, but she not having the same feelings for them and the opposite. She was glad when her parents agreed to this sudden idea and even more glad when they agreed to help set up the suitor as well.

    Not long after her parents had informed her that they had found a possibility. This made Sora's stomach instantly fill with butterflies. She knew this was her idea to start with, but now that there was an actual person interested in fulfilling her desire, she was beginning to feel nervous about it. What if he was old? What if he only was interested in doing the deed? What if he said he was, but only because he was some creep who couldn't get with anyone but a desperate girl? Was she desperate? Questions filled her mind during the weeks before they would finally meet and only grew worse as the days grew near.

    When the day finally came, she had packed her suitcases and bags the night before and didn't get a wink of sleep but she was still full of energy and ready to take on the day. She didn't know what would come of this and remembered thinking when she first came up with this idea that she would have more control of it, but now she didn't even know what was going on. She paced her bedroom, trying to think of other things she may need while staying in this vacation house. She absent-mindedly wandered her room while wondering how this house would be like.

    "Honey, the car is here to pick you up!" she heard her mother call out from downstairs. Sora bit her lip, it was now or never.

    Getting into the car and saying goodbye to her parents for a month seemed like a blur to her as she pulled up to the large mansion. Her eyes grew as they took in the sight, amazed that she would be staying here for a while. She was about to grab her luggage, but the man who had been driving took it inside for her, causing her to blush and stutter a thank you. Sora's large green eyes looked around, this whole place was really beautiful. She was about to walk inside to check the interior when another vehicle pulled up, causing her to stop at the door and look back, her long dark green hair flowing to the side. She watched as two men got out, one looked a lot older than her, but only by a few years, and the other looked the same age as her.

    She nodded to the man who had greeted her, recognizing him now as her 'partners' older brother, the one her parents had been talking to all this while. "Hello, don't worry, I wasn't waiting too long." she greeted, offering a smile towards the two. Her eyes went to the younger brother as Teneel introduced him and couldn't shake the fact that he had the same name as a boy who tormented her in grade school....but that didn't matter at the moment.

    "Hello Ren, it is a pleasure to meet you!" she greeted, holding out a hand for him to shake as she walked down the steps to come closer. As she studied him she came to the conclusion that it was just an odd coincidence that he had the same name...and hair color...It couldn't really be the Ren that bugged her, could it?
  3. A faint smile reached the lad’s lips as he took her extended hand in order to shake. “The pleasure’s all mine, Sora.” Ren replied, maroon optics taking note of her own features as she grew closer to him. Sora? No way. It couldn’t have been the same girl he used to bug all the time in the past...right? Yes, perhaps it was a mere coincidence that she possessed the same name and looked like that girl from before. After all, the probability of encountering the same girl from grade school was probably 1 in 1000 or more. Still... The notion that he somehow already knew her persisted, as well as the peculiar pounding in his chest whenever he laid eyes on her. Thankfully, his brother spoke before he could muse any further on the subject. Teenel smirked and rose a brow at the two. This was most likely his cue to leave. “Alright, well I guess I’ll see you two in a month or so.” Teneel said. He prepared to turn around, but came to a halt as he recalled something.

    “Oh, Ren, you’ve got money right?” he questioned. In response, Ren nodded, just as he released Sora’s hand. “Well...here. Just in case you need more.” Teneel added, passing him a thick bushel of $100 dollar bills. Shrugging, Ren took the money and slipped it into his pocket. He would just keep pushing it on him if he didn’t take it anyway. “Thanks. I’ll pay you back later.” Ren told him. Teneel shook his head. “No need. Now, be a good boy while you’re here...unless, of course, she doesn’t want you to be.” Teneel teased with a wink. Instinctively, the younger brother calmly showed Teneel his fist, all the while glaring in his direction. “I was just kidding. Geez...” And with that, Teneel resumed his walk away from the mini-mansion. He gave a small wave to them prior to entering his car and revving the engine up. Ren sighed and shook his head to himself, eventually turning back to Sora. “Sorry about that. He’s a weirdo.” Ren apologized for the somewhat naughty joke his brother had made, smirking faintly at the ‘weirdo’ remark.

    Most old habits never left an individual, and Ren was not an exception to that rule. The way Ren had recently threatened his brother with his fist was exactly how he’d show his fist...to that girl he used to bother all of the time. His trademark glare and smirk had always been the same too. However, that didn’t matter much at the moment, did it? Either way, this was certainly going to be an intriguing...experience. He had never really bothered with dating girls even though many of them wanted to date him. It was peculiar, but it was as if he’d lost interest altogether after leaving middle school, which included that girl he tended to bug all the time. And now, here he was. He was going to be living with a girl he supposedly barely knew for the next month. It was an incredibly huge step forward, considering his own inexperience. Though, maybe this would not be rendered as difficult as he thought it would be. Sora seemed nice enough, and easy to get along with. Not to mention she was very attractive.

    Once they were to get past that ‘awkward’ beginning phase, all would most likely transition smoothly thereafter. Loose blue jeans and a fitted white male tank top contrasted with Ren’s brunette hair. Swiftly, the lad walked up the steps and opened the door to the vacation home. Although he was quite taken aback by the interior as he’d predicted he would be, he continued to hold the door open. After all, he had walked up ahead in order to open the door for Sora in the first place. Teneel had reminded him not to forget common courtesy while stay here with her.